Decorating the Restroom for Your Party

by blackspanielgallery

Decorating for a season or a party often does not include the bathroom, but it s easily worked into the theme.

For that special occasion you are having a party or a dinner party. And, eventually your guests will find their way into the bathroom out of necessity, and when they do you do not want it to look bleak. You spent time selecting decorations for the rest of your home, and have your food laid out on decorative trays. But, will a brief visit take your guests out of the party mood, or would you prefer to continue the decorations where your guests are certain to go?

What Can You Do?

Well, a shower curtain is an opportunity for a giant art image.  And, shower curtains come in a multitude of themes.  So, whether it is for a single night when you have a party, or as a seasonal decoration for guests that drop in on any night, a well chosen shower curtain says you pay attention to details.


Another opportunity for adding decorations is the soap.  Specially designed soap is a plus.


Still another opportunity is to set out a scented candle on a flat surface, such as in the vanity area.  This not only adds to the décor, but can mask any unpleasant odors that may occur.  


Make You Decorating Complete

Decorate where the guests will go, and you will have a wonderful party.  It is the details that can make a good party become a great party.  And, if you think ahead you can possible find another use for your decorations after the party or season passes.


And, you can avoid that question by those unfamiliar with your home, which door do I open?  Just place a door cover to indicate which door they should be opening.  The one below works for many occasions, but not for a Christmas party.

From Wholesale Party Supplies.

30" X 5'...

The Periodic Table Shower Curtain

If you use the Big Bang Theory television series as a party theme, not only you, but also your shower, can show the Sheldon look.  The Periodic Table shower curtain is a part of the show, and there are such shower curtains available.


Christmas Theme

The Christmas party theme, or even the seasonal decorating of the home can include the bathroom.  Beautiful shower curtains are available with the Christmas motif.  They show their designs when pulled, and at the same time hide the tub from immediate view. 


Finding decorative Christmas soap is easy.  Look for Christmas tree or Santa Claus designs.  Just replace your soap with a few decorative pieces and enhance the atmosphere. 


Aromatic Candles over Christmas are easy to blend in.  In the bathroom a Christmas tree smell of fir or spruce can do so much.  And, scented candles can be found in different shapes.  Choose one that is appropriate.  Unfortunately, food aromas are inappropriate for the area.


Halloween Theme

Halloween is a little more tricky.  If there are likely to be small children in your home you probably do not need to go scary.  Pumpkins are nice, and if you use simple pumpkins, not Jack-O-Lanterns, you can leave the shower curtain up through Thanksgiving.


Pumpkin shaped soap, or other Halloween shapes like bats or ghosts, are also recommended.  You can change the soap before Thanksgiving decorations take over as appropriate.


Halloween has no particular scent associated with it, but a decorative shaped candle in orange or black can be a nice addition.





Children’s Parties

Children have parties for birthdays, end of school, and several other occasions.  Disney is always a popular theme, and shower curtains with Disney themes are available in abundance.  You can choose from Disney characters, Disney princesses, or any of many other themes.  You can match a party theme easily.  And, the shower curtain can be easily transferred to the bathroom your child or children will normally use.  It does not have to be discarded.


Perhaps for a children’s party a candle is inappropriate.  So, do what you can, and if something does not work do not force it.

Music Party

If you are having a music or dancing party, the Beatles are popular, and appropriate to use in decorations.  A number of familiar Beatles scenes, including the Abbey Road image, the Yellow Submarine image, and several more are available to choose from.


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Updated: 09/17/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 07/03/2015

For this one I was really trying to find something that would be used to advertise the Periodic Table shower curtain, but it was not enough to stand alone. So I added other party ideas.

CruiseReady on 07/03/2015

What great ideas. It never would have occurred to me to include the bathroom in party planning. How clever.

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