Mother's Day Delicious Gift Ideas of Chocolate Filled with Liquor and Liqueur Candy Boxes

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Liqueur Candy and Chocolate filled with Liquor are favourites for all Chocolate and Liquor lovers. Here is something that fits for both categories.

I have always found that chocolates and flowers never fail to impress. They are the best gift ideas provided you invest your time in getting the world’s finest and best unique boxes for chocolates, liqueur chocolate candies and dark chocolate flavored truffles. They are the best gift ideas though seeming hackneyed.

According to the latest news and recent statistics, the consumption of confectioneries is increasing and I can safely say that I too have contributed to the global increase of chocolate consumption. I am a chocoholic; be it dark chocolate truffles, chocolate filled with liquor or any damn liqueur candy, I cannot resist it. I wanna taste it. I love sipped my hot drinking chocolate sitting by the fire side on a freezing winter evening enjoying the snow from my window. I would love to sample choco bars and all chocolate recipes from every country given the opportunity. I would simply enjoy freaking out exploring any city's pralines, chocolatiers and even the history of evolution of cacao - I love it all.

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My Love Affair with Chocolates

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas of Unique Boxes for Chocolates and Chocolate Candy with Liquor

Many a time after trying a new flavor of chocolate, its deliciousness has left me speechless. It would not be fair if I did not tell you that I really enjoyed some chocolates more than others and it is time that I share my love and passion of chocolates with you. Of course, everyone has his or her favourite chocolate list but when a chocolate is extra-ordinarily good every one tends to agree to its excellence.

Whether it is the chocolate praline, a French confection consisting of a caramel-covered almond or a hazelnut, a milk candy made of soft chocolate, or truffles dusted with cocoa, anything goes for Mother’s day.

Dark Chocolate Flavored Truffles

Did you know what makes chocolate dark?

Some people love dark chocolates and some do not, however everybody will agree that if you have to graduate from the chocolate classroom, you will have to come to terms with the bitterness of chocolate often determined by the amount of cacao. More cacao means more bitterness and less of sugar and milk.

Often chocolate connoisseurs love more percentage of cacao in their chocolate. However; the quality of superb chocolate is just not about the percentage of cacao, it also depends upon the quality of cacao seeds, the degree of roasting the cacao beans and making a fine paste that mellows into your mouth. It is also about getting the required flavours, adding sugar to get the softness and richness that is of world class excellence. It is complex and very few dare to attempt making the finest chocolates in the world.

And the variations of  the chocolates flavours are never ending, you have the assorted dark chocolate truffles with the flavours  of raspberry, strawberry, almonds, nuts, coconut , hazelnuts and the list goes on………..

Do you love chocolate filled with liquor?

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Liqueur Candy and Chocolate filled with Liquor


Anthon Berg is a brand that is famous for production of filled chocolates. They started in 1884 and put a bit of professional expertise and romance to these gourmet chocolate bottles which are filled with juicy and exotic liqueurs from the finest makers in the world. They are the oldest, traditional brand names in Denmark and for more than half century known for their distinguished title "Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court."

Liqueur candies come with ingredients such as Bourbon whiskey, martin cognac and French cocktails. The foil on the bottles looks great and is easy to remove, they certainly do not look cheap. The luscious liqueur bottles are tiny and adorable. The chocolates are made with a very smooth and delicious dark cocoa, of every bite you will enjoy and find something delicious and unique. Do not indulge in too many because you may feel dizzy. Handful of chocolates filled with liqueur are however safe.

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Have you tried Liqueur Candies?

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Mira on 05/07/2014

I love chocolate and liqueur together :) Nice gift suggestions!

ologsinquito on 05/07/2014

I've never had chocolate-filled liqueur candies, but I imagine they're good.

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