Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Music Aficionado

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Many times we do not have time to look out for the perfect gift, and most of the time, not enough time to search for that ideal gift.Here are some last minute Christmas gift ideas.

Among my friends, I have not met a single one who does not enjoy music, the music they are fond of are of different flavours ranging from Country, Jazz, Latin, Classic Beethoven to Opera and modern Rock music. Some love the voice of the singer; some adore the classical music and many of them like instrumental music.

There is a genre of people who are fond of hip-hop, rock and loud music whereas there is a wider section of music enthusiasts who love transcendental meditation music. There are many whose favourite is relaxation music.

While some people have the gift to understand the notes of music, the pitch and the tones better than anyone else; there are many who admire if not understand the intricacies of tones and rhythm.

The gifted ones can sing, some of them can play the instruments better than others and they rise to become celebrities of music. Many of them have their own bands and group to entertain and enthrall the audience.

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Last Minute Redemptions


While there are many melodious trances that will enchant the music addict, here are some of the “out of box” ideas that you can use for last minute gifts - 

  • Music Karaoke Machine from Hello Kitty and others
  • Musical Trinket Box
  • Musical Kaleidoscope
  • Musical Wall Clocks
  • Limited Editions Music Albums
  • Popular Music bands
  • Music box sets
  • Music Collectibles
  • Music Systems -

      1.Logitech Squeezebox Touch      
      2.Wave® Radio III -Platinum White by Bose

  • Music decor -

      1.Jazzy Music Themed Shower Curtain & Accessory Set

Autographed photographs and music instruments can be awesome collectibles that a music enthusiast loves to cherish. Prints, posters and music magazines can be great as gifts too. Music systems that are high end technology driven have excellent quality and sound effect. Popular music bands are ever popular and have fans all over the world. Timeless, precious limited editions, music box sets can be extra-ordinary presents that are hard to find, a music lover will really cherish them for life.

Music Enthusiast’s Gift Ideas


All of us love music but some of the melodious sound tracks are liked more than others. These melodies have become legend and surpassed expectations. For example Beethoven’s melodies are not bound by the time, they are loved even today.


 If we are sure of what our friends like, we can also give personalized music gift DVDs that contain their favourite songs. We can also gift music boxes that contain their gifts and present music albums of their favourite band.


Many music lovers may be resorting to free downloads and streaming services rather than buying music DVDs but there is no doubt about the quality of sound being inferior from the genuine CDs. When you want the quality instead of the quantity, music aficionados go for authentic music that sounds like celestial music and is not cheap. Clearly choosing from millions and millions of tracks and thousands of album designs is tough. But now you can search your favourite artwork music to get assortment and collection of songs for instance events such as wedding, Valentine ’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and birthday gifts. 

Music Lover’s Paradise


Music compositions, albums and tickets for concerts are prevalent gifts that are popular among the people. The entire music industry thrives on popularity and acceptance of songs that are the rage among teens, young people and of course; the senior citizens.

You will be surprised to know that around 45% of music gifts are presented during Christmas time. Birthdays and weddings are other events where music is played and music gifts are accepted.

Do you remember getting mesmerized by someone playing a piano or a guitar on an organized event?

Do you remember getting hypnotized by a friend’s voice singing on a Birthday to impress the audience?

We all have music in our veins and can appreciate the harmony of sounds; therefore the idea that the origin of music is divine is no more a cliché. Though we have totally varying music from different parts of world, but they have one thing in common the melodies and harmony. No wonder, we can admire and accept the music from any part of the world even though the language is unknown to us.

Relaxation Music for Musical Retreat


There is music in the Nature, if you can find it.

The chirping of birds, the cascading waterfall and drizzling of rainfall have their own piece of music. One can also admire the sound of wind chimes and the reciting of mantras. You may have found that certain tunes help to calm the chaos of mind and are relaxing to the soul thus helping the mind to swing to the rhythm of serenity. Music designed to relax the mind can help babies sleep faster and better. In fact, there are some who love to synchronize their work with music for focus and concentration.

What is your best music gift?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

Your very first sentence, that "Among my friends, I have not met a single one who does not enjoy music," intrigues me.

It makes me recall a best friend during university years saying that she always considered the voice an intrusion on the music that she so loved (and that she played so well on the piano). I tend to appreciate music with voice and music without voice, voice with music and voice without music, so I would relate -- perhaps 50 percent ;-D -- to what she said.

Would you or any of your friends separate the music from the vocals?

AbbyFitz on 12/13/2013

I love the kaleidoscope, it's my favorite here writerartist!

sheilamarie on 12/13/2013

That video was fantastic, WriterArtist! I had to come back and comment again to say thank you. You've made my day!

sheilamarie on 12/13/2013

Of course, I have! Some nice gifts here!

KathleenDuffy on 12/13/2013

You have some beautiful items here!

younghopes on 12/13/2013

i loved the kids music gifts

Mira on 12/13/2013

I think the karaoke systems are a great idea. You can use their recording and playback functions to improve your singing.

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