Meditation Music - Relaxation with Buddhist Chants and Music Therapy Songs

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Music heals and if you are having trouble with sleep, try using relaxing sleep music. Buddhist chants that bring peace and bliss can help if you are feeling tense.

The best type of music is perhaps that which stirs our souls and calms our strained nerves. We continue to stress for the entire day hardly giving a break between the chores. Music breaks the monotony and dullness, it is the rhythm of vibes that elevates our minds.

Why does meditation relax mind and music soothes strained nerves. The answer is very scientific in nature, the music is sound vibrations that are not chaotic but in symphony and harmony whereas meditation generates positive vibrations of well being that again is lighter in nature and calms down the stressed or depressed nerves.

The advantages of using relaxing nature music, meditation music-Buddhist chants generate healthy and positive vibrations and primarily used as music therapy songs. The surroundings become serene thus creating relaxing sleep music for a person who is not able to sleep. The patients who suffer from insomnia have also benefitted from the deep synchronous vibration and music medley of relaxing nature music.

According to Shri Chinmoy meditation and music are two facets of a coin, they are intangibles and have close connection to relaxation and divinity. Though meditation itself is not dependent on music and music does not always co-exist with meditation, a soothing combination of the Duo produces an n atmosphere of tranquility.

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Chakra Suite: Music for Meditation, Healing and Inner Peace

Colour Music

Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys

Meditation Music – Buddhist Chants

There are many meditation techniques; many of them do not use music. For example, Vipassana is a pure meditation technique that discourages use of any physical, intangible and materialistic dependence. Not even chanting, repeating, worshipping the image of a deity is used during this meditation practice; but it uses positive vibrations of meditation music, Buddhist chants which are in Pali in rhythmic sequence and Bhajans from revered SN Goenka. All these are used to complement the meditation, the chantings enhance the focus and concentration required for music.

What happens when you listen to meditation nature music or music therapy songs?

Speaking in the language of science, it is to divert mind from the problems at that time, because the mind is biased, angered, stressed and perhaps pained. A provoked mind cannot work efficiently, it needs a soothing balm so that it cools down and then it can work graciously in a serene surrounding. It is but natural that you do not use a rock, pop song or a romantic song at the time your mind is in a state of commotion.


All these vibrations are going to add fuel to fire. What the mind needs is a hypnotic trance to come out from the chaos and disorder. When the mind is burning in flames, use meditation or relaxing nature music, the positive environment from these vibrations will not agitate the mind, in contrast they will placate the mind. No wonder such relaxing sleep music puts people immediately to rest and they sleep placidly and peacefully.


CRYSTAL VOICES: The Harmonic Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls


Relaxing Native American Flute & Nature Sounds for Massage, Sleep, Spas & Yoga

Relaxing Nature Music and Meditation for Breaking Stress

Zen Music


Can we mediate throughout day and night?

Well, monks who have progressed to a very advanced stage can meditate throughout day and night for all 24 hours. To have a single focus and concentration, they use Vipassana or Ana-Pana breathing technique. For people who find it difficult to meditate when they are agitated, it is beneficial to use relaxing nature music so that the vibrations of such music slowly start taking effect in controlling the temper. Though we seem to be unconscious to the external stimuli, our inner consciousness is immediately transformed to a higher level of deep tranquil music.

It is important to understand that the music therapy songs and relaxing sleep music are very different and the purpose of each of them is to attain different results.  Zen music for similar reasons is very peaceful. You can use Zen meditation music during highly focused work, driving and even cooking.

Tony Scott’s music is a good example of a niche in music therapy songs and meditation music – Buddhist and Zen in nature which is supplemented by two Japanese instrument experts. The oriental influence of the Eastern culture is a classic example of a dash in relaxing nature music and you can relax in this classical composition which he has improvised with diligence. If you would want to escalate and reach higher levels of energy with unexpected shifts of heavenly spiritual music, then Scott's Music for Zen Meditation is for you.



Om - Tibetan Singing Bowl and Nature Sound Meditation

60 Beats per minute Music

The high performance Baroque meditation music is termed as 60 Beats per minute Music. The music that is downloaded is not very harmonious, the songs and the meditation need to be perfectly digital, the 60 beats per minute music is a collection of carefully recorded unique meditation selected segments. It has certain research element that is soothing for both left and right side of the brain. The 60 beats per minute music produce more of soothing waves that are full of peace to the brain or the mind.


Have you ever used music for releasing stress?

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Relaxation Music on YouTube

Relaxing Music

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/04/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the photos, practicalities, products and YouTubes.
When I read this article previously I left no comment even though my vote is one of the two recorded here. Your article musters up the answers to questions that net an understanding of how, when, where and why to benefit from meditational music such as Buddhist chants.
During cold-weather nights I tend towards recorded meditational music. During warm-weather nights I try to fall asleep to the naturally meditative music of wildlife, such as American toads, bullfrogs, chipping sparrows, chorus and leopard frogs, gray treefrogs, green frogs, nightjars and worm-eating warblers in the vernal pool behind me.

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