Deposit Photos: Review of a Quality Stock Photo Site

by Lissie

I've been checking out Deposit Photos - a quality and professional stock photo site. Its a scam or legit - read on to find out.

Recently I needed a new source of stock photography and I came across In this review I will let you know what I think about the site: its strengths and weaknesses - and whether I recommend it. Many businesses and individuals are continually on the look out for quality, and reasonably priced, photos to use in their businesses, either online or off.

Royalty Free Stock Photos

There are free photos and then there are royalty free stock photos, and there are even free royalty free stock photos. Confused? I was! It goes something like this. Royalty free photos are photos that you don't have to pay a license fee for each and every time you use them. You may indeed pay a fee - but its a one time fee, once you have bought the photos you generally can use it when and where you want to use it.

What I Like About Deposit Photos

What struck me with this site - was the user experience. It was really easy for me to use. As a buyer I could use my face book login - I didn't need to go through yet another website sign-up!

Once I was signed up - the searching function actually seemed to work (yes, I've found plenty of sites where it didn't!). And there were enough options (image size, orientation, vector or photos) to allow me to quickly find what I wanted.

Finding photos is easy. As I identified images I wanted (and all the images on this page are from - I simply clicked "add to shopping cart".

Buying is easy. Like most stock photo sites, DepositPhotos uses a "credit" system - 1 credit = $1 - and photos start from 50c as a one off purchase.

But there are plenty of ways to purchase photos. I particularly liked the option for "low volume" buyers where you can download 5 photos a day for a monthly fee of $59. If you need more images than that then there are quite a number of subscription plans ranging from 3 days to 12 months.

Before you spend any money though I'd suggest that you go with the 7-day free trial. Each day of the trial you can download 5 photos - so that's 35 photos free!

But you don't even need a subscription to buy - you can pay as you go with credits, you can even order photos by SMS, handy if you are on site with clients.

Example Photos From Deposit Photos

Tea Anyone?
Dancing At a Night Club
Lost in London
Coach Travel

What I Don't Like About

Well not much really - I found the site fast and easy to navigate, find and order photos from. I read one online report of someone who is very, very annoyed with them, but it seemed to be the case of one disgruntled customer which does not a scam make in my view.

For subscription with image download limits - the limit applies per 24 hours, and you can't "stockpile" you downloads. If you don't download your maximum photos on one day you lose the unused downloads.

I used to create a free subscription. The advantage of using paypal is that at any time you can go in and cancel a subscription, and you won't be charged again. You don't have to contact the company in order to do this.

Do I recommend

Yes I do. I found their site to be easy to use and I thought their payment methods were one of the most flexible that I've seen. Its not one of the "big name" in stock photos - which probably also reduces the chance that your competitor is using the exact same photo! 

If you are unsure whether its for you - I strongly recommend that you sign up for the free trial - what have you got to lose? Click the image below 

Updated: 03/06/2012, Lissie
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sheilamarie on 01/08/2013

It's always good to find out about another photo site. Have you ever sold any of your photos to Deposit Photos?

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

Those are definitely beautiful photos, Lissie.

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