Different Paint Colors That Suits your Personality

by RobertKeith

The Omnipotence of Color in Our Lives. Imagine a world in black-and-white; such was the case with the first televisions.

Imagination was imperative when watching your favorite television sitcom then! When colorization was added to television, it was as if a shy bud burgeoned into a glorious flower!

Next, look at almost any magazine and you will see that it is likely a montage of various colors and attention-grabbing headlines and bylines. What is the purpose for this? The purpose is that the colors are as important as the headlines or the bylines. Although this is a UK website it says much about the use of color in print periodicals. Read more here.

Research in the past few decades has taught us much about the use of colors in almost all paradigms of our lives: advertising, marketing, public relations, education, politics, etc. Have you ever wondered why Walmart is more successful with all the blue tones they use as opposed to Target and Kmart's reds? Check out this website; just the page itself speaks volumes.

Multi Colored Paint Splat Abstract Tree
Multi Colored Paint Splat Abstract Tree

Color Specialists

The color specialist umbrella encompasses a multitude of professional careers. This list is far from comprehensive! Here is a list of just a few professionals who must be color "savants" in order to be successful in their occupations: 


* Interior Designers - These designers must not only be color savvy, but they must also figure out what the clientswant and would like. That designer giving you a free quote to redesign your outdated living area knows how to read your color preferences; 
* Architects - Buildings are not just structures; there are stone colors, brick colors, and facings of buildings. Again, the architect supplying a free estimate to build a new commercial building includes that architect's color savvy skills; 
* Building Contractors - Yes, it's called a "blueprint" because it is blue. However, building contractors are also responsible for finishing their projects, which means they must thoroughly know their clients' wishes for colors and designs; 
* Educators - This is perhaps the largest category, as color preferences speak volumes about learning style. See next section of this article; 
* Marketing and Advertising Executives - When was the last time you saw any add done in only blacks, whites and grays? It happens, but there is a motive behind that as well; 
* Television Producers - Watch the credits after your theatre movie ends. Notice how many creative jobs there are, such as costume designer, set designer and more. 

Use of Color and Learning Styles

Not every educator has had training in this non-empirical theory that color preferences have to learning style, but many educators see a connection of student learning styles to certain colors: 

  • Students who prefer BLUES are usually sociable and enjoy working with others. Their Achilles Heel is getting their feelings hurt too easily;
  • Students who gravitate toward REDS are generally organized and hard working. However, they need encouragement with being creative;
  • If students are fans of GREEN, then Science and Mathematics are often their strong points. They have limited tolerance of others and usually prefer to work alone;
  • For those students who love PURPLE, educators will likely have to stay "on them" to get their work turned in and to get to class on time; however, these youngsters are the life of the classroom and shine at creative tasks. 

Institutional Color Norms

The next time you visit a dentist, a physician, or any other medical profession, notice the paint colors in the waiting room and in the examination rooms. Are they soothing? They are usually a soothing shade of aqua or blue, although exam rooms are often very sterile and may have a main focus on whites and grays. That is to inform your inner psyche that the exam room is sterile and clean, because white expresses cleanliness. The waiting rooms are soothing blues and aquas to keep waiting patients content and to calm nerves. A pediatric physicians office may be more likely to be a bright yellow or childlike colors such as pink and blue, as young children are stimulated by pretty colors. You may think that the physicians do not want to "stimulate" young children into being too active, but they are actually working to brighten their mood although they feel ill and to instill a positive attitude about visiting the doctor. 

In Conclusion

Colors affect every aspect of our lives. It is helpful to do a self-inventory and analyze your own color preferences, as that is likely to help you learn your own strengths and weaknesses.

Updated: 05/30/2018, RobertKeith
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DerdriuMarriner on 09/26/2018

RobertKeith, Thank you for the color-related information and links. Do you know how much bearing interpretations have across cultures? I recall reading that white is the color of mourning in the Orient and that restaurants -- I don't remember where -- use gray and pink for elegance.

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