Digital Microscope: For Kids and Scientists Alike

by humagaia

A digital microscope keeps our discoveries alive, not just as memories; enthuses both young & old; and brings super high resolution to the visually impaired. What more do you want?

A microscope is great to enthuse kids into science.
But a digital microscope goes one huge step further.
It takes a kid and makes them a scientist.
Recording discoveries is the basis of all science,
even if rediscovering what others have found before.
Enthuse your child, enhance their scientific capabilities.
A digital microscope is a great gift any time of the year.
The earlier you enthuse, the greater their achievements might be in the future.

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Digital Microscope For Kids

For the next generation of discoverers!

I have only classified these digital microscopes as 'for kids' because they are inexpensive.

You may think that a cheaper version is the best option to start with, so there is not too much lost if it gets broken. However, each of the options is robust, not shoddy because it is cheap.

They will all survive a certain amount of rough handling, the handheld especially.

It matters not which you select as the one to inspire your offspring, grand-child, or young relative. Just being able to record a digital image of the world of the minute will expand their understanding; capability to identify; and their thirst for discovery.

Are you ready to expand their minds into the realms of the unseen?
Are you ready for the next generation of discoverers? 
Are you ready for Generation 'D'?

Who knows what they will discovery in the back garden, where 90% of the tiniest bugs and creatures are, as yet, unrecorded.

How about the chance for your kid to have a critter named after them!

Digital Microscopes

The next step up

And once all the backyard critters are discovered, there is a world of discovery beyond.

Today's child grows up in an environment of computer games, television, all things visual. Bring real life to life in the medium your child is accustomed to. Transfer the living world onto their computer, games console, or television screen.

And with the video capability, why not create a whole set of YouTube videos for the world to take viral?

How cool would your child be on the playground or the classroom, with all their mates?

It may even spawn a new enthusiasm for learning, with after-school classes in digital discovery.

And what about those with learning differences?

Those kids that find it difficult to translate what they see into symbols that others understand.

How much easier would it be for them to be a part of, rather than apart from, the mainstream. In fact, they would pioneer the future of learning - visual and audio, rather than written and rote.

Perhaps it is time to consider an upgrade to a more capable digital microscope model.

They can bring the laboratory onto the kitchen table, bedroom desk, or the classroom desktop.

The world of the tiny blossoms onto the screen in full megapixel wonderment, full color, crisp focus and personal. Nobody else has this image. Nobody else has seen this happen, in this way, with these images.

Motion in full flow or static for full impact.

See. Record. Save. Share.

The mantra of the 21st century, at the fingertips of your 21st century child.

And the best bit is they have full copyright for any image or video: a possible legacy for the future. The start they need that could fund their educational needs. A portfolio of discoveries nobody can take from them. That nobody can reproduce without their permission, or a payment for the privilege.

The world is their oyster and they can digitize the image. 

Digital Microscope

Top end equipment

Enthusiasm for the sciences, communication, and digital imagineering
having been engendered, what next?

And so to the professional. 

A career doing what they love to do. A career of special moments. A career for the benefit of all. A life of fulfilment.

What more could a parent want for their child with a gift for gaining knowledge of the unknown?

Paving the way for their personal voyage of discovery. For it is the discovery and sharing of the unknown that enhances mans existence, and lays the foundation for further enlightenment.

It is time for the bells and whistles to arrive. The top end of the digital microscope offerings. The kit that creates top quality images and motion pictures for the world to enthuse about. The digital microscope equipment and cameras that your child scientist will use into their professional career or their amateur lifetime.

Updated: 02/06/2021, humagaia
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blackspanielgallery on 01/05/2016

I used one in my lab. It waas a bit more than the hand held variety.
The only negative I have read is on a coin collecting forum. It seems some people have a problem with too much light from a highly reflective surface, others like the microscopes. And with coins a wider field of view is also needed.

katiem2 on 08/25/2012

Yes, sounds amazing. A great Christmas gift. Hmmm hope I can wait till then keeping the surprise under wraps. Hmmm an endoscope, do you have one of those on here...?

humagaia on 08/24/2012

K, I'm sure they would both love a microscope with which they could record their findings direct to a computer. However, your youngest might prefer an endoscope!

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

Both my daughters are mad about science. My oldest, 16 is studying astro physics, plans making a career of it while the other is youngest is knee deep in medical science. One of them will no doubt love a microscope. Thanks Chaz for doing the research finding these. :)K

humagaia on 08/21/2012

Get your wallet out.

TiaMariaMartini on 08/20/2012

I have never heard about this product. Never mind the kids, I want one for myself!

humagaia on 03/25/2012

Why wait, the earlier they see all the critters on screen the sooner the science bug bites.

TerriRexson on 03/25/2012

We've just got a little hand-held microscope at the moment, but I'm sure we'll get a digital one once my boys are a bit bigger. And they'll want to look at all manner of horrible stuff! Worth it in the name of science though.

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