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by nickupton

Dinosaur Lego is available here! Toys for boys don't get much better than this; the fun of building LEGO models and cool minifigures is combined with the excitement of dinosaurs.

In 2012 LEGO released a new series of Dinosaur Lego sets; The Lego Dino series. These sets contain far improved dinosaur figures compared to older dinosaur Lego sets.

Here I will introduce the new and old sets to Lego dinosaur fans for comparison and so that collectors can find the older sets which are out of production and hard to find.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collection.

LEGO Dino Series; Capture the Escaped Dinosaurs

The Lego Dino series was officially new for 2012 (in fact they began to appear in shops in 2011), with 7 sets in the first batch. The sets are based upon the premise that dinosaurs have been released on earth in modern times and that a team of heroes must recapture the dangerous beasts with the aid of tranquilizer guns, helicopters, nets, jeeps and other vehicles.

These sets contain by far the best Lego dinosaurs that have ever been created. 

You can watch a short advertisement created by LEGO for the release of the Dino series below.

Lego Dino sets look really great to me. The heroes are fun minifigures with nice body printing and expressions on their faces and the premise that they must capture the dinosaurs without killing them is cool. The vehicles and gadgets that they have in order to capture the dinosaurs are imaginative and look very good and of course the dinosaurs are excellent with their fierce teeth and wonderful colors.

LEGO Dino Defense HQ 5887

Lego Dino Defense
Lego Dino Defense

Defend against rampaging dinosaurs from the HQ perimeter or venture out by helicopter, car or on foot to capture T-Rex, Raptor and Coelophysis to prevent them from devouring innocent victims. The base does not have room to house all three dinosaurs at once so it will be a constant battle against them in the wild. The highlights of this set are the three dinosaurs that kids will just love!

Buy Your Own LEGO Dino Defense HQ 5887 on Amazon.com

If you are serious about catching Lego dinosaurs then this HQ set is essential. The HQ building with its crane an net, helicopter and car are all essential for capturing the three dinosaurs with the hero minifigures; Sue Montana, pilot, driver and Josh Thunder.

LEGO Dino Defense HQ Product Details

  • Pieces: 793
  • Age: 6-12
  • Lego No: 5887
  • Minifigures: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brown Raptor, Green Coelophysis & 4 Heroes
  • Vehicles: Helicopter & Car
  • Dimensions: 22.9 x 3.4 x 14.9 inches
  • Year: 2012
  • Theme: Lego Dino

The Dinosaurs of Lego Dinosaur Defense

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the meat-eating giant that puts terror into everything that crosses its path. This cool T-Rex Lego figure has moving jaws, legs and arms which make it possible to pose it in a number of predating stances. The intricate body coloring of this model provides the finishing touch.


He may be small but Coelophysis is a predatory dinosaur that requires capturing and confining. This is a really smart Lego dinosaur figure which has movable arms and legs and great colors to bring it to life. This is one dinosaur that will not be caught without a fight.


They usually hunt in packs but even a single raptor is a test and very dangerous for your Lego hero minifigures to deal with. This Lego raptor has moving arms and legs as well as a snapping mouth. The rubber tail allows it to use this as a weapon too! This dinosaur figure looks really good and has an expression on its face that means business.

LEGO Dino Ambush Attack 5882

LEGO Dino Ambush Attack 5882
Only $11.99



This Dino Lego set is great value for money at under $15!

The Coelophysis dinosaur is ready to attack anything within its sight but a Lego hero minifigure is at hand to send it to sleep with a tranquilizer dart in order to protect the people.

Should this not be enough to deal with the dinosaur the hero can escape by car.

Lots of Dinosaur Lego fun for under $30

The fast-running raptor is one of the most dangerous of dinosaurs; the heroes must subdue it before it reaches the homes of innocent people.

Two hero Lego minifigures are armed with tranquilizer darts and a speedy off-road vehicle that has a dinosaur-catching noose attached. Have fun!

LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884

LEGO Dino Raptor Chase 5884
$149.53  $143.99
More Lego Dino Sets
LEGO Dino Ocean Interceptor 5888

Pteranadons are dangerous, flying long distances and attacking from the air. This specialized sea plane is fitted with nets to catch this flying beast and protect innocent. Includes two hero minifigures and jet boat as well as a Pteranodon dinosaur.

Only $119.99
LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

Lure this marauding Pteranodon to be caught using fish as bait! Use either the net, fired from the tower, to catch it or shoot it with a tranquilizer dart. If that fails and it looks like your Lego hero will be eaten, then he can escape by jet boat.

$82.88  $78.79
LEGO Dino Triceratops Trapper 5885

Use this giant vehicle to trap the huge Triceratops that is on the rampage. All he heros skill and bravery will be required to subdue this awesome beast before it heads into the city and crushes people.

$180.5  $122.95
LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886

With the Lego T-Rex on the loose it is top priority to recapture him before disaster strikes. A giant helicopter and winch are ready to trap him again and a fast car can be driven by one of the two heroes to guide the machinery.

Only $219.95

Studios, Jurassic Park III Series

Only two sets were ever made, in 2001, for this subtheme of the Studios series of Lego sets. One can only assume that there was either some problem over licensing of the products or that the dinosaurs were just considered to be substandard. I think that most Lego fans would consider the latter to be true.

The Raptor rumble includes two Raptor dinosaurs to build and one very crude Pteranodon as well as three minifigures and a piece of scenery. 

The price being asked for this very old-fashioned set is quite ridiculous and if you are a collector of these models then I would suggest the eBay auctions below.

Review of LEGO 1370, Raptor Rumble

Adventurers, Dino Island Series; Trap The Dinosaurs

The Dino Island subtheme of the Adventurers series released in 2000. In these Lego sets good and bad adventurers travel to a dinosaur infested island where they attempt to catch the creatures for their own vested interests. A variety of boats, planes and cars are used in order to capture the Lego dinosaurs.

LEGO Adventurers Dino Island 5987 Dino Research Compound

LEGO Adventurers Dino Island 5987 Dino Research Compound
Only $1100.0

Use the research station as a base to venture out and trap the dinosaurs for scientific study using a variety of devices including a plane with its net and a car with noose. Your good adventurers need this base to monitor the dinosaurs and protect them from the evil adventurers that wish to do something much more sinister with them.

 Buy Your Own LEGO Adventurers Dino Island 5987 Dino Research Compound on Amazon.com

This Lego dinosaur set provides plenty of playability with six minifigures, four dinosaurs, a dinosaur research station plus a boat, plane and car for catching dinosaurs. Stegosaurus, Pteranadon, T-Rex and Baby T-Rex are the dinosaurs included and the fun adventurer minifigures are Mike, Mr. Cunningham, Sam Sinister, Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed & Dr. Kilroy.

Dino Research Compound Details
  • Pieces: 612
  • Age: 8-12
  • Lego No: 5987
  • Minifigures: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Baby T-Rex, Pteranodon, Stegasaurus & 6 Adventurers
  • Year: 2000
  • Theme: Lego Adventurers, Dino Island

Lego Adventurers Tyrannosaurus-Rex Transport 5975

A 322 piece Dinosaur transport set includes T-Rex and baby plus a Triceratops. These Lego dinosaurs have all been captured and are now ready for transport by truck and ship; five hero mini figures are included.

This dinosaur Lego set was in production in 2000 and has now become quite collectible and uncommon.
Another out-of-production and rare dinosaur Lego set is this Dino Island All terrain Trapper. A specially adapted vehicle can drive over any terrain and net a dinosaur on the run. Stegosaurus and Triceratops attempt to avoid the attentions of three hero mini figures and their array of trapping devices.
Some More Dino Island Lego Sets on Amazon.com
Lego Dino Island Sam Sanister & Baby T 5914

The cool Sam Sinister mini figure has some really original printing including a monocle! In this mini set he nets a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex; this set is something of a collectors item now.

Lego Dino Island Dr. Kilroy's Car 5913

Help Dr Kilroy track down dinosaurs for purely scientific reasons in his off-road buggy. This 20 piece set includes one mini figure and is another hard-to-find mini set in this dinosaur series.

$14.95  $26.99
Lego Dino Island Hydrofoil 5912

Researcher Mike travels between islands in order to study dinosaurs without harming them on this mini hydrofoil Lego model. A rare Lego set discontinued in 2000.

Only $28.55
Lego Dino Island Johnny Thunder's Plane 5911

This small 22 piece set includes the Johnny Thunder mini figure and his mini plane in which he can survey for dinosaurs to study. A rare set which had a limited release in 2000 and is now discontinued.

Only $290.0
Researcher Mike uses this ingenious glider to chase after a Pteranodon in the air and attempt to catch it in a noose; the flight takes them around a tree and on beyond. This is another rare and discontinued dinosaur Lego set.

Adventurers, Dino Island eBay Auctions

Most of the Lego sets in the Dino Island series are hard-to-find and expensive. A number of these dinosaur Lego sets come up for auction on eBay; bid for them there for a bargain.

A full list of the Adventurers Dino Island Lego sets can be found over on Brickpedia where photographs of all the sets can be found and the details of the sets are displayed - Brickpedia; Dino Island.


Whilst Lego have released a number of dinosaur Lego series over the years it is quite obvious that it is only recently that they have had the skill to produce really cool dinosaurs. 

The dinosaur models contained within the new LEGO Dino series represent a further improvement on those produced in the Dino Attack series and are more realistic too. 

Lego dinosaur fans are after great and exciting dinosaurs so the Lego Dino range is the best option for building up a dinosaur Lego collection. Buy them by either heading back to the top of the page - Dinosaur Lego - or select them from the Amazon carousel below.

Some More Lego Dinosaur Pages

Lego Dinosaur
The LEGO Dino Ambush Attack set is the smallest and cheapest set in this theme but contains some really good pieces to play with including a really great Lego dinosaur Coelophysis! This lens introduces this Lego set and takes a look at the good and bad points via a video review.

Lego Dino Raptor Chase
The LEGO Dino Raptor Chase set is the one of the cheaper sets in this theme and is great value for money with its fantastic moving and snapping Raptor figure and the great vehicle designed for catching it along with two Lego minifigures and their weapons.

Lego T Rex
This is a wonderful Lego dinosaur set with the largest dinosaur so far available; T Rex! Two hero minifigures, an off-road buggy, a helicopter and Tyrannosaurus Rex make this a great set.

Lego Dinosaur - Ocean Interceptor
A ferocious flying LEGO Pteranodon is striking terror into people everywhere. Two hero minifigures will trap it using their seaplane, gas rockets, tranquilizer gun, jet ski and net.

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katiem2 on 05/14/2012

Dinosaurs are a big hit with my nephews falling right there with lego toys. I can't go wrong with dinosaur lego's for a birthday gift. Thanks for the great toy review on Lego dinosaurs.

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