Dinosaur Pillow Pets

by Jimmie

T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl are dinosaurs in the Pillow Pet series. These cuddly creatures are part pillow, part stuffed animal.

The dinosaur pillow pets featured here are all made by the Original My Pillow Pets company. They are all made of super soft plush that is fully machine washable.

The concept behind a pillow pet is that it is part pillow, part stuffed animal. Think of it as a stuffed animal that can be a pillow. Or think of it as a pillow with personality.

Triceratops Pillow Pet

This green pillow pet dinosaur looks like a Triceratops to me. But no worries about sharp plates or horns here. This fellow is super soft and cuddly. 

Security blankets are passé.

With its tough looks, the triceratops pillow pet is perfect for little boys to use on overnights with Grandma and Grandpa.

But Pillow Pets are cool. 

My daughter is twelve, and she loves her pillow pet. Whenever she has friends over to spend the night, they always bring their pillow pets. It's a fun way to be the same, yet be different since each girl has a different animal.

Other Colors

The triceratops dinosaur pillow pet comes in pink and in blue if you want a more vibrant color.

Transforming from Pillow to Pet

To switch your pillow to pet or pet back to pillow, you use the velcro that is sewn into the toy. In what would be the "stomach" of the animal, there are two pieces of hook and look tape. When that is connected, the pillow takes on the appearance of an animal. Unattach the velcro for a flatter shape which serves as a pillow. 

Pterodactyl Pillow Pet

This is a unique pillow pet! An extinct flying dinosaur -- the pterodactyl in a funky coral color. 

Pillow pets are great for many situations:

  • overnight parties
  • airplane trips
  • camp outs
  • hospital stays
  • road trips

They can serve as a discreet "lovey" or comfort item that makes a child feel secure. After it, it's just a pillow!  I have even seen adults carrying pillow pets onto airplanes. I thought it looked a little silly until I wished that I had such a soft and convenient pillow. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pillow Pet

Mean enough for the toughest little boy, this T-rex pillow pet is perfect for your dinosaur loving child or grandchild. 

If anyone teases him about carrying a stuffed animal, he can retort that it is his pillow for an overnight stay or for dozing in the car. His pride is saved, and he still gets to have a cute stuffed animal to carry around.

More Toys for Children

Encourage a love of books and reading with books that are safe for babies and toddlers. These sets come with a plush character from the book plus the classic board book.
This plush toy is both an animal and its home. When the toy is an animal, it is a fun playmate. When it is inside its home, the toy can serve as a pillow.
Updated: 02/27/2012, Jimmie
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TerriRexson on 11/24/2011

You can never have too many dinosaurs :)

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