Happy Napper Pillow Toys

by Jimmie

This plush toy is both an animal and its home. When the toy is an animal, it is a fun playmate. When it is inside its home, the toy can serve as a pillow.

What is a Happy Napper?

Where Can I Buy One?

Happy Napper are reversible plush toys that convert from an animal into the animal's home. For example, the penguin transforms into an igloo. When the toy is in the dwelling form, it can serve as a pillow.

They are available at Amazon.com and linked below.

Penguin Happy Napper

Antarctic Penguin with its Igloo
Happy Napper / Play Pillow, Penguin to Igloo
Only $22.99

Choosing a Happy Napper

This cheerful penguin Happy Napper is perfect for a boy or girl. The plush texture is super luxurious and soft. This penguin begs to be held.

Some of the Happy Nappers are more feminine than others. The unicorn and ladybug, for example, seem to suit girls better than the others. All the remaining Happy Nappers would suit either a boy or a girl -- penguin, monkey, cow, bear, and dragon.

For very small children (ages 3-5), realize that the reversible action may be challenging. Children that age will probably need help with turning the pillow into the animal and turning the animal back into the pillow. This is not a defect of the toy but simply a reflection of the developmental abilities of little children. 

What's Special About a Happy Napper?

Happy Nappers make noise!

Two lithium ion batteries are included in each toy to operate the "sleepy sound doorbell." Basically, the toy makes snoozing sounds (snoring, wheezing, ZZZZZ) of the animal inside. The idea is that you ring the doorbell to wake up the sleeping animal. Then you unzip the back and pull out the animal from his home. (Note, the home is really part of the animal that zips back inside of it. It is not a separate piece. There is nothing to lose.)

Because of the battery, happy nappers are not machine washable. (If you want a machine washable pillow, try the pillow pets.)

Ladybug Happy Napper

Cute Insect with a Pink House
Happy Nappers Ladybug
Only $38.05

What to Do With Happy Nappers

What can you do with a Happy Napper?

  • play by yourself or with other kids
  • take a nap on the pillow
  • take it to summer camp or a slumber party as a pillow
  • use it as a security "lovey" 
  • use it in the car for getting comfortable
  • line them up on your bed 
  • collect them
  • give them names
  • love them

Monkey Happy Napper

A Silly Monkey in a Bright Yellow Hut
Happy Nappers Monkey Beige
Only $49.99

Why Do Parents Like Happy Nappers?

Some children resist bedtimes, both at naps and at night. Having a bedtime routine is very important for cueing these children that bedtime is coming. The Happy Napper can be part of the bedtime ritual. Imagine having your child put the animal to bed in its own house, zipping it up and sending it off to slumber. Then your child takes the pillow to bed with him.

Happy Nappers can be part of a bed time routine and sooth the transition from play to sleep.

More Happy Nappers

Bear, Dragon, and Unicorn
Happy Nappers Log Cabin to Bear 21" P...
Only $24.99
Happy Nappers Dragon
Only $24.99
Happy Nappers Unicorn
Only $42.8

Who Likes Happy Nappers?

Not Just Kids Who Take Naps!

With the name Happy Napper, you may think that these toys are for preschoolers who still take naps. Sure, three through five year olds like Happy Nappers, but children all the way up to pre-teen love them too, especially girls who love stuffed animals.

Happy Nappers are great for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, and "just because I love you" gifts.

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Updated: 11/23/2011, Jimmie
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TerriRexson on 11/24/2011

These really are very cute aren't they. I do like that dragon.

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