Disney Christmas Decorations

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Disney Christmas ornaments will amaze children, and help bring out the child in many adults. Both Christmas ornaments and lights are available to use Mickey Mouse decorations.

The Disney characters are so popular with children that they naturally make great Christmas decorations. Looking at Christmas decorations can be awe inspiring, especially for the young child, but enhancing that experience with Mickey Mouse or Elsa makes that experience even greater. And, Disney characters can bring out the child in many adults.

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Do You Really Want Disney to Take Over Your Christmas Tree?

Perhaps, But Maybe Not

Families have traditions, and certain traditional Christmas ornaments can be important.  And, a no theme Christmas tree with a real mixture of ornaments, some picked up on special vacations, often makes the best Christmas tree.  Adding a few Disney ornaments may be a nice touch, and can be added to a family Christmas tree with no problem.  They simply blend in.  Then, the young children can send time looking over the tree in search for a favorite Disney character.


But, there are no rules that say you can only have one Christmas tree.  If you have a child who likes Disney characters, why not put a small tree decorated with the favorite characters in the child’s room?  This will bring much joy to the child.


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Do You Have People Over for Dinner?

Will There Be Children?

If you host a dinner party during the Christmas season you may be faced with the problem of having too many guests at the table.  One solution is to have a table set up for the children, so the adults can have a conversation and the children can act as children.  If you add a small tree near the children’s table it could be decorated with the Disney motif.  This actually might help keep the children busy as they scan the tree for a favorite character.  It certainly will delight them.


Decorating the Tree

First Add the Lights

Christmas lights go on the tree before the ornaments, which helps prevent the ornaments from falling out of the tree as the lights are added.  And, the lights might be best placed with the strings well into the tree so they are less noticeable.  The light bulbs themselves are brought out enough to be seen. 


Adding lights often shakes the tree, and things placed too early are subject to falling.  If an ornament is durable it may survive, but too often a fallen ornament is a broken ornament, and that is not what you want.  In addition to losing the ornament, you have to clean up the pieces.

Disney Christmas Ornaments

By Jim Shore

There are many nicer ornaments available by Jim Shore.  Some of these come in sets, others are available as individual ornaments.  Look for the characters you know will be a hit.  If you are having multiple children over, the favorites of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto have always been popular.  The Disney Princesses, and Disney Frozen ornaments are currently popular, especially with young girls.  Disney Cars and Disney Planes are current hits with most boys.


If you make a nice, varied selection you cannot go wrong.  As long as there is something for each child to focus on the tree will give the desired result, happiness.


Below is a nice selection, but there are many others.  Looking at these will bring up a list of related items, provided you scroll down far enough.  

Disney Christmas Decorations for ighting the Tree

Christmas Light Sets

Disney light sets are a good way to enhance your Christmas tree.  Children usually love the disney characters, so a light set featuring Mickey or Minnie Mouse can certainly add to the delight of a child.

Disney Light Sets

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Disney on Zazzle

Disney has a presence on Zazzle, and a multitude of Christmas ornaments.  In fact, if you are searching for any character there will likely be an entire selection for that character.  And, Frozen ornaments can certainly be found.


First, select the image.  Once the ornament is clicked on there will be the option to customize it.  This feature allows you to add a name, select the placement of the added name, and even select the size, style of lettering, and color that name will appear in.  But, before adding anything, select the style of the ornament itself if allowed.  You can select the round ornament, the one that first appears, a star, a heart, a shirt, and an oval.  Not all shapes are available for some ornaments. 

The reason the shape of the ornament is first selected is to prevent a problem with whatever you add.  You do not want letters dropped from the name, do you?  A name written across the top of a heart might just have missing letters.

Special Disney Pewter Snowflake Ornaments

More Disney on Zazzle

The pewter ornaments are framed in an attractive snowflake.  They can still be customized, as above.  But, round is the only available shape for the interior of the snowflake.  These may cost more, but are very attractive.  Unfortunately, the selection s not as great as it is for other ornaments, so the choice of image is more limited.

The Tree Skirt

An Important Detail

Keep the theme going with a Christmas tree skirt.  Choose one consistent with the theme.  


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Disney Tree Skirt

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I have so many Christmas ornaments we have several Christmas trees. Luckily we live in Maine and are surrounded by pine trees of all sizes. I also have a few smaller artificial ones. I have some Disney ornaments, but haven't grouped them that way....yet!

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