Disney Fairies Backpacks and Lunchboxes

by fitzcharming

Getting ready to go back to school in the fall has never been as exciting with all the colorful and fun book bags and other supplies available.

One of the favorites year after year are the Disney Fairy line of backpacks and lunchboxes. Although she became a Disney legend as a sidekick to Peter Pan way back in 1953, Tinker Bell now stars in her own series of books, movies, and animated cartoons made for television. Tinkerbell lives in Fairy Haven, Pixie Hollow, which is part of the original Neverland. She and the other fairies live in the massive Home Tree, and work to make the four seasons of the year.

How Do You Choose The Right Backpack?

Pay Attention To Details And Your Backpack Will Last All Year Long
Size - Probably the first priority when choosing a backpack. Size depends on the age of your child and how many books and supplies need to be carried around.

Style - These days you can select from traditional backpacks, messenger book bags, rolling carriers, lightweight cinch sacks, and more. Also included in this category are features like number of zipper compartments, drink holders, and fabric options.

Comfort and durability - Padded straps and reinforced bottoms are good if books are heavy. And it's a good idea to choose a material that will clean up easily when it gets dirty.

Color and theme - This is likely what your child will be most interested in. Have fun because there are as many possibilities as you and imagine.

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Who Are The Disney Fairy Characters?

There Are Many - Here Is The Short List Of The Most Popular
  • Tinker Bell - Known as "Tink" she is the original fairy and you have probably seen her sprinkling her pixie dust on Cinderella's Castle in the beginning of any Disney movie.
  • Periwinkle - Introduced in the 2012 TV movie "Secret of the Wings", she is a Frost Fairy who lives in the Winter Woods. In the film she and Tinkerbell learn they are long lost sisters.
  • Fawn - She lives in Pixie Hollow and is a tomboy and trickster. Fawn is an animal fairy and loves forest creatures.
  • Rosetta - A girly girl fairy with a Southern accent. She's an artist and a garden fairy.
  • Zarina - She's a dust keeper fairy that we meet in the 5th Disney Fairies made for TV movie "The Pirate Fairy". She dresses just like a pirate and is always getting into trouble.
  • Silvermist - A water fairy that has a free spirit personality. She's very sweet and always eager to help other fairies.
  • Vidia - She's the fastest flying fairy in Pixie Hollow and is quite stubborn and strong-willed. She and Tink sometimes clash with their ideas.
  • Iridessa - A fairy of the light, she worries a lot and is very particular about her work. She has a warm personality and likes to keep order and follow all the rules.

Secret of the Wings - Introducing Periwinkle Fairy

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