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Go back to school this year with Dusty the adorable cropduster from Disneys animated movie Planes. Get Planes backpacks and lunchboxes with images from the popular movie.

Dusty Crophopper, the little orange and white cropduster plane has dreamed his entire life about flying in the famous race around the world. Finally his dreams are about to come true. He tried out for the race and qualified, but just barely. He's going to need lots of practice to get into shape. And he's got a couple of major obstacles to overcome too. First he's a country crop dusting plane, and therefore not built for racing. And second, he's extremely afraid of heights.

Planes Backpack
Planes Backpack
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Dusty The Cropduster Plane In An Around The World Racing Event

Dusty gets some help from Skipper Riley, a naval aviator who trained Mater, from the movie Cars, in his Car Toons short film "Air Mater".  Dusty is so full of determination and spunk that his skills start to rattle the nerves of the defending champ, Ripslinger.  Rip is a bully and will do anything to keep his spot as champion.  He plans and plots to destroy the underdog Dusty at every turn. A big disaster during the race puts Dusty to the ultimate tests and takes him to exhilarating heights.  Does Dusty have what it takes to win a world class air race?  Will the new friends he meets in the movie be able to help him to victory or will the villain Ripslinger prevail?  It will be fun to find out.


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Disney Toons Planes Movie And Merchandise

Planes is a movie released in August 2013 that is the first in a 3 part series of movies from Disney Toons films.  The films were originally intended to be a direct to video production, but the studio changed their mind and the movies are now being shown in theaters.  It's a spinoff/sequel to the wildly popular Cars movie franchise from the Pixar Studios.  The next film in the group is Planes: Fire and Rescue, and is set to debut in the summer of 2014.  The 3rd movie has not been publicly announced. 

The merchandising campaigns have begun in earnest and toy departments everywhere are full of Planes toys, books, clothing, party supplies, bedding, and of course school supplies.  Products with the images of these adorable characters will be on every young kids gift list.

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Here Are Some Character Profiles From The Movie Planes

  • Dusty Crophopper - the star of the movie, a small town cropduster who dreams of flying with the greats.
  • Skipper Riley - A retired naval aviator and Dusty's mentor and trainer.
  • Ripslinger - The current champion and a mean spirited contender.
  • El Chubacabra - A Mexican racing plane with a big heart and lots of dramatic flair.
  • Rochelle - A Canadian flyer that is always pursued by El Chubacabra but much to focused on racing to pay attention.
  • Bulldog - A British racing plane who is the oldest of the bunch, and a great sportsman.
  • Ned and Zed - Two racers that specialize in sabotage.  They help Ripslinger with his devious plans.
  • Dottie and Chug - A forklift and fuel truck that own Chug and Dottie’s Fill ’n Fly service station.
  • Bravo and Echo - Two fighter planes that befriend Dusty.  He wears their Jolly Wrenches Troops insignia on his plane.
  • Ishani - A Pan-Asian racer from India who gives Dusty advice.  She's a fierce competitor.

Join all of Dusty's friends, and rivals, in the theaters to find out more about their roles in Dusty's big race.

Pack A Healty Lunch In An Insulated Planes Lunchbox

Dusty Crophoppers Image On Lunch Totes
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fitzcharming on 08/04/2013

I will be going to the movies this coming weekend I'm sure. They do look really cute. Thanks for your comment kimbesa

kimbesa on 08/04/2013

These planes look really cute, and I'll bet the kids will love their backpacks and lunch boxes. As soon as they see a new movie, they want the gear! The planes are sweet to go with the cars from prior movies.

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