Disney Princesses Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas

by Tehreem

Find Everything You Need To Know About Planning a Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party In a Step By Step Guide.

Every girl dreams to be a princess. She is obsessed with these thoughts in some phase of her life. Younger girls fantasize about castles, crowns and royal treatments a lot. Disney Princesses are loved and adored by all the girls, no matter what age group they belong to. For giving your little princess a royal treatment plan her next birthday party with a Disney Princess Theme.

Plan A Disney Princess Birthday Party

Make Her Feel Enchanted!

If you are thinking that it will be a tiring and time taking task then you don't need to worry anymore! This page will provide you with all the details you need to know about planning a Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party. Here you will find different ideas about room decoration, entertainment, Party ware and Cake ideas. You can easily purchase the items you need on online stores like Amazon. We have featured products which are most popular and beautiful and are also not heavy on your budget.

Read on to find a step by step guide on how to throw a Royal Birthday Party for your princess!

Surprise Call By Disney Princess!! Read on how to get a call by a Disney princess on your daughter's special day. This will be a priceless moment for her.

Where To Start?

Get Your Thoughts Organized

Prepare a Checklist for all the things you need to plan and organize.

Party Planning may prove to be quite a task if you don't start early. Last minute planning and shopping is sure to cause a problem in perfect planning. Make sure you have a lead time of 1 month for all your party planning. What will be really helpful is to prepare lists for all the tasks that need to be done.

Prepare a:

  • Guest list
  • Food & Refreshment list
  • grocery list
  • Things to do list

These will help you keep your thoughts organized. An Ultimate party checklist which i have found can be really helpful. It will tell you what you need to do and how much lead time you need for that task. Click here to get your party planning checklist.

Also, You can purchase a party planning book to help you with all details of planning a party. Its is always handy to have some backup party planning instructions. The books featured here contain many ideas for planning a party for your kids. Party ideas for 1 to 21 year aged children can be found in these useful and handy book. I've got my copy, make sure you have yours :)

Find the most amazing Disney Tangled party supplies for your birthday girl.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling All The Maidens Of The Kingdom To a Royal Celebration!

Invite all princesses over to the party

Party Invitations for a Princess Themed Party should be fit for a princess. Many wonderful party invitations are available in market. Printable party invitations can be found online on many sites where you can personalize your invitations and print them.

Different ideas can be applied for preparing a royal party invitation. Scroll Invitations can be sent out for a royal touch to your invites. Or crown shaped invitations can be prepared with all the details of the party.


Party invitations can also be bought online and delivered to your doorstep. Official Disney princess party invitations are featured below which are available on Amazon. Party Invitations should tell all the details about a party like party venue, timings, dress code etc.

Note: It is always useful to add a phone number or email address to RSVP. Party invitations should be sent out at least 3-4 weeks early.

Disney Princess Party Invitations

Come To a Royal Party
Disney Princess Dreams Invitations
$13.90  $6.95
Disney Princess Custom Printed Invita...
Only $28.99

Start Shopping For Your Royal Tableware

Disney Princesses Party Supplies Will Be Fit For Your Princess

Party supplies should be purchased a few weeks before the party date. A head count of guests should be in your mind so you know how many things you will need. Also keep in mind your menu so you know what items you will be needing.

A Disney Princess Themed Party will look no good without a Disney Princess Themed Party table. Your Party table should be decorated with all princess items. Plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, decorations, everything should be royally pink!

Party packs are easily accessible now a days . Party packs available on amazon prove to be really helpful as they contain a complete party kit with everything you need included. This would save you from matching and finding different items separately.

Disney Princess friends Deluxe Party Pack is a set of party ware for 8 guests. It will complete your needs for 8 guests. This Package includes:

  • 8 party invitations
  • 8 lunch plates
  • 8 dessert plates
  • 8 cups
  • 16 napkins
  • 1 Disney princess table cover
  • Princess Mylar Balloon
  • 18 varied colored balloons
  • 3 rolls of curling ribbon
  • 3 rolls of crepe paper
  • candles
  • centerpiece

If you have more than 8 guests coming, you might want to consider the Ultimate Disney Princess Party Pack.This party pack has supplies for 16 guests and is a full party package. You will find all decorations, table ware, and other supplies in this one bag.

Everything mentioned for $50. This would fulfill all your requirements for the party and will be light on your pocket as it gives you everything for $50. Choose wisely as you don't want any guests left without a plate!


Contents Of Deluxe Party Pack

 It consists of:

16 Princess Lunch Plates, 16 Princess Lunch Napkins, 16 Princess Paper Cups, 2 Princess Plastic Table cover, 16 Plastic New Pink Forks, 16 Plastic New Pink Spoons, 16 Plastic New Pink Knives, 16 Princess Invitations, 16 Princess Blowouts, 1 Princess Banner, 2 Princess Centerpiece,20 Pink Balloons, 1 Light Pink Curling Ribbon,1 Purple Crepe Streamer,1 Pink Crepe Streamer & 24 Birthday Candles

Disney Princess Table Decorations

There is more to table decor than just tableware

As you are throwing a royal party, it is important that the table presentation be royal as well. Napkin rings should be around napkins, table properly decorated, cutlery and crockery should be in place.

The product featured below will give a complete look to your princess table. It includes:


  • Table Decorations for 12 Guests
  • 12 Princess Stand-Ups, confetti
  • 12 Cup, 12 Fork Decorations and 12 Napkin Rings
  • 12 Place Cards, 12 Place Mats
  • 12 Treat Bag Tags, 6 Scenic Stand-Ups, 1 Napkin Holder and 1 Table Runner

Princess confetti spread on the table will look great and compliment your theme as well. Make sure the table shouts 'PRINCESS' from all around!

Select a Disney Princess Themed Cake

A Special Cake For A Special Occasion!

Princess birthday party would feel empty and incomplete without a Royal Birthday Cake. Choosing a perfect cake would be a difficult thing to do as there are so many fabulous princess cakes which can be made. You can ask your daughter to pick out the cake herself or if you want it to be a surprise then you can have a friend's assistance.

Different ideas for cake design are given below. You can order your cake at a bakery and tell them what you want for your princess. They will make sure your cake turns out perfectly and is delivered at time to your place.

Why Not Make The Cake Yourself? A great idea it is! Baking a princess themed cake is not a difficult task. Different cake pans are easily available now a days which you can use for baking a perfect shape of your cake. Then you will just need to put some icing on it and use some cake toppers or edible images so your cake turns out to be totally Royal.

Different cake pans can be taken into consideration. 3 cake pans from Wilton are featured here.

  • Wilton Castle Cake Pan for building a cake castle for your princess.
  • Wilton Crown Cake Pan to give a unique touch to your cake
  • Wilton Princess Carriage Cake Pan will be the best option to shape a Royal Carriage for your princess as a birthday cake. This one is my favorite.

You can make your choice according to your needs. Many other cake pans can be found on amazon. A Castle Cake set will be fabulous to transform a simple cake in a fabulous castle with turrets and towers!

Learn How To Make a Disney Castle Cake

This video tutorial will tell you how to make a castle cake.

Cake Ideas for your inspiration

Disney Princess Cake
This cake features all Disney princesses on a pink castle cake. Your little princess would be amazed to have this one as her birthday cake!

Princess Castle Cake
Amazing and gorgeous castle cake for Disney Princess fans

Castle Cake
This castle would be well matched for a princess themed birthday

Disney Princess Cake For Girls
This cake features Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Aurora. Wonderful cake for a party.

Pink Disney Princess Cake
Simple cake with pink icing and edible Princess image. Simple yet perfect!

Disney Princesses Cake Decorations

Disney Princess Cake Toppers for Your Princess's Cake

A variety of dazzling and enchanting cake toppers are available for your cake's decor. The choice for a cake topper should be according to the shape of your cake. Edible cake images will look good on single layer cakes surrounded with cream swirls. Cake toppers will compliment double layer cakes. Candles should also be set so they look beautiful set on the cake. It is not necessary to have as many candles as the age of birthday girl. They can make a cake look over stuffed.

Some beautiful toppers are shown below. You can find many other cake toppers by opening the links and visiting cake stores online.

Cupcakes Are Not a Bad Option Either...

Simple cupcakes will look beautiful if presented in the right way. Cupcake Baking Cups with Disney Princess Theme will compliment your theme nicely. Princess cupcake picks and rings can be used to top the cupcakes. Disney Princess Cupcake stand will look beautiful loaded with the wonderful cupcakes you prepared. They will look great actually! So, you don't have to worry about having a huge cake if your guest list is long. Bake an average cake for cutting and use cupcakes for the rest!

Disney Princess Party Decorations

Prepare Your Palace!

Decorate the party place in such a way that it look like a real castle. Disney princess door cover should serve this purpose.Other room decorations should also compliment the theme. Disney princess balloons, birthday banners, wall decorations, posters etc can be used for decorative purposes.

Disney Princess scene setters will transform your place in a royal garden or palace. These party setters are inexpensive and can hang easily on the walls of the room. After the party they can be used to decorate the bedroom of your princess.

Balloons and streamers are the basic decorating stand-by.  They are inexpensive and can easily turn any room into a festive celebration. Use colors which contrast which each other. Pink, purple, yellow and blue will look a good. Tie bunches of balloons together and around the room and on chairs etc. A Disney princess Mylar balloon can be filled with helium and it will look fabulous floating overhead.

These items and many more can be found easily and are not even expensive. You won't have to make long shopping trips as they will be delivered at you doorstep.

Other ideas are:

  • sprinkle some Disney princess confetti around the room
  • Hang a pinata overhead. It can also be a party game as well as room decoration.
  • Paste Princess Wall Decals around the room. Posters can also be substituted.

As The Carriages Arrive...

Present Them With Princess Birthday Cones & Rings

Treat each girl as a princess. Greet them warmly and give them their own Princess Party Hats. These will look beautiful on girls and will transform the party into a Princess Congregation!

While the kids wait for other guests, make sure they are not bored. Arrange a crafts table aside for their entertainment. Put on it some Disney princesses coloring pages. Coloring pages can easily be found online and printed at home. Put some cookie jars and lollipops on the table so the kids may enjoy themselves.

You can also play Disney Princess Movies for the waiting kids. They will never refuse a Princess Tale!

Fun Games & Activities

You Don't Want To Bore The Royalty. Right? ;)

Games and activities should be planned to keep the kids occupied. You definitely don't want your princess and her friends to get bored during the party. Or it will Invite a Royal Wrath =p

Disney Princess Themed activities should be planned for your guests. I will give you many ideas on your party games and you can choose what you want.

  • Princess Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt by hiding little gifts around the house or in the garden. Little pouches can be hidden away. You can write the name of each person on the pouch so none gets left or random objects can be hidden on a first-come-first-get basis.
  • Disney Trivia Game: Arrange a Disney trivia game for all ages and put their knowledge to the test. Let's see how big a Disney buff they are.
  • Pin The Crown: Pin the tail on donkey can be replaced with Pin the crown on princess. It is an ever popular fun game.
  • Musical Chair: Play musical chair on the tunes of Disney Princess movies. A Cd on Enchanted tunes can be purchased for your party. Music is always the heart and soul of a celebration!
  • Princess Party Games: A collection of princess party games is given below. You can choose what looks good to you and have a fun party bash.
  • Poke The Balloons: Put little slips of paper with gifts written on them in the balloons while blowing them. Ask the kids Poke the balloons, they get the gifts written on their slips.
  • Plan a Face Painting session: Face painting will be quite fun for the princesses.
  • Princess Crafts: Crafty kids will love to have a crafts table. Foam crowns can be purcahsed along with sticky jewels. The kids can decorate their own crowns and take them home with them.
  • Princess Pinata: Tearing a princess pinata is the perfect way to end the game session.
  • Pass The Parcel: A crown can replace the parcel. Play the game as it is normaly played!
  • Pass The Apple: An apple can play the role of a 'Poisoned Apple'. Pass the apple around while music plays. The kid holding the apple when music stops has to leave. Continue until one winner remains.
  • Get Some Play Doh: Play Doh activities will keep the kids busy. just place some cutters and matching play doh shades on the crafts table.

The winners of games should get their gifts which should be theme-related. Small princess keychains or other accessories can serve the purpose.

Other Princes Party Games To Consider

Birthday Princess Party Game

Princess party game. Comes with game sheet, 12 self stick game pieces, a blindfold and instructions.

View on Amazon

Disney Fairytale Princess Party Game

Disney Fairy Tale Princesses Party Game 8 pc

Only $6.99

View on Amazon

Kiss The Frog Princess Game

Princess Party Games! Complete your princess party or girls birthday with a princess party game. This princess party game provides tons of fun for all of your guests. "Pin the ...

Only $2.15

View on Amazon

Disney Princess Party Game

Disney Princess Party Game includes a game poster (27"w x 53"h) and Princess stickers. Your guests will have fun as they try to stick the princesses in the towers with your ...

Only $19.99

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Disney Princess Party Favors & Thankyou Notes

Say a Royal GoodBye To The Princesses...

Disney Princess Party Favors & Thankyou notes will give the children something to remember you with. It will be a souvenir that they can take with them to remember the enchanted time they spent at your party.

Filled-In party favor bags can be bought for a complete Princess touch. They contain all the items fit for princesses. Empty loot bags can be filled with Party Favors of your own choice. Princess Bracelets, Candies, Little items of stationery, Rings etc can be put in the bags along with a thankyou note.


Thankyou notes are really important to make your guests feel honored. They can be hand made or custom Thankyou cards can be purchased also.

The purpose of all this is to Thank the guests for their presence and to tell them that the party would have been incomplete without their presence.

Plan Something Special For Your Princess

A Call From Her Favorite Disney Princess Will Make Her Day!

This unique surprise will be priceless for your daughters day!

With Disney Enchanted Calls you can schedule a phone call from the Princess of your choice(Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella, Snow White or Pocahontas). The Princess will call on the day and time you select and have a personalized birthday greeting for your child.

Schedule the call up ahead of time so it is done on or right before her birthday. As you can't have the message repeated so i will recommend a time when your house will be quiet and at peace.

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Great post! We recently went to Disneyland for a summer vacation. So for my daughter's 4th birthday party, I did a Disney Princess theme and she loved it! I got my party supplies at Target and found a nice princess invitation here: http://www.babycachet.com/Inscribe_Di...

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