Disney’s Frozen Games Teach while Entertaining

by blackspanielgallery

Using Disney Frozen games allows for teaching basic skills to children while they are having fun. Children are receptive to interacting with favorite characters.

The first thing one should do when teaching a young child basic skills is make it interesting and fun. In fact, there is no reason for even saying that the child is having a learning experience. Children respond well to fun, and often close their minds if they think there is a lesson involved. It is like food, never mention the health benefits to a child, just point out the great taste.

Disney’s Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is enjoying an unusual popularity, and it is not likely to go away soon.  Children associate anything associated with Frozen to be fun.  So, games based on Frozen will be readily accepted.  And, if the main characters are somehow shown on the game board or game pieces, the acceptance is immediate.  Children are visual, and seeing a favorite character is perhaps more important than the game title.

Monopoly Junior Game

Frozen Edition

The frozen edition of the Monopoly Junior game is similar to Monopoly, but easier for young children.  I remember playing Monopoly at about eight years old with younger siblings, so if the game is easier there should be no problem with the difficulty level for a child.


The characters used as pieces are popular characters from Frozen.  This is a plus, since that will grab a child’s interest.  The property squares are places in Arendale which is in keeping with the Frozen theme.


Monopoly, even Monopoly Junior, teaches counting, transacting money, and strategic thought processes.  It is an excellent way to passively have a child learn while having fun.


Frozen Memory Match

Frozen Memory Match by Maven Gifts is a matching game.  Matching is an early childhood skill that should be mastered by children at a very young age.  And, to make this game more acceptable to the children it includes an Elsa action figure.

Surprise Slides

Frozen Game

This game is a simple game that can provide children with experience taking turns and playing together.  And, it also is in the Frozen theme.

Olaf’s in Trouble

Frozen Theme Game

This is a version of the popular game Trouble.  The game features the popular Frozen character Olaf the snowman, and playing it can be a great experience for young children.  Olaf is such a lovable character that helping him should be something any child would want to do.  One lesson here is that people should help each other.

Frozen UNO

Card Game

UNO is a popular card game that teaches matching numbers and colors.  It is an excellent card game for young children.  And, there are Frozen characters on the cards, so it is likely to become a favorite game.


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Updated: 11/09/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 09/18/2015

Yes. The idea is make things interesting and they will learn.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/18/2015

blackspanielgallery, It's also possible that the context of the different names and places may inspire children later to work harder at appreciating different cultures and protecting the environment.

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