Disney's Tangled Dolls

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These are the best dolls depicting Rapunzel and the other characters in Disney's Tangled.

The Story of Rapunzel as depicted by Disney’s Tangled has really grabbed my attention and that of my little ones. It is so sweet to see this naïve, sixteen year old venture out into the world on her own for the very first time.

I still particularly love the part that shows her indecision as she swings between carrying on with her trip to returning to the safety of her very tall tower. In the end her sense of adventure and daring wins out.

Now, my little princesses continually want all the Rapunzel dolls out there and so here are the best ones.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Dolls from Disney's Tangled

This Tangled Doll is the most true to the film version of Rapunzel and it is very durable and able to take a whole lot of damage. 

The hair can be braided over and over again just like during the town celebration in the movie.  Little girls will enjoy re-enacting the story with this doll over and over again. 

The hair on this doll does not get Tangled like a lot of the rest so a lot of brushing can be done with her hair.  The only thing about this one is the lack of a brush in the pack but any dolls comb or brush should do the trick pretty easily.

To recreate a lot more of the scenes, you could also get the Flynn Rider doll to go with it.  Another authentic looking and well-made, durable doll. Like the above Rapunzel doll, this doll can be posed however your child likes so a lot of role play can be gotten out of these dolls.

It is not always easy to find a Flynn Rider doll on its own so this one is a pretty good buy from Amazon.

A Rapunzel Doll that does more...

For a Rapunzel doll that does more than pose, then you could get the Sing and Glow Rapunzel Doll.

This doll sings a 30 second section of that great song 'I see the light'.  You have heard it, haven't you?  It is such a lovely song. This doll sings the chorus and glows at the same time.  This is basically all the doll does however.  

Unfortunately, the dress does not come off as it is part of the glowing mechanism, so this doll cannot be used for dress-up role playing.

The hair on this doll is wonderful and your daughter can braid and comb it to her heart's content.  You may get annoyed with the sound of the song after a bit but your little one will love it, making it worth the money you spend on getting it.

In the UK: Disney Princess Tangled Sing and Glow Rapunzel Doll and I See the Light

I see the Light - The Single

A lovely Song
I See The Light
Only $1.29

Rapunzel Plush Doll

This Rapunzel Plush toy doll is a 21 inch soft doll that is suitable for hugs and kisses from your little one.

It has a lovely purple dress which is easily cleaned.

If you are based in the UK: Disney's Tangled Rapunzel Plush Soft Doll

Disney Tangled Baby Rapunzel Doll

This Disney Baby Rapunzel doll is lovely and soft and sooo cute to look at and to play with.  It comes with a rattle that glows when shaken.

It also comes with a Tiara and a brush; great items for your daughter to use to groom the doll.

Disney Baby Rapunzel

Disney Baby Rapunzel
Only $29.99

Animators Collection Tangled

This Doll is of very high quality.  It is made by an award winning creator and it shows.  The hair is long, full and silky, the dress beautiful.  It is a dream come true for a little collector of great dolls for role play and more.

In the UK: Disney Animators' Collection RAPUNZEL Doll 16in HIGH

Child Sized Tangled Doll

This Disney Friend Doll is a full child sized doll.  She has a light up clip to show off her magical side.

Any child will love to play with this full-sized dolly

This is a great collection of dolls out of the Disney Tangled collection.  There is a big collection of items appropriate to Tangled-the Movie' lovers.

Some more Tangled items

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