Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume and Accessories

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If you or your little princess loved the movie then here are a selection of the best Tangled Princess Costumes for girls of all ages.

Looking for Disney Rapunzel Costumes? Well, you are in the right place.

There are so many options available. You can get the whole costume including the accessories if you or your little princess so choose or you can just get the dress. Whichever way, you should find at least one Disney Tangled Costume that suits you and any little princess.

Rapunzel Costumes

I just love the new Disney Princess - the beautiful Rapunzel.  I can thankfully get away with watching Rapunzel a few times each week because I have little girls so I can lay all blame for such indulgence at their feet.

As a result of this passion for her, I have spent time collating Rapunzel costumes easily available for my little ones to wear.  You may as well gain from my obsession, don't you think?

The Immensely Watchable Story of Disney's Rapunzel

Tangled (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
$25.0  $21.01

Rapunzel Shimmer Costume

This Rapunzel Shimmer Deluxe Costume is one of the best ones on the market for children aged from 3 to 8.  There are three different size groups to cope with the different heights and sizes that fall within this age range.

The Dresses themselves do tend to be on the smaller side s if your child is on the edge of the age band, it might work out better to go up a size.

Now, remember this (and any of the other ones I talk about) is a costume so it is not going to be equivalent to a prom dress - Some people have very high expectations.  For its purpose, most little girls will love it and you wil not be able to get it off them the first day and potentially the following days too.  

You might even find yourself liking it too or at least enjoying their pleasure in the Rapunzel Dress.

Rapunzel Hairpiece and Wigs

Now, in order to emulate the real Rapunzel, every little wanna-be must have the hair to compliment their pretty face.  It will not, of course and unfortunately, be as long as the Rapunzel's hair but it will be a great contender.  Children will love it.

This wig has long blonde hair with a braid on the top of it.  It comes in one size and looks pretty remarkable.  Again, it will be a struggle to get it off your little princess' head.

If the full wig does not take your fancy then there are Tangled hair pieces like this one (See the image below)

Disney Wand

Now what is enchanted royalty without a wand to cast her spells of grace and beauty everywhere?  Here is a Disney Light-up wand.  Thankfully, no noise so not too annoying!

It is a respectable addition to the Tangled Costume.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Light Up Shoes

There is no complete outfit without shoes and the Disney Rapunzel outfit is no exception.

These are glitter PVC shoes which light up as your child walks on them - Definitely an attractive feature for a little one.

Princess Tiara

This is the topping on the cake for your little girl's Rapunzel Costume.  It is not specifically Disney or Rapunzel but the quality on the branded ones does not seem to be that amazing whereas this one is a lot better.

It comes with a lot of pink heart stones and is pretty cute as long as you do not stand on it.  Ours snapped that way unfortunately.

Heart Stones Princess Tiara

Princess Tiaras With Heart Stones
Only $2.5

Disney Rapunzel Hair Braid Set

Here is a set of all the accessories you can use to complement the Rapunzel costume.  It comes with a Tiara, Hair Brush, Mirror and a hairpiece extension.

It is a lovely set and will keep a little princess occupied for a long time.

Adult Rapunzel Costume

Would you like a costume to wear for Halloween or just to play role-play with your little daughter?

Here is one for you!


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