Ditching the Job - Is It for You?

by Wendell

Which is better, working online from home or owning a brick and mortar business? In this article we will look at some similarities and differences between the two.

Are you tired of the J.O.B.? Are you frustrated with your current position in the employment market? Do you want to spend more time at home with your family? Are you retired with time on your hands?

It is natural to dream about owning your own business that gives you more time to pursue those passion activities you keep pushing to the back. Buying a business with a brick and mortar location may be financially out of your reach. However, blogging for money or internet marketing has a low dollar entry point and is appealing to a great number of people.

We Are Ditching Our Job and Firing The Boss

I need to spread my wings and fly

Before we take that drastic step of quitting our job and venturing out on our own, we need to take a long hard look at what that entails.

Image of butterfly

1.  Do we have sufficient financial resources to sustain us while building our business?  It could be a while before we generate a profit.

2.  Just like with a brick and mortar business there is lag time between when the business started to when it turns a profit.

3.  Do we have the mindset of an entrepreneur or the mindset of an employee?  If we have spent many years in a career as an employee the transition to a business owner can be difficult.

4.  Do we realize that starting a business on our own, whether brick and mortar or internet, is essentially a career change?  Are we willing to put in the same amount of effort and discipline into this new career that we did with the old one?

5.  Can we function without the social interaction we had with our colleagues in the workplace?

6.  Is our family on board with the level of sacrifices that are required?

If the answers to those questions are in the affirmative, we are then ready to move on to the next step.

Why Ditch Our Job?

What color is your grass?

As humans, we are always looking for a way to improve our position in life. However, where do we look to determine what is better?  In this article, I will be looking at some of the options that go through our minds when we are looking to make a change as it relates to our working environment.

Image of Green Grass

Before ditching our jobs, we need to try to discover why the grass always seems to look greener on the other side of the fence.

Reasons the grass could look greener on the other side of the fence:

1.  There has been more quality time spent in tending to the grass on the other side.

2.  We have been so enmeshed in our own grass we do not really see its color anymore.

3.  We see the fence and think we can see what is beyond and desire our independence.

4.  We are tired working our own grass and are looking for a different experience.

5.  We missed seeing the amount of effort and work that went into ensuring the grass on the other side of the fence was the lush manicured green we desire.

We Have Made the Decision – We Are Quitting Our Job

We are on your own now or will soon be

Let's do a quick comparison between some of what we gain by venturing out on our own and what we lose by firing the boss:


Working for a boss

Working on our own

Standardized Hours (usually)

 Green Check Mark

 red x

Set own priorities

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Others provide support

 Green Check Mark

 red x

Must learn to do everything

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Flexible work schedule

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Regular paycheck (guaranteed)

 Green Check Mark

 red x

Responsible for Government and other reporting

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Responsible for cash flow

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Liability exposure

 red x

 Green Check Mark

Unlimited income potential

 red x

 Green Check Mark

If We Are Ditching Our Job, We Must Prepare for the Transition

So much to learn so little time

Transition For most of us, Internet Marketing and blogging will be a brand new career.  Just like the career we left, or will be leaving, there is a learning curve.  With our first career, we may have gone to an institution of higher learning or a trade school for our initial education and training.  On-the-job training and additional training courses gave us the supplemental knowledge and education to be successful.

Now it is our responsibility to focus and discipline ourselves to do the same thing for this next career.  There will be many distractions and if we let them take over we will not be able to take this new business to the level we desire.

The freedom of being able to come and go as we please and be our own boss sounds great, but it comes with a price.  Now we run the whole show and need to be available to our business as the needs arise.

We Are Now Blogging for Money - Where Do We Start

Show me the money

Just like taking on a business with a physical location, an internet business follows many of the same rules:

Blog Clip Art


  • Determine the nature of our business.  This can be selling our own product or selling someone else's product.  We can provide personal services.  We can be an advertising platform for other businesses.
  • Find a location for our business.   On the internet, we can be our own stand-alone business with our own domain name.  This domain name is a name that uniquely identifies the website that represents our business.  We can also team our website with another website.  By doing this, we may not have to pay for a domain name or for fees associated with hosting our site on the web.  The trade off for this is the lack of complete control over our site.
  • Once we have decided on our location, we need to secure the name we want our website to have so it appropriately identifies that particular segment of our business.  There are several domain registrars such as Namecheap.com, Godaddy.com, and Hostgator.com.  In our research, we will find numerous recommendations on how to select a domain name.  In addition, many Internet Marketers also recommend having our domain name registered with one company and having our website hosted with another company.  Just a bit of safety in the event one or the other company happens to have some difficulties.
  • With our domain name in hand, the next step is to find a place to house our internet business.  Our website will not be located, or hosted, on our computer for everyone to access.  Instead, we will need to find a company that will put our website on their computers.  The computers these companies are using allow strangers and customers to wander around and have the necessary security protocols to protect our site.  Hostgator.com is a popular hosting company for those new to the business.  
  • It is now time to start designing our website and adding content.  For those new to blogging and Internet Marketing, Wordpress.org is the blogging platform of choice.  This is due to its ease in adding content and the fact it is free helps too.  There are many themes or design styles available as well as several plug-ins that aid in functionality.
Once we have our new website up and running, we need to add whatever content we wish to share with the world.  Here we have complete control within the Terms of Service (TOS) of the company where we host our site.

At this point, we are open for business.  The next step is to get traffic to our site and to get those visitors to take whatever action we want them to in order for us to make money.

Ditching the Job - Is it Really What We Want

The quick summary

Conceptually, being in business for ourselves seems to be quite easy.

  1. Decide on the type of business
  2. Determine the name of the business
  3. Find a location
  4. Stock with inventory
  5. Promote the business
  6. Convert shoppers to buyers
  7. Reap the rewards of owning a business

These principles are the same whether we are going to open a physical store or put up a website.  However, there are a lot of steps and information associated with each of those principles that we must learn.

In actuality, we may find ourselves working longer hours than we were before ditching our job.

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Updated: 03/04/2012, Wendell
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Wendell on 03/10/2012

Thanks for the comment, Mike.

We look one way and see no grass. We look another way and see the lush country club grass. Then we look at our lawn which is a smattering of grass, dirt, and weeds. We think "surely there is a better way."

You are correct, be careful what you wish for. You may get it and you may discover that the "greener" grass is painted Astro Turf.

teddletonmr on 03/09/2012

Hey @Wendell, the grass is always greener on the other side, we humans are always looking for the latest and greatest shiny object. Its that whole change is good thing.
Starting up a new business, either the ole brick and mortar store or internet business I agree takes a huge commitment of time. Forget about all that nine to five B.S.
Fire the Boss, Wow now that is a great idea, however be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it in time.
Be well, Mike

Wendell on 03/05/2012

Thanks Akitajitsu,

I am sure there are others, but that was a quick reflection. Too many times we get enamored with $$$$ and can't see the reality.

Wendell on 03/04/2012

Thanks for the comment Terri.

Many folks seem to think that just posting a quick blog with a few affiliate ads or adsense will result in easy street. It can, but only if everything comes together and you are willing to work your tail off.

Terri Lorah on 03/04/2012

I'm happy to be the first to comment on this great article full of much wisdom! I really like that you looked at all angles of having your own business, the good and the bad. Tweeting this and adding to +1

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