Do Butt Lifter Jeans Really Work?

by LPerry

One of the most interesting types of jeans are those that claim to lift and sculpt your derriere. Better known as butt lifter jeans, they claim to add shape to saggy posteriors.

Let's face it, women can be obsessed about how they look in jeans from the back. When you have a flat, out-of-tone, or droopy backside, finding jeans that flatter your rear view is a nightmare. While some of us give up and start wearing tunic tops, others continue to search for denim bottoms that can enhance or correct a less-than-full backside.

Brazilian Cut  Jeans  Are Designed To Enhance The Caboose Of The Female Figure

As you can see, these jeans are not for the shy and bashful. Only a lady with confidence can wear hot Brazilian-inspired fashions that are meant to get major attention wherever she goes.

Everybody loves a great-fitting pair of jeans. Shopping around for a flattering pair can be a huge time-sapper. If you hate the way regular jeans make you look from behind, fanny-lifting garments may be just the right thing for you. This very subject is the reason why I gave up wearing jeans so long ago; the unflattering fit and dressing room hassles were a nightmare.

View The Other Shades Of Blue Denim

Today's Brazilian/ Colombian inspired garment manufacturers  construct pants with a special seaming and curving technique that doesn't leave a girl with a "flat-back" appearance. They also hug and cup the area under the buttocks and around the thighs; a real sag-prone area with other types of pants and jeans.


The references to either Colombian or Brazilian jeans online means they are designed to make the "rear view" feature on the wearer the major priority.

Can Jeans Be Dangerous?

When was the last time your walk made a man crash his vehicle?

Reality check: The models that show off these particular types of pants are obviously "gifted" in the caboose department. What it does show is the amazing level of confidence a woman feels when she knows she looks good in her clothes.

You don't have to have a large, curvy caboose to strut your stuff proudly, just a great-fitting pair of jeans. Finding the right pair of jeans is almost as bad as shopping for a bathing suit. It can be a huge hassle to find brands that flatter certain figure types.

The video below is an amazing reminder of the power of femininity when combined with confidence and attitude. The male reactions are priceless.

Below Are A Few Styles That Might Cause Traffic Jams

Colorful Denim In Unexpected Shades

Why are clothes for women in Brazil and Colombia so racy and va-va-va-boom? The hot tropical weather, the passionate culture and beauty of the landscape make anything Latin American spicy and exciting! I think passion for living and a celebration of the attraction between men and women is huge in Latin American countries.

Look At The Gorgeous Color Variety Of These Jeans

Flirting, showing off physical beauty and being seen as hot by the opposite gender is part of the vibrant social culture both on the beaches and in the nightclubs of Brazil and Colombia.However, you don't have to be a Latina, rich, or live in Brazil to look amazing in these jeans.


The Basic Black Straight Leg Style

Just like the little black dress is a great wardrobe staple for any woman to have in her closet, black jeans can work the same way. Black pants go with a lot of different tops. Many women love wearing black jeans because they make you look slimmer.

One interesting thing to note about some of these jeans is the fact that many of the styles are technically not a jean in the denim-material sort of way. They are made using figure-enhancing fabrics that stretch and hug your curves better than stiff denim does.

Levanta Cola Jeans

They look and function like jeans, but the material is superior for a body-hugging fit. The pocket details just add more exciting emphasis to the rear view. They are not for the lady who wants to blend into the woodwork at social gatherings, that's for sure.

Also Known As Butt-Lifter Or Colombian-Style Jeans

Higher Waist Styles For The Anti-Low-Rise Crowd

 Not everyone that craves bum-hugging denim likes them cut in a low-waist style. The older you get, the harder it is to pull off low-rise jeans. Some schools have dress codes that don't allow low rise garments. Some parents are flabbergasted at paying good money for jeans that barely cover the hips.

The good news is that a woman can look just as attractive when covering up as she does in something more revealing.

These Higher Waist Jeans Remind Me Of Something My Grandmother Told Me Long Ago

Back in the early 1970's, low-rise hip huggers were all the rage. I loved wearing them, but only my Grandmother would buy them for me if I wore a bodysuit with them. My Mother was aghast at what she thought were pants for those on the wrong side of the tracks. My Grandmother, in all her patience and wisdom, gently explained to me that a woman could best keep her figure by wearing things that hugged the waistline.

Although pre-distressed sounds like a medical condition, it is denim jargon for jeans that are treated to look worn in and a bit abused.

 See If This Style Works For You

  • The higher waist gives them versatility.
  • Designed to enhance and flatter the rear view.
  • Comes in dark, medium, or light denim blue.
Butt I Love You by Wax Jean

Its a shame that this photograph doesn't show off the lovely top-stitching that decorates these jeans. Quality top-stitching makes a garment look much more expensive than it is.

See The Beautiful Top-stitching  Details

  • Comes in sizes 0-24.
  • Prevents the dreaded muffin top.
  • Mock front pockets create a smooth hip line.
Colombian-Style Jeans by Fashion2Love

There is nothing like owning that one great pair of jeans you know will look fantastic all the time. Jeans like this go way beyond generic fashion. They might even cause an accident.

 Check Out This Video To See The Fit

  • Available in Junior sizes 3-17.
  • Comes in other great colors..
  • Created for the lady who wants to make a statement.
Push Up Stretch Skinnies by Moda Xpress

To Answer The Question-

Do Butt-Lifter Jeans Really Work?

According to the men that walk into walls ogling them, yes, they do work. According to women who are past the age of derriere advertisement, they are vain and foolish.

You rarely see women at the Senior Center wearing jeans like this. The truth is, if you don't have anything back there for these jeans to lift, then you have to resort to artificial curvature garments.

Are These Types Of Jeans Worn By The Over 55 Crowd?

Maybe only in Hollywood, wealthy suburbs, and Cougar-attracting nightclubs. But no, seriously, women are staying younger looking longer and actually make it a fitness goal to wear styles that are hip and youthful.

However, women who live way out in the hollers of Tennessee probably don't give a hoot about enhancing their gluts with expensive jeans. If they want a man, they just hit him over the head with a frying pan and drag him home.  Just joking, of course.

The Flat Rear Dilema

If they don't have it, some ladies fake it

My mother had a very prominent rear end. My Grandmother had a trim and small one. I have a flat one. When I was a teenager, this didn't matter so much. Back then, it didn't seem like jean companies were promoting caboose enhancement as much as they were promoting designer labels.

At the same time that loose-fitting trousers hang like flags from a flat derriere, snug fits like leggings and stretch straight leg pants also call attention to the area. What was or is the solution? Back in the day, it was padded girdles. Today it is shapers.


There are two kinds of caboose shapers out there:

  1. Those that lift and support buttocks that are already full and round.
  2. Those that create the look of full, round buttocks with padding.

Fashion Really Is A Circle

They say if you hold on to an outfit long enough, it comes back in style. Except for bustles, pantaloons and hoop skirts, it seems to be true. Some of the denim styles featured on this page were all the rage back in the days or my youth.

Although they create a snugger fit than some of us would be comfortable with, they have their benefits. Ask any man.

It's interesting how many songs are dedicated to this part of the human anatomy. John Travolta will tell you all about his multiplying chills when he saw Olivia Newton-John in her pair.




The Disco Days Had Their Own Rear Enhancing Pants

Black Spandex Disco Pants
Black Spandex Disco Pants
Wfilwibg1, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Yes. I want to look good from every angle.
DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2021

Yes, to the extent that I appreciate decency whether it's bathing suits, close-fitting dresses and skirts, jeans or non-jeans. How do all the models above not have the VPL that shows up in party jokes in older films from before this century?

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DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2021

LPerry, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
It's intriguing where you say "They look and function like jeans." I realized that I'm not sure how jeans are supposed to look and what they are supposed to accomplish. My social sciences background suggests that they started out as part of the general amasificarse ("to act like the masses") trend of the latter part of the 20th century. But what would be the reason nowadays: being comfortable, economizing, not letting a 60s, 70s, 80s fad fall out of fashion and then retro?

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