How To Create A Glow In The Dark Dinosaur Bedroom For Boys

by LPerry

Learn how to create an amazing glow in the dark dinosaur themed bedroom that any boy would love. From comforters to lamps to accessories, let the dinosaurs roam your home.

Creating themed bedrooms for boys can be fun when you combine glow products and reptiles like dinosaurs. A boys bedroom can be a place of refuge and fun as well as a place that can get incredibly messy. If your Son or Grandson admires prehistoric monsters,he will be delighted to share his lair with them.

Speaking from experience, my Sister's Four year old Grandson is enthralled with anything that looks or acts like a scary monster. His favorite monster is the Dinosaur. He has gone from wearing Dino socks to t-shirts and is now interested in pajamas and decorating his room.

With all the wonderful choices out there, it is easy to set up a room that revolves around Dinosaurs that glow in the dark. Although some of the decorative accessories require special care, they will create a bedroom a boy should be happy with for many years to come.

 Sleeping In Jurassic Park After Dark

Glow in the dark Dinosaur BedspreadIn the mind of a young boy, sleeping with glow in the dark creatures is a pretty neat way to add some whimsy and novelty to an otherwise boring routine.

Even if this bedspread didn't glow, it would fit nicely with any Dinosaur-themed room.

After reading the reviews it appears that proper charging is the key to creating the brightest glow in the dark effect from this one.

Dinosaur Bedding That Glows At Night

An important no-bones-about-it declaration : In order to glow properly, many of these products  need to be exposed to light for a few hours to recharge.

What Happens When You Fall Asleep With A Glowing Dino Blanket?

You might dream about having one as a pet and hearing your little sister scream as he breaks down her door with his massive teeth. As your sister is dragged away to the forest to be devoured and never to be seen again, the alarm clock goes off. That was a great dream. Maybe the Dinosaur blanket had something to  do with it.

Perfect For An Overnight Adventure

Even if its just spending the night in the family room.
Dinosaur Sleeping Bag Glow in The Dark Dino Slumber Bag for Boys - Plush Glowing T-Rex Nap Mat fo...


Lighting Ideas For Dinosaur Lovers

If I was a Dino-loving kid I think it would be fantastic to have the ability to make it change colors. With 16 different ones to choose from, your Dinosaur can be a different shade every night. You can make him turn red when he is angry, green when he eats too many plants and pink when he is in a bashful mood.

This video gives you a great idea of how fascinating a Dinosaur lamp can be. The lamp featured here has 7 colors
Pillow Covers That May Or May Not Roar In The Middle Of The Night

Pillow covers that come in bright primary colors add a lot of fun and energy to a young boy's room. I think these pillows are amazingly creative and can easily add that monster vibe that kids go for. The Velveteen fabric makes these Dinosaurs slightly posh.

Wall Stickers That Come Alive When The Lights Go Off

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to add some prehistoric scariness to a boy's room.

The best thing about these wall stickers is that they are designed to be easily removable. Even if you own your home, many stickers can be a nightmare to remove when you want to change decor. These stickers get high marks for looking good day or night. Have a look here.

What do you think about using a Dinosaur theme in a boy's room?

What Is This Fascination With Dinosaurs?

For a young boy, they are awesome monsters with big scary teeth that love to eat people and trample vegetation. The exciting part is that they do this late at night when everyone has gone to bed.

Every Boy Needs Some Type Of Monster To Admire

Hold off on the Mother-in-law jokes if you can. 😀

Thinking back many moons ago, I recall the younger boys in our neighborhood running around outside making noises like wild animals, car engines, fire trucks and even explosives. For them, creating some kind of dangerous atmosphere was fun.

Things needed to be hunted, subdued, travel at high speeds, have horrific crashes, or be on the prowl for victims. It's no wonder that boys love the idea of Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Corner
Dinosaur Corner

A Dinosaur Themed Bedroom

Should keep a boy happy for many years. Most boys start this monster loving stuff by the time they are 3. This theme should hold their interest at least until they turn 10.

Look Ma, I brushed my teeth.


Checklist For A Basic Dino-Themed Bedroom

  1. Bedspread or duvet cover.

  2. Blanket.

  3. Accent pillow.

  4. Lamp.

  5. Something scary to put on the wall.

Glow In The Dark Dinosaur Rugs & Sheets

 Flagship Carpets Has A Beautiful Selection Of Glow In The Dark Area Rugs

 Scroll down on this page to see the rug pictured here.

If you love adding warmth and color to your rooms by using accent rugs you will be amazed at the unique variety this store has to offer. Each one of them is like a little work of art and well worth checking out.


Glow In The Dark Dino Prints Area Rug
Glow In The Dark Dino Prints Area Rug

Glow-in-the-Dark Dino Bones Sheet Set & Pillowcases

If your boy likes the idea of sleeping with the skeletal remains of pre-historic monsters, a set of organic Dino Bone Glow Sheets from  Pottery Barn Kids might make him clap his claws with joy. 

Glow In The Dark Bedding, Pillows And Blankets

Are not low-maintenance decor but they are fun!

It would be wonderful if you could make a child's bed with these items and get a great display of glowiness every night with little effort. However, there is some maintenance involved.

1. They Need To Be Charged Up Daily

2. The Room Will Need To Be Dark

3. Repeated Washing And Drying Can Dim The Effect

Caution-Grumpy Dinosaur Crossing

How dare they try to make me glow in the dark! I should write to my Congressman.
Grumpy Dinosaur
Grumpy Dinosaur
Pixabay Free

Where can I see real Dinosaur Fossils in the United States?

A List Of America's Best Dinosaur Exhibits

 Fascinating Fact- The largest amount of Dinosaur remains have been found in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.


Fossil Bone Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah
Allosaurus Skull
Allosaurus Skull

Polite Dinosaurs are patient enough to warn you if you are coming too close to their stomping ( or better yet, chomping) grounds. 

However, it doesn't take much to imagine a trespasser smothered in gravy and served with a side order of fries and coleslaw. Food can be hard to find in Paleo world.


Updated: 06/12/2021, LPerry
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DerdriuMarriner on 05/12/2021

LPerry, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
It's an array that should catch the attention of dinosaur-loving three- to 10-year-olds. They may want them all. But I particularly relate to the 16 different lightings (now why is pink associated with bashfulness?) and to the striking floor cover.

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