Decorating With Glow In The Dark Stars, Planets And Wall Stickers

by LPerry

Glow in the dark wall and ceiling stickers shaped like planets and stars lets your kid space travel from the comfort of their own bed.

You can create an exciting and educational bedroom for a child using glow in the dark stickers that mimic the night sky. They can let their imaginations take flight or simply find them as comforting as nightlights. The best part about these types of products is that they encourage a child to expand their horizons and celebrate their hobbies and interests.

There is also something about these fun stickers that mesmerize adults as well. Glow in the dark technology looks amazing when featuring the images of the Moon, Stars, Galaxies, Comets, The Milkyway and beyond.

Why Should Bedroom Ceilings Be Boring?

Glow in the dark ceiling stars for  kids create a room that magically comes to life when the sun goes down. There is no doubt that kids of all ages are into anything that has glow technology. I think a room full of glowing stars sounds like fun and a super-cool thing to look at when laying down at bedtime, don't you?. Bedroom ceilings are not the most exciting things to look at; especially if you are an energetic kid with a big imagination. Putting some glow stars up there can provide a bit of entertainment for a kid who is not quite ready to fall asleep (hopefully). The great thing about these products is that they come in many different price ranges suitable for many different budgets

Glow In The Dark Ceiling Stars Can Be Wonderful Learning Tools

 If you are the type of parent that prefers to buy toys and novelties that can be used as a teaching tool, glow in the dark ceiling galaxies are a fun way to teach small kids about our planet, the solar system and the star formations of our universe. Galaxy kits even come with choices that allow you to choose a particular galaxy like the Milkyway. Pretty neat, huh? Parents can choose from loose stickers or can go for a large one that has millions of twinkling stars and planets. Kits that come with 50 to 100 individual stars make perfect party favors for children.

Create A Realistic-Looking Galaxy Or Just A Room Full Of Twinkling Stars

It is easy to create an interesting room for a kid using these sticker products.Of course, they may be not be suitable for people who rent, but the application instructions allow for non-damaging removal.

Larger galaxy kits like the one shown here are one big sticker that recreates the look of over a billion stars on your ceiling. You can also get very precise with your individual star placement if you have the patience to put them at even intervals along the ceiling and walls.

You Can Really Use Your Imagination With Star Stickers

Not only are these products suitable for novelty decorating indoors, they would look really cool applied to the inside top of a camping tent.  It would be like sleeping out under the stars, only with less mosquito bites. Who knows, they might even make a cool way to decorate the headliner of a car. Grownups can use glow stickers too. They would look really interesting in a themed bathroom or recreation room. If you love glow in the dark novelty products, the decorating possibilities are endless.

Use Glow Stickers In Novelty Designs For Fun Decorating

Glow in the dark stickers don't have to be regulated to the ceiling. They can be applied to any wall surface in the room. They are wonderful little nightlights for babies and toddlers that give off a soft, comforting glow at bedtime. Glow stickers don't use any electricity to give off a little light. They are the ultimate in cheap lighting. They are available in different novelty shapes like comets, moons, super novas and planets with rings. They are available in glow colors too. Even as I write this article, I am contemplating buying a "jar of stars" for myself.

Beautiful Glow Effects Using Star Stickers By Glodio For Decorating A Child's Room 

On A Clear Night, The Milkyway Galaxy Is Absolutely Breathtaking

If you have ever been out in the country in Summer and looked up at the clear night sky at 2a.m., you have probably seen the Milkyway Galaxy.

It is absolutely breathtaking to ponder the expanse of our universe. I used to lay on my back in open cornfields just to stargaze. You can almost feel the rotation of the Earth when you do this.

Bring The Mysteries Of The Moon Indoors

Imagine This View From Your Crib

What would a baby in a crib think about all of these glowing stars overhead? I imagine that playing with your toes would be a lot more exciting if you had some stars to look at.

Compared to those plastic ceiling mobiles that spin around, these might be more fun to look at from a crib dwellers perspective. Many new parents look for ways to decorate a nursery using interesting themes that go beyond the typical baby room styles.

Shining Stars Overhead Are Lovely Indoors Or Outside

Planting Seeds For Future Space Travelers

There is no doubt that kids can have big imaginations. Getting them to sit still and ponder the vastness of the Universe is a beautiful idea.

It might even a plant a seed that will create an interest in the scientific fields of Astronomy, space exploration, weather reporting, or  flight engineering.

They also create fun rooms for pretend camping if a friend spends the night.


Things That Glow In The Dark Have A Comfort Factor

I admit it. I can be a geek when it comes to stuff that glows in the dark. I find the technology fascinating. I also admire the imagination-stretching power of glowing planets and solar system images. The beauty of these products is that they are not limited to the young.

Adults Can Also Create Magical Decor For Themselves

3D Stickers That Glow

With so many of these products geared towards kids rooms, it's interesting to see them used to create some amazing adult rooms too. Three dimensional designs appear to come at you as though you are space traveling.

On a lighter note, if you enjoy drinking a big bottle of wine before bed, 3D stickers coming at you might cause your head to spin a little faster then you would like.

Although they may not work with traditional or antique decor, they make fascinating accents in contemporary rooms.  

 Cosmic Activity That Boys Like

Buckle up before you go to bed.There is a lot of intergalactic traveling going on here.

Parents may wonder if these stickers make kids stay up past their bedtimes. Most likely, the novelty will wear off and they will become just as comforting as a nightlight.

These stickers are perfect for a boys room.Growing up with a brother, I am sure he would have loved these. They make great conversation magnets at sleepovers.

 The Light Of The Moon Is Always Beautiful


This big Moon wall sticker has quite a wow factor, doesn't it? The details of the surface craters are realistic enough to be educational as well as decorative.

There might be one question parents might have about these big glowing Moon decals. Will this turn my kid into a Vampire? 😲  This is one case where reading the reviews could be a life saver.

 Moonlight has enchanted humans since the beginning of time. It really is fascinating technology to make these glowing images of Earth's closest neighbor.



Could you save money on your electric bill using a glow in the dark Moon poster as a nightlight?

Good Quality Glow In The Dark Paint Can Be An Alternative To Stickers

You can still have an out-of-this-world bedroom even if you are an Eathling.
MAFOX Glow in The Dark Planets with Colorful Stars, Solar System Wa...

For Those Who Prefer One Planet, Not Galaxies Or Solar Systems

Where Did The Idea Of Glow In The Dark Stuff Come From?

From the U.G.W.A.-United Glow Worm Association; where else? Company History :

Glow Worm- Lampyris NoctilucaA few Glow worms were sitting around the table one night having tea and decided to start their own business. Their egos were a bit puffed up with pride because they knew they were fascinating to look at.

They decided to get rich making Glow in the dark stuff to sell online. Now they live in a mansion on Glow-deo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Updated: 01/11/2022, LPerry
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DerdriuMarriner on 04/08/2021

LPerry, Thank you for practicalities, pictures and products.
In particular, I like your suggestions about glow-in-the-dark applications to the undersides of tents. It makes educationally entertaining sense for the roofs of campers, cars and RVs too, for those nights when the family camps and it rains. Also, it sounds like a great way not to have to worry about batteries or electric bills (or children getting shocked playing around with nightlight sockets).

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