Dog Star Wars Costumes

by nickupton

A collection of the highest level of canine fashion in the universe - dog Star Wars costumes!

If you special canine friend is endowed with unusual amounts of "The Force" then one of these amusing Star Wars costumes for dogs may tickle your fancy. These costumes are a special treat for Star Wars fans who are also enjoy lavishing all sorts of luxuries on their pet dog.

The best use of one of these dog costumes would be at Halloween when your pet can not only accompany the children on their trick or treating, but can actually join in with the dressing up as well.

These Star Wars costumes for dogs are fun but please do remember that your pet should not be made to wear these things for too long; these clothes are only for special occasions - parties, Halloween, dressing up sessions and , of course, Star Wars conventions.


Jedi Master Yoda is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe so it is good that there is a costume for dogs featuring this little green man. 

Dress your friend as Yoda and teach him/her to use the powers of "The Force" to walk correctly on a lead and to exercise the self-control of a Jedi when needing to take a trip "outside".

This fun costume is only for special times so do not be tempted to take your dog out for a walk dressed in this; they may use an old Jedi mind trick to make you join them on enjoying an extra long excursion or, even worse, to engage in sniffing the butt of the next dog to come along!

This dog costume is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit lots of different types of dogs.

Come Over To The Bark Side

Darth Vader is probably the most widely recognized character from Star Wars so it would be a huge surprise if this collection did not include a Lord Vader dog costume, after all, the ability to chase your tail in circles is insignificant next to the power of the force.

Take care when dressing your dog as Darth Vader, if they feel too comfortable in this costume they may fulfill their destiny and make their journey to the dark side complete. So what, you may ask? Well consider a dog using "The Force" to choke you at dinner time and levitate your food into their waiting chops, much worse than them waiting, doe-eyed, for you to feed them a scrap from the table. And what will the neighbors think when they find out that he is your father? How are you going to explain that?

This costume is available in a few sizes to fit various breeds of dogs.

Help Me Obi-Bone Kenobi, You're My Only Hope

Princess Leia said that she would sooner kiss a Wookie, well this is getting quite close to that!

This costume provides your pampered pet the chance to dress as Princess Leia from the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV, complete with the buns on the side of the head hair style. Just train your dog to name the location of the rebel base or it may see its dog house get destroyed by the Death Star.

Dressed this way your pooch can befriend the neighbors' Ewoks in style and this simple outfit is unlikely to bother your dog too much either, but please keep it only for the best of occasions.

Again, this costume is available for dogs of various sizes.

At-At Dog Costume ....

Imperial Dogs Have Entered The Base. Imperial Dogs Have Entered The....

Okay, so if the previous three dog costumes were not daft enough for you here is a dog dressed as an At-At from the movie Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

This At-At dog costume is bound to get your pet noticed and if you have a toy Star Wars army the kids will get a kick out of this special At-At attacking their forces. However, please do not be tempted to re-enact the part of the scene when the walker gets its legs tied together - your dog would be justified in "Striking Back".

Which Of These Dog Star Wars Costumes Do You Like Most?

Updated: 04/27/2013, nickupton
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JoHarrington on 04/23/2013

My goldfish would be so scared, if they could interpret the look that I'm giving them right now.

nickupton on 04/23/2013

Put him in a little white outfit and pretend he is Admiral Ackbar.

JoHarrington on 04/23/2013

It's almost worth getting a dog, just to dress it in the At-At costume. Why don't they do these for goldfish?!

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