Dogs and Fences

by RubyHelenRose

Such a busy dog, sniffing around the yard. He loves to chase the robins hopping on the ground. He doesn't let a squirrel get up on the porch to steal from the bird feeders.

Not quite sure if the fence and gate are high enough. He is sure a jumper, and hopper. When something goes running by or startles him, he is like a lightning bolt flashing across the sky, over the fence in a flash. So fast this time, when the jogger went by, we didn’t even have time to see where he got out until we heard him barking over in another yard. Thank you, thank you whoever trained him so well. He finally came back on call number five. He returned, all panting and proud of himself. Prancing to us calling for him, frantically from our front yard, he wags his tail with glee. I hope he didn't know I was bribing him with a bit of play. At least he does hurry back to the yard if he thinks he is getting his favorite toy, or a treat.

Fenced Yards

Chain Link, or Cedar?


We liked the idea better to train him to not jump the fence.  We thought that would be easier than building another one or adding extensions.  I am happy to finally take down the wooden platforms I had to put up when we first got him.  Thankfully, he really loves treats.  His favorite toys are his frisbees and a squeaky chew toy.  

 Fortunately, he is mostly an inside dog.  He would rather follow me everywhere in the house than to run around free in the yard.  If we are not out there with him, he wants in.  Silly dog.  We notice he doesn't dig much either.  It is funny to watch him press his ear into the ground and rub it.

He is a rodent chaser to some degree, maybe.  We are lucky he wasn't taught to jump fences, and now that he knows us, is more willing to stay in.

We decided on chain link.  That way we can still see out of the yard.  Cedar is more expensive to build and maintain.  We didn't want him to feel confined or boxed in by not being able to see either.  Thankfully he was so well trained by a previous owner, we don't have to worry about him climbing the chain link.  Some of the articles we read, said that some dogs his size and type do.  He is part Bezenji and Beagale.   A mixed breed anyway, whatever the rest of him is.  

Playing With His Frisbee

There He Goes
There He Goes

Easy to Exercise

His favorite past time of all is to lay in the sun, while we are sitting on the deck.  

We love walking the property line every morning.  He bounces up ahead, then waits for me to catch up.  He still tries to snatch the birds that fly up off the ground when he gets close to them.

Then he spots his frisbee, sitting on the table.  It is so funny watching him trying to jump up there to get it.  He does this funny little bounce, and kind of whines while he does his little, "I want my frisbee", dance.  

 When he begins to pant heavily, with his tongue hanging out, we tell him to rest. Take a break, drink some water.  We remember now to take his frisbee away from him when his is laying down with it pinched between his paws.  If we don't, next thing we know, he is biting little chunks out of it.  We never have understood why a dog does such silly things like that.


He is pretty good about letting us take it.  He usually jumps right up, thinking we are going to play with him again.  As I am putting it away, we remind him, to "leave it".  We encourage him to drink some more water, or lay down again.  

Training That Works

Helpful Articles for You and Your Dog
Both of these articles helped us a lot with getting our dog to obey. Very helpful links.
We have found that persistence is the key. Lots of treats don't hurt any either, he is so eager to please.

Best Dog Treats

He does some of these things.

The Beagle is a breed of small to medium-sized dog. A member of the Hound Group, it is similar in appearance to the Foxhound, but smaller, with shorter legs and longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds, developed primarily for trac...

He has some of these characteristics too.

The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that was bred from stock originating in central Africa. Most of the major kennel clubs in the English-speaking world place the breed in the Hound Group; more specifically, it may be classified as belon...
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katiem2 on 01/07/2013

Nice indeed, I love dogs. My daughter just got a new puppy for Christmas and I've been meaning to replace the privacy fence in the back yard. Now I have some good food for thought. :)K

sheilamarie on 07/08/2012

Great tribute to a great doggy friend!

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