Don't Forget These 5 Essentials for Your Next Hiking Trip

by RobertKeith

No matter where you choose to take your next hike it's a good idea to keep the necessities close at hand. Stock your backpack with these five hiking essentials for your next day hi

No matter where you choose to take your next hike it's a good idea to keep the necessities close at hand. Stock your backpack with these five hiking essentials for your next day hike and be prepared for anything that may cross your path. By being armed with these essential items you can conquore any trail, master any mountain and carve your way through any Cave without any issues


No matter where you hike you should always take some form of hydration with you. Whether it be in a pouch-style backpack that you can sip on throughout the day leaving your hands free or a bottle with a filter like Fill2Pure offers, you absolutely need to take water with you on your hike. Staying sufficiently hydrated staves off the possibility of heat stroke and keeps you going throughout your hike. It might be the heaviest thing in your pack but it's absolutely essential.

Drinking water
Drinking water

Sunscreen and Skin Protectant

Hiking is all about fun in the sun, but the sun has a way of bringing the heat to the trail. To keep yourself safe from sunburn pack a good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Make sure to wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and face. Don't forget that your eyes need protecting as well. Keep a pair of sun glasses handy for bright days.


Hiking Fuel

Just like you need water to keep going your body needs its own fuel to keep hiking. Pack a snack that delivers high energy such as trail mix, energy bars, fruit, bagels or peanut butter. You don't have to pack a full picnic spread but something to keep you going is necessary. Be sure to pack extra than what you think you'll need in case your hike lasts longer than you anticipated.

Rain Gear

A sudden downpour can turn the best hike into a muddy mess. Packing rain gear such as a jacket or poncho can help you stay dry in the woods. It also helps prevent against hypothermia which can easily set in while hiking in cooler climates with unpredictable weather. When selecting rain gear for your hiking pack make sure to look for materials that allow you to sweat while keeping rain out. Breathable gear lets you stay both cool and dry.

First Aid Kit

There are two main components to a hiking first aid kit: knowledge and the actual kit. Taking first aid classes off the trail will help you be prepared for any eventuality you may encounter while hiking. Having a kit handy with the tools you need, such as bandages, medications and wound cleansing solutions. Your first aid kit should also include any prescription medications you may need as well as anti-histamines and insect bite or sting relief.

You don't have to pack a full multi-day backpack for your next short day hike. Just the essentials will do it. You don't want to get caught in the wild without these. No matter where you roam make sure you have everything you need to make it there and back safely.

First aid kit
First aid kit
Updated: 04/25/2016, RobertKeith
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MBC on 04/26/2016

Yep, it's that time of year again for the sunscreen. Forgetting it can make one miserable.

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