Dr. Michael Newton, Life Between Lives

by davestone13

If you're a person for whom faith is not enough and you want proof that there is a God at the center of our reality, Dr. Michael Newton has it for you.

A doctor of psychological counseling who used past life regression as a therapeutic tool, Dr. Newton stumbled onto something he never expected, a discovery that rain against the grain of his beliefs.

Past life regression makes assumptions about reincarnation as clients are hypnotized and coaxed backward to explore lost sources for present issues. The practice shares assumptions with ancient theories of reincarnation, but what Dr. Newton found went farther.

Before, time between individual incarnations was thought of as a gray, unimportant place where souls were in a kind of holding pattern. That assumption was blown apart one afternoon in 1971.

On the day that changed everything, Dr. Newton regressed a woman who was suffering from unshakeable feelings of sadness over missing friends. He took her back through incarnations, looking for events that might explain her exceptional distress.

Nothing seemed to come, until suddenly, the woman brightened, telling him she was now surrounded by embracing friends and family. When trying to pin down what incarnation she was in, Dr Newton was told something astonishing - she was actually hovering between incarnations, welcomed into her soul family in a rich universe of life between lives.

This discovered universe of ineffable experiences can be better explained as the core of our many existences. Thousands more regressions, recorded by Dr. Newton and colleagues, into the deepest realms of our lives confirmed it. The stories told are complex and rich in detail.

Dr. Newtons's forty years and thousands of "life between lives" sessions leave little doubt that a richer, eternal fabric connects us with all there is through millennia. It gives us much to wonder about.

Life Between Lives In Context

The Meaning of Life?

After reading the histories in Dr. Newton's three books, written for people like you and me, the conclusion that you've been given proof, not only of life after death, many lives after many deaths, in a God-centered universe, is unavoidable.

An organized, if incredibly complex all-encompassing reality comes into view. The logic of how the time spent between lives is experienced is consistent with longheld insights taught by spiritual Life After Lives, On The Horizonteaches for thousands of years. The revelations fit neatly into Carl Jung's writing about symbols and transcendence. And it doesn't disrupt anything, except the belief, sternly held by some, that there is no God and that your trust in an eternal soul is wishful fantasy. 

Concisely, what Dr. Newton and associates have discovered time and again, working with clients from all sorts of backgrounds in many different communities, is a deeply embedded foundation of "who we are," for lack of a better term, an eternal place where we are always conscious and aware, before taking a physical form or after having left it. We come from there, and we always return.

The sheer volume of recorded sessions with Dr. Newton and his colleagues and their subjects,  their consistency, is remarkable. Everyone, it seems, can go deeply enough to touch base and learn about their mission or purpose and, often, heal.


Dr. Michael Newton Author

What Happens To Us When Our Bodies Wear Out?
Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Michael Newto...

Challenges Of Knowing The Territory

In An Invisible World

The most difficult challenge for grappling with understanding about life between lives is that we are physical beings trying to get a grip on a universe without physical anchors. In describing their experience in a completely different world, Dr. Newton's subjects solve the problem of description by conjuring a physical environment that resembles the one from which they've regressed.

Inverted World, Image of life between lives.One element in this that initially made me, among others, uncomfortable was the description of souls between lives attending "classrooms" for learning lessons drawn from their past lives and gearing up for the next. Clearly, a nonphysical universe would be without classrooms. But then, how else could his clients or anyone else describe what was happening? They reach for the next proximate physical thing. 

Another issue that came up for me as I was into the third of his books, this one only edited by Dr. Newton, the stories offered by his colleagues with their clients from around the world, was that every story was problem related. Because the people regressed through hypnosis had mostly come looking for solutions for personal and physical problems, this tended to make the stories more like case studies about people in trouble or who were hurting. What about people like me who find our current incarnations a joy, a rich collection of adventures and reflections? 

Well, people like me are unlikely to show up for psychological counseling of any kind, hypnotherapy or anything else. If nothing's broke, why would we fix it? I assume we're a small minority of those who end up benefiting from life between lives regression therapy, and that makes the slant of Dr. Newton's books a little different than a random sampling. 

The stories do have happy endings or at least feature personal revelations impossible to achieve without insights gained through regression. So, they make uplifting reading as people make more of their present after excavating lessons from the past.

Dr, Michael Newton Talks About His Work

Dr. Michael Newton's Second Book

Stories Gain More Insight As Experience Expands
Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Dr. Michael Newton's Journey Of Souls

A Universe We're Just Beginning To Explore

For most of my life, I've had the intuition that the world we live in and every object in it, including us, is a vast complex symphony searching for harmonic convergences. Although as far as I know Dr. Newton has never shared a similar idea, it's what I get when I step back and take in all that we learn from his books. 

For me, it's extremely satisfying in a way that religion never has been.

We have our own song to sing, our own message to carry, our mission to accomplish. That's what I've thought, and the research into life between lives has confirmed it. But a caution remains:

There is no way that we've seen the whole picture, even in the mountain of evidence we're given in these books. We're given just enough to spike our apetites for more. If each life is a journey, it's a challenge too. Our fulfillment increases the harmony, and the better we're tuned, the more we help those around us.

Life Between Lives, On The Way To Find OutA Continuum of Alliances

The most interesting piece of evidence we pick up from the stories is how our lives are mingled with those of others through time. Not only are we loved members of soul families, we also enjoy alliances with specific members in a continuum without the limits of time.

In our time between lives, when we gear up for the next incarnation, we reach agreements with partners with whom we've shared other lives about the roles we'll play in the next one. Except in the physical time when memories of past lives are filtered out, we neither gain not lose loved ones. They are with us when we take the next physical form, and they are there to meet us when we return.

We have dedicated guides (probably the source of legends about angels) who are with us to help us learn and find our way in the physical world. They come for us when it's time to go, but more important, while we are here, they communicate with us in many ways and help create the conditions and resources that help us along our spiritual paths.

This all too brief overview, I hope, whets your appetite for more. More learning, more of knowing ourselves, helps us all.



In Book 3, Dr. Newton Edits While His Colleagues Write

Stories With Lessons
Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal T...

Where Do You Stand

An Afterlife or Not?
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Dr. Michael Newton's research seems to confirm and afterlife. Or does it?
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frankbeswick on 01/06/2014

The visual remembrances disturb me, but I think that Kant had it right when he observed that image lies between mind and reality [Critique of Pure Reason. ] We need to create an image, and this image is in terms of space-ime categories, which, Kant showed, shape our thinking. We can do no other. Try imagining something without space or colour. Whatever happens between lives, we can only think about it in visual terms, which may be inappropriate, but these terms are all we have.

davestone13 on 06/13/2013

Thanks, frankbeswick. The research continues, even as so many things are already answered.

frankbeswick on 06/13/2013

Ian Stevenson's book "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" is a good book on this matter, but he also did far more detailed academic works that analyse the cases in depth.

There is also the book, "Soul Survivor." This is a compelling work, but at times it makes grim reading, as it details the nightmares of a child who recalled dying in a burning aircraft shot down during the battles for Iwo Jima and the struggles of his shocked and baffled parents.

davestone13 on 06/12/2013

Yes, marciag, it makes a pretty amazing voyage of discovery. Enlightening and liberating.

marciag on 06/12/2013

Dr. Brian Weiss was the one that opened my eyes, heart and soul to the possibility of reincarnation. After reading all his books, i went on to Michael Newton and bought all the books for my personal collection. They're some of the best I've read on the topic, and I've read a lot!

davestone13 on 06/06/2013

I agree with Stevenson. Our early connections that help us phase in gradually recede in a kind of developmental amnesia. They may begin filtering back late in life. This, like life between lives, is a largely unexplored area. Maybe some smart individual, like Michael Newton, with some courage and curiosity, will figure a way to do it.

Thanks, Frankbeswick.

frankbeswick on 06/06/2013

Spontaneous past life memories arise without the aid of hyponotherapists, according to Ian Stevenson, between three and six years of age, then they fade. There can be trigger experiences, which was what probably happened to me. But I have no specific recall.

Edwards tried to discredit Stevenson's work, after his death, but his arguments fail and had little or no credibility.

davestone13 on 06/05/2013

It's rare for anyone to have any recollection about life between lives or even past incarnations, frankbeswick, without professional guidance from hypnotherapists. I think you'd get a lot out of the stories in these books, and you might even want to give the process a try.

Thanks for your comment.

frankbeswick on 06/05/2013

I stumbled upon reincarnation after I had a bad experience, when I visited an infamous Scottish battlefield [I will not say which.] I was overwhelmed with feelings of despair, along with a conviction that I had been present at the battle [the losing side, I think.] This feeling has never left me,and the conviction caused me to change my view on reincarnation. I originally rejected it. Since then I have done theological research on this subject. But I have no recollection of life between lives.

davestone13 on 06/05/2013

Thanks, Mira. I believe Dr. Newton's books will answer that question very well. It's been astonishing how they've calmly and informatively satisfied an old skeptic like me.

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