Dyson DC28 Animal Bagless Upright Cleaner for Pet Owners

by MaryF

If you have pets you know how hard it is to find a vacuum cleaner that can cope. Now Dyson has released the DC28 - does it really solve the pet hair problem?

Looking For A Vacuum That Can Deal With Pet Hair?

As every cat or dog owner knows, pet hair can be such a problem especially if you have carpets in your home. Most vacuum cleaners can not really not up to the job of removing pet hair. So does the the Dyson DC28 animal upright vacuum cleaner do the job – or is it just more marketing spin? Let's focus on the Dyson DC28 animal vacuum cleaner and see if it will really solve your pet hair problem

Dyson DC28 Animal
Dyson, Inc.
Only $349.0

The Technology That Means Dyson Makes Good Cleaners

So does this product work? Well yes, owner's of long-haired dogs are delighted to find that they can finally actually get all the pet hair out of their carpets. But why? How does it work?

This Dyson animal vacuum cleaner does not depend on a bag. It uses the latest “root cyclone technology”, a trademark of the Dyson Company that can not be found in many of their vacuums. The root cyclone technology spins the air really fast. The centrifugal forces can reach up to a hundred thousand times of the force of gravity which fling dust and other unwanted residue and particles straight into the clear bin of the machine.

The root cyclone technology also prevents Dyson machines not to lose their suction. This technology has even been enhanced by the Dyson Company combining this with a core separator. This is an extra cyclonic stage added between the inner and outer cyclones. These separate the particles of up to 0.5 microns in the airflow. The outer cyclone is where the dust, larger dirt and debris, and pet hairs are drawn to the machine’s clear bin. In the core, air would pass here, sieve, and redirect pet hairs and fibers that have escaped the outer cyclone into the clear bin. Then finally, smaller and faster cyclones extract particles the size of mold and bacteria in the inner cyclones.

Another great feature of the Dyson DC28 vacuum is its so-called Airmuscle Technology. This technology independently raises the cleaner head’s brush bar closing the gap between the machine and the carpet. If there is no gap, then there would be no leaking suction. The manuevarability of the machine is not compromised too because of the Airmuscle technology, and the cleaner will work on all surfaces from tiles to shag-pile carpet.

Engineers have also combined three different components with the Airmuscle technology. These are the powered cam, pneumatic actuator, and the high-torque clutch. The pneumatic actuator is the one that pulls the cleaner head to go deeper into the carpet to open the piles of dirt and pet hair stuck there. The powered cam focuses on suction, raising and lowering the brush bar for different types of floors while the high-torque clutch is the one that delivers and gives more power to the brush bar. This dislodges more dirt even in deep-pile rugs and carpets.

Another advantage of Dyson cleaners, including this one, is that the Dyson company has a great reputation for customer service and quality. Unlike cheaper brands, you will be able to buy parts and accessories for your Dyson (lets face which pet owner has not lost an accessory or two due to puppy attack over the years?). The five year warranty says it all really.

The American Asthma and Allergy Foundation also approves the vacuum for people with respiratory problems because the washable HEPA filter reduces the amount of mold and bacteria emitted from the unit.

Downsides of the DC28

The Dyson DC28 animal upright vacuum is truly the powerhouse amongst all the other Dyson vacuum cleaners. It has the strongest power in sucking out dirt however it is also the heaviest and biggest of all weighting in at 28lbs

It also is the most expensive model. However refurbished units are available from time to time and these can offer great value for money. You may not get the fancy box, but you still get a clean vacuum complete with all attachments and a full warranty.

However, with people who really need heavy duty cleaning; this pet hair vacuum cleaner is the perfect machine for them.

Refurbished Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Still reliable, still has a warranty, significantly cheaper - check it out
Dyson DC28 Animal Refurb
Updated: 01/30/2012, MaryF
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Ragtimelil on 08/23/2012

I still like bags. If you're vacuuming up fleas and flea dirt, I'd rather fold up the bag and dispose of it. If you just dump it in the trash, they hop out. Fleas are always an issue down here where I am. Even if my dogs don't have fleas, I want to keep the environment flea-free.
I don't have a vacuum with a bag now, of course because they're getting scarce as hen's teeth. I have to take it outside to clean it because of all the dust it raises.
Of course it is nice not to have to buy bags all the time. I haven't tried one of these but sounds interesting.

MaryF on 01/31/2012

The Dysons really last don't they? You do get what you pay for in vacuum cleaners in my opinion, and as a pet owner, its unbelievable how much hair they shed!

Angel on 01/31/2012

Dyson vacuum cleaners are the best! They are expensive but well worth the money. I don't have this model but I do have an older model and it is wonderful.

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