Best Portable DJ Speakers

by MaryF

Looking for a good set of speakers that you you take with you to DJ gigs? Check out the best portable DJ speakers that I've come across

I would always want to have the best of sounds especially when my line of work is at stake. I am a DJ who performs and plays music in clubs and different party gatherings and the quality of music that I produce can really affect the mood of the party. So I always want to make sure that I would be able to have the best quality sounds with my equipments.

Best Portable Speakers for DJ

The kinds of speakers that I connect with my amplifiers and turntables are very important because these are the things that bring out my music to the people. If my equipments are too strong and the speakers can not handle them; the sound would not be whole and would be grounded. That is something that I do would not want to deliver and provide for my services. People expect great music so I will do my best to provide great music.

Product Description:
It is a good thing that I stumbled upon the Seismic Audio – 15” speakers. The 350 watts on each speaker can means that a strong sound output is assured. These speakers can really take the beating while its sensitivity at 96 db can make sure that the sound quality would be really good. The watts and the sensitivity go together when it comes to measuring the quality of the speakers that people are using. It is not just about the wattage but also about the sensitivity.

The Seismic Audio Sub woofer has a 50 ounce magnet and 2.5” voice coil. This only shows that it is also strong enough to blast all those low tones even on max volume. The size of the magnet is only as good as its voice coils so with a sub woofer with a 50 ounce magnet and 2.5 voice coils would be enough to deliver those punchy low bass tones. People would surely feel the pump to their hearts.

These are the best portable DJ speakers that I have found in the market. These speakers come packed with enough juice to blow their competition down. These 15” monster speakers have 1.5” titanium tweeter driver, a frequency response of up to 45 to 20,000 Hz and 1400 watts peak power. Using these speakers would definitely allow a person to be able to play great quality music with crystal clear sound anywhere they are.

Product Feature:
Playing music with the Seismic Seismic Audio DJ speakers is really great since people would be playing their music with 700 watts speakers at 96 db sensitivity. They have sub woofers with a 50 ounce magnet and 2.5” voice coils and 1.5” titanium tweeter drive that would help them deliver crisp, crunchy, and deep tones.

These Seismic Audio speakers also look great with a black carpeted covering. They may measure up 25” tall but they are not heavy at all for their size which makes them also perfect for transferring around different places.

With all the music shows that I have played music with as a DJ and have even been used by bands for their plays; these speakers have truly shown that people are going to get more than what they have paid for

Updated: 02/27/2012, MaryF
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