Thick Exercise Equipment Mats

by MaryF

Need exercise mats for home, work or gym? Check out these thick interlocking exercise mats.

Before my wife and I decided to purchase these thick interlocking exercise floor mats, we were a bit skeptic thinking that they may not be a good quality product. We even had some discussion about the thickness of the mat to get since we do not want to have an uncomfortable time while practicing yoga on a hardwood floor. We checked around and finally decided to buy the 1/2” thick high quality foam interlocking anti fatigue mat, and they turned out to be perfect exercise mats on our hardwood floors.

When we started using them; we found out that they were worth the money we spent on them. When we exercise on the floor and practice yoga; we never noticed the hard surface floor that we used to have before at home. The thickness of the matt is just right and well balanced so there were no problems using them. It is also really easy to put them together because the edges would easily interlock with each other.

Exercise Mats Garage Floors

The good exercise mats can provide the cushion that is needed in hard surfaces of gyms, schools, trade shows, daycares, and playrooms. There are different thicknesses available but for me and my wife, we found the ½” thickness just perfect. People would not be able to tell that there is a hard surface underneath them with these mats. The half inch thickness also provides just the right cushioning without being too spongy and soft.

The interlocking edges of the mats also work great. I did not have any difficulty interlocking the mats with each other. They hold with each other together really well. There is also no problem with the mats sliding or transferring on the ground. I did not even use any adhesive to put them in place.

Another good thing that my wife and I have found out about these mats is that when you put something heavy on them for some extended period of time, the items would leave their mark on the mat however after some time; the dents would go back to normal and it would seem that there was nothing placed on them.
The We Sell Mats do not also have any aggravating smell because they are made from non-toxic EVA foam unlike other mats that smell like they just came from the factory. These are also water resistant, lightweight, and durable.

Product Features
In purchasing the We Sell Mats High Quality Foams; people would get good mats that provide great cushions for gyms, schools, playrooms, tradeshows, and daycares. These mats are water resistant, easy to assemble, durable, and lightweight too. They also do not easily slide or transfer on the ground. They do not have any aggravating smell since they are made from non-toxic EVA foam. There are also a lot of different colors to choose from so people would have an easy choice of which color to get to match their home or place.

People who have purchased these mats have found that they are happy with their purchase. They say that it is really worth the money they have spent on it. Like us, we rate the We Sell Mats at 4 stars.

Updated: 02/24/2012, MaryF
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