Earning Money Online Writing Styles

by blackspanielgallery

Writing online is relaxing, and can be rewarding as the articles begin to earn money. Earning money online requires readers, and attracting readers is the focus of online writers.

Writing online for a profit is still possible, but will only be effective if you have readers. Attracting or repelling potential readers can be dependent upon your writing. There are three different approaches that you can take, and they can be blended. Selecting one of these approaches does not prevent using the others, and it is best to incorporate all three into a single piece.

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Use Proper Grammar

First Things First

Sentence structure, the flow of sentences, and spelling all contribute to the readability of your work.  Use technically correct writing.  Then choose words for your audience.  It matters not if you know the definition of many little used words, using them will frustrate the average reader.  Make your work appear intelligent, but not beyond your audience.  And, be careful in word selection where several words have the same sound. 


No matter how well you think you have written your piece check it before hitting the publish button.  And think about how it will sound when reading it over.  Using the same word too often close together sounds awful, so choose other words if it is reads poorly.

Informative Articles

I use three types of articles.  Some are informative and are written from an area of my experience or expertise.  I do not write about every topic I could.  I first determine if there is an audience.  I doubt that this is the right platform to write about advanced mathematics.  But, things like hurricanes are of interest.  So, I have written on hurricanes, but not on advanced mathematics.  You need to engage your audience with what is of interest to your readers.

Informative Article Example

Hurricanes are heat engines, and the fuel is water. This is a simplified explanation of hurricanes that should be understandable by all.

Personal Articles

Write about your personal experiences.  I have an article on steam engines that reflects back to memories from childhood.  Personal articles can be powerful, but first ask does anyone really care about the details of my life?  Choose from the interesting topics, and chronicle your experience as only you can.  These articles can be very powerful.

Personal Article Example

Steam engines are from a time past, but I still remember them. I could see them pass daily, and there were always one or two waiting to be turned around at the round house.

Sales Articles

You will probably make more money from selling things than from Adsense or other ad programs.  Find products that you can sell.  Look for items that are interesting, and maybe not well known.  I have an article on hoverboards and unicycle scooters.  These are the newer version of the Segway.  This covers things many have not heard of, so I can attract the curious.  But, it contains information as well.

Sales Article Example

Blend the Styles

If an article is informative, add a personal touch if you can and always add sales products.  Sales products can make a boring article interesting.  The items you are showing from Amazon or Viglinks provide some beautiful images to give color and eye appeal to your article.  If the article is personal, still add those sales products.  Books and prints provide great visuals.  And, even though the article is about you make it informative about that particular aspect of your experience.  Finally, if it is a sales article think of how that product can be used to support information.  Tell why it is better, or what safety uses it has. 


It is unimportant that your readers know if you intended a given article as personal, informative, or to sell.  If the reader cannot tell, you have done an excellent job of writing it.  I am reminded of a scene in Patton where an aide asked Patton how the soldiers could tell Patton’s intentions and got the answer that they did not need to know, only Patton needed to know.  Your readers do not need to know what the primary style of any given article is.  

Use All Three Styles

People have to be drawn to your site.  If people seek out your work you will have a good base of readers.  Informative and personal articles bring in readers.  So, sales articles should be posted with informative and personal articles between them.  If every article is a sales article your followers will abandon you.  Yes, you can write them, but do not write them exclusively, and incorporate the other styles into any sales article that you can.    If you can do this you will eventually, after patience and persistence, make sales.  Hence, you will have made money.

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Updated: 06/10/2017, blackspanielgallery
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jptanabe on 10/20/2015

Great points and nicely illustrated!

blackspanielgallery on 09/18/2015

I believe when the final product is published it should be difficult to determine whether it is informative or sales, but personal content will certainly show through. However, even there some e\personal content can be added to another style and blended. All three approaches must be blended to achieve best results.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/18/2015

blackspanielgallery, Perhaps readers and soldiers don't need to know about intentions, but it must help newbies a lot to get the explanations and examples of writing informatively, personally, or marketably!

blackspanielgallery on 09/17/2015


CruiseReady on 09/17/2015

Well done! Good advice for everyone who writes on line.

blackspanielgallery on 09/16/2015

Thanks fr the comments to all.

frankbeswick on 09/16/2015

The advice that you give is honest and free of gimmicks. It's heartening that there are people who put quality first.

Mira on 09/16/2015

Very good points. Pinning it

blackspanielgallery on 09/15/2015

Thanks. It is what has evolved for me.

candy47 on 09/15/2015

One of the best articles I've seen about online writing. It's easy to understand and not tedious. Thanks.

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