Earning More from a Zazzle Account

by blackspanielgallery

Zazzle has multiple ways of making money, including an affiliate program and royalties for designers. And, there are multiple ways to approach designs that have potential to sell.

There are two main parts of a Zazzle account that have the potential to earn money. One is the affiliate aspect, where anyone on Zazzle is allowed to advertise other people’s products. I believe you do have to add the affiliate part, but it is simple. The second is through royalties paid to the people who create the items that are sold. You can benefit from both of these simultaneously, and when your account reaches the fifty dollar threshold the money is forthcoming. You can spend your earnings earlier if you buy on Zazzle.

Zazzle income is passive income after the products are developed. Of course promotion, especially on a website or on Pinterest adds to your products’ exposure.

Zazzle Affiliate Program

The Zazzle affiliate program gives you access to other people’s products.  But, some are licensed products designed by such companies as Marvel, Disney, and Looney Tunes.  This not only gives you access to these proven products, but popular product lines like Disney’s Frozen among many others can be personalized.  Your customers can add such things as a name or saying.  And that customizing of the products is something you can offer with a competitive edge.

Make and Offer Your Own Products

Zazzle takes your design and offers a view of the product as though it had been photographed, although it is really a digital representation.  Zazzle sells the products and ships directly to the customers.  All you really need to do is design the products, and you do this with no investment other than a digital camera and a computer which you probably already have.  It does help to have more rather than fewer pixels composing your images, so a decent digital camera is in order.  For items with just words you do not even need a camera.


All of the Zazzle products shown below are from my Zazzle store.  Only the one above is not mine.


Express Your Humor


Of the many products Zazzle handles, coffee mugs, tee shirts, aprons, and posters and prints are excellent places to express your humor.  Other products can be used, but these are large enough that people might be able to read your words.  Just choose a font size and style and a lettering color, and a background color if you like, and you are selling your humor for others to enjoy.

Make a Statement

If you have a cause you wish to promote the saying you add might have a message.  Not all sayings used on Zazzle are humorous.  Some, such an environmental awareness statements are quite serious.  Imaging getting paid as you get a message out.

Save the Environment

Environmental Statemeent

Poets Can Use Their Poems

Poems, especially short poems, can be placed on some items.  If you are a poet showcase your work through Zazzle, and bring in some money with it.  You can even have an uplifting message in that poem.


Inspirational Poster

Inspirational Poster

Images Can Make Attractive Products

Some images sell, others do not.  It is like writing, you never know what will work.  But, sometimes you can really be surprised.  I had some images that I placed on large groups of products, and they sell on stickers.  I would have never guessed that they would.  Do not reject your work on behalf of your customers, allow them to accept it.


You can often find images close to home, when on vacation, on day rips.  Some days we just have a family outing of looking for things to photograph.  So, Zazzle can in a sense provide some quality family time.


From Blackspanilgallery Store

From Blackspanielgallery Store

From Blackspanielgallery Store

My Club Products

Many clubs have members who carry items to meetings.  My club items include buttons, coffee mugs, and tote bags.   People can use the tote bags to carry items needed.  Or any club object can simply advertise that they are a member of a group.  And, the customizing ability allows them to add their own club name if they like.

Garden Club Tote Bag

Some Products Sell More than Others

Christmas ornaments are strong sellers as Christmas approaches.  Post cards sell, sometimes in batches.  I occasionally sell postcards with several images at once each in large quantities, apparently to a shop.  Other items have occasional sales, and it all adds up.  I have no problem if someone else sells my products, since I still make money, so when a store uses its affiliate code to reduce the expense of buying I am fine with that.  And, even a small sale of one postcard is appreciated.  Remember, it is passive income, and it can be good income.  I will say it did take some time to get started, and as I added to my store things improved. 


This article contains links to affiliate programs from some or all of Zazzle and Adsense advertising.  These must use cookies to allow for proper crediting. 


Updated: 04/17/2016, blackspanielgallery
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I loved the funny apron.

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