Easter Gifts for Baby Girls

by SusanM

Easter gift ideas for baby girls from newborns to 1 year olds.

Are you unsure what to buy a baby girl for Easter?

Finding an Easter gift for a baby girl can be a challenge. They are a bit young for chocolate and certainly too young for obvious Easter toys like egg dyeing kits or picture books about Easter. So what can you buy? By thinking about the symbols and traditions of Easter you can find many great Easter gifts for baby girls no matter how old they are.

Can You Give Clothing for Easter?

I bet you didn’t know giving clothing for a gift at Easter is based on tradition. Old superstition says wearing new clothing at Easter will give good luck for the rest of the year.

This means new clothing is actually a great Easter gift for a baby girl. If you want to keep with tradition buy a dress for Easter. You can give a formal Easter dress but because babies grow so quickly a sweet casual dress will get more wear.

If you would like the dress to have an Easter feel you can give something that is symbolic of Easter. Spring colors are common in Easter dresses because it's a Spring holiday and associated with new life. So dresses with greens, pinks (for blossom), yellows (for daffodils) and other colors you would connect to Springtime are all good choices. Springtime flower patterns are also suitable.

Dresses with ducks and bunnies are a cute choice and connected to the Easter holiday. You can easily connect a dress with a bunny with the Easter Bunny. Ducklings are also a symbol of Easter because they are a sign of new life. Butterflies are connected to Easter because they are symbolic for resurrection (butterflies are also thought to be good luck). So there are plenty of choices in clothing. 

Pictured: Carters 2 Pack Dress Set in Yellow. A perfect choice for Easter with Spring colors, flowers and a butterfly.

Toys can be hard to pick unless you know how to look for less obvious Easter toys. You need to be creative to do this and look for toys which are symbolic for Easter like:

  • Rabbits: a traditional symbol for Easter
  • Ducks: ducklings are a symbol of new life which is an important theme for Easter
  • Butterflies: a symbol for transformation and resurrection 
  • Flowers: a symbol of spring and new life

The Bashful Bunny is a cute gift for Easter. The Developmental Butterfly is another excellent choice.

You may not think of the Baby Kira Doll as an Easter gift, but if you have a look you will notice the blossom pink coloring. Blossom is connected to Spring as are the flowers on her dress. This connects the doll to the symbols of new life and makes it a lovely and creative gift for a baby girl that still has special meaning for Easter. 

Pictured: Baby Kira Doll

Creative and Symbolic Easter Toys

Bashful Chocolate Bunny
Baby Kira Doll
Kids Preferred
Developmental Butterfly
Kids Preferred

Baby animals are symbolic for Easter because of the holiday's connection with new life.

This Touch and Feel book about baby animals is a great choice for baby girls from ages 6 months and up. This book has more than pictures to look at with its interesting textures for baby to feel. This creates a first baby book that will keep a baby's attention because it has something to do and explore rather than just pictures to look at.

A book like this is also a thoughtful choice for Easter and still symbolic for the holiday.

Easter Play Book

Touch & Feel Baby Animals
Priddy Books

Get More Easter Gift Ideas for Little Ones

Easter toy and book gift ideas for 1 year olds.
Updated: 03/03/2013, SusanM
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