Eco-friendly, Living Succulent Moss Wreaths for Green Christmas Decor

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Living 3D succulent wreaths planted in clean sphagnum moss are the green, environment-friendly alternatives to the artificial ones. They are perfect for Christmas.

The life like burgundy and green succulent moss wreaths will definitely please the gardener in you. Green and healthy they are inspired by the succulents and green moss which are convenient to grow in most of the climates.

Not only are they great addition to your home and garden, they are beautiful green accents for both indoors and outdoors.

They are rooted and grown in greenhouses and are very easy to maintain. Besides, you can use the same wreath to celebrate Christmas, Winter, Fall and all other festivals throughout the year.

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Green and Live Environment-friendly Wreaths


Who does not love lush greenery and country air filled with the aroma of fresh flowers? Moss wreaths just do that, the best succulent wreaths with living, green moss entwined in pine and wooded vines remind us of the fresh air filled with life sustaining oxygen.  Bright and vibrant colors of moss wreaths in the shapes of hearts and diamonds are a great welcoming sign on doors for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Moreover, they are great for any festive occasion, such as commemoration, celebration of a festive event and welcoming guests.

Rectangular or oval living wreaths are a feast for eyes. They look vibrant and full of colors with the rainbow colors of orange, yellow, red and green. Deep green is soothing to soul and peaceful for the environment. The succulent wreaths can be used to grow a variety of plants with rich, deep shades of flowers and plants. Each of these plants like pine, rose, hydrangea, sunflower, daisy and many other colors which have their unique fragrances and hues, make a handsome wreath of rich texture with deep and vibrant colors.

Making Wreaths from the Moss


For making wreaths, long fiber moss is grown in green houses or sphagnum moss picked from the untouched mountains from wilderness.  Usually a good quality sphagnum moss is handpicked and cleaned for making wreaths.

These are excellent for growing orchids or any suitable flowering plant that will give the wreath good vegetation and life. Once you have chosen the shape, either square, heart or circular, you can decide the color and the flowering plants, fir or pine cones that need to grow on the moss.

Take care not to expose them to scorching sun-light. Moss does not have roots and grow well in shades, preferably in mild acidic soil. A good shade will let the little filaments of moss grow in no time when adequately furnished with nutrients.

Within weeks they will grow into abundance if the moisture content does not dry. If you are buying a living moss wreath, watch out for instructions and do likewise. Some variants of mosses grow well if sprinkled with water or buttermilk.



Your choice of wreath for decor?

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Live moss wreaths - are eco-friendly
DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

Live moss wreaths are attractive and eco- and scent-friendly even as some artificial wreaths, such as those here, can be competitively decorative.

Succulent Moss Wreaths for Christmas and Any Other Festive Event


Enjoy your Christmas with a rustic touch for days together with the live succulent moss by bringing the verdant vegetation indoors in vibrant hues and shades of white berries, pine cones, twigs, and orchids.

If you buy moss wreaths from Amazon stores, you get a strong and robust steel frame with chain hangers and small legs. These legs are used to keep the growing wreath away from touching the surfaces. They can be easily spoiled if the surface contains moisture. Moss wreaths work best with succulent plants and require little maintenance.

Decoration with Succulent Wreaths


Timeless masterpiece that are fascinating and hand crafted have proven the test of time, so have the succulent wreaths. You can treasure them for a long time, they are just as romantic as the freshly cut flowers. You can achieve quite an array of colors and designs that can easily brighten your walls and doors. You can also place them strategically on a fire mantel and dining place to brighten up the atmosphere. They create a feeling of warmth and a window to greenery. Succulents are amazing indoor plants, and you will notice that they hardly require watering. The foliage comes in various shades of green. They make a perfect Christmas gift.


The succulent plants and the structured moss wreaths are grown in the greenhouses of Kansas, Portland, Oregon, and each piece of wreath is assembled by hand. This evergreen wreath will last the entire year, way beyond Xmas.  You can implant various distinctive shapes and designs; each piece is capable of bringing a unique accent and decor to any table setting. You can even use it as a centerpiece, it looks exotic and glamorous when paired with a gorgeous candelabra. Stylish and elegant, this holiday centerpiece made of moss wreath is unlike any other centerpiece. With this novelty, you will be surprised how it will be a subject of conversation and is sure to be talked about for many festive events to come. You will be amazed with the freshness and creativity it brings to the decorations.

Succulent Wreaths on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

Yes, I am a Christmas decorator-ess with living wreaths. In particular, I appreciate the sphagnum moss wreath that so cooperates with many color schemes in its add-ons.

Would the rope on the WANNA-CUL 16 inch Spring Succulent Wreath Arrangement for Front Door be for hanging it up or would there be some holder on the back that's not visible from the front?

WriterArtist on 11/26/2013

I have to admit the succulent plants look stunning, they look great on a moss wreath.

ologsinquito on 11/26/2013

I like those selection of succulent plants that you've shown. They are green, like Christmas evergreens.

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