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by pateluday

Unlike brick and mortar establishments creating a store in virtual space is easy and costs much less. Do you have something to sell?

eCommerce is here to stay. With fast paced development in the virtual space thanks to advance programming and design technologies we are replicating land based business online as well and with much different but facilitating paradigm.

Old or young you are back in business. It is no longer a dream stuck midway due to lack of investment or expertise privileges' of the established ones. Your wonderful paintings esoteric crafts and even pickles can be sold online with ease. In an eCommerce suit you are master of your destiny create and run. But remember these online stores are not meant to be a source of passive income. You need to work hard and diligently in order to succeed besides investing some money. This is because you need traffic to your store by promoting it. Seo and digital marketing lessons will enable you for this task or else hire a consultant. Learn as you earn. Keep creating....

Shopify Online Store Builder
Shopify Online Store Builder

Video Store Builder

How is Online Store a Possibility?

My Own Virtual Store

There are lot many companies on the Internet that create a service to create and own a store in the virtual space using Internet. These are complete suite of packages and customized as per your need. You can create a virtual store for free often a trial period of fourteen days. 

The company provides with themes and templates to decorate the store which has inbuilt features like displays, shopping cart, checkout, wish list etc. The product display is usually three dimensional in form of quality images. Individuals buyers can create account and log in. They can maintain orders or a Wishlist.   Purchase options is facilitated by electronic payment systems which accept credit/debit card, net banking etc. Payments could be made post delivery all this depends upon the merchant concerned.   The return policy is usually shaped by the providers. 

In order to own a store you have to register first. After log using features offered by the company you can create the functional store. You have to pay a subscription fee based monthly or annually. Depending upon the company many features are provided as per the subscription plan. You can pay more and upgrade for more comprehensive features.  

Facilities like search and display are common features of the eCommerce Portal where your store is situated - one among many!

You can sell your goods as well as dropship. The latter is just taking orders and instructing the manufacturer to deliver. Ethics apply to these virtual stores hence read policies and guidelines set by the company and follow them there should be no complaints.    

Magento ecommerce Site Builder
Magento ecommerce Site Builder

eCommerce Solution Providers

Online Store Builders

There are many eCommerce solution providers on which entrepreneurs or small business can create a store. These Internet Platform make selling through websites or social media platforms possible some will also enable selling offline. 

While companies like Shopify because of inbuilt custom interface are preferred by amateurs and small business owners. These are easy to use cost less and do not need service of developers or designers. You need to pay a subscription fee as per the plan you prefer. The themes and templates are inbuilt but for greater appeal third party ones are also available which are usually paid. The functionality is also comprehensive but if you are building an eCommerce store using the Word Press CMS then you will require plugins to enhance features especially those pertaining to SEO.    

If you are ambitious with greater investment capabilities then you can choose Magenta O/S where in the open source code is free but the development and maintenance charges can be substantial. The packages some of which are paid provide immense scalability with advance features which large shopping sites would prefer. 

But remember highly scalable sites built using Magento or the likes require a sound development teams which could be in house or hired at cost of services. This is not for amateurs or small business seeking virtual space to sell their merchandise.       

Some of the best eCommerce website builders are: 

  • WIX
  • Square Space
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Square Online
  • Zyro
  • Shft4Shop
  • Big Cartel

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Major Shopping Sites in Digital Environment

Store Potential

Some of the globally famous platforms or shopping sites where a store can be created are:  

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Ali Baba 
  • Flipkart 
  • Myntra
  • Snapdeal 

For Local Sales 

  • Face Book
  • Craigslist 
  • Bonanza

These are globally popular and reputed with sound features and functions. They have managed to garner major share of online shopping or eCommerce. At Amazon and eBay you can practically sell everything but some products may require approval. Although most provide market for B2C segment there are sites which also cater to B2B segment. 

Shopping Niche

But there niche shopping sites also most of which have a regional presence. Keep looking for more niche sites on which you can build your store provided you are sell relevant products. 

  • eShakti.
  • Shoptagr.
  • Forever 21.
  • 10 Dollar Mall.
  • Deb.
  • Necessary Clothing.
  • Plasticland.
  • Choies.
  • Ruby Lane (Antiques & Vintage Products)

In time to online marketplaces are bound to expand covering every niche. Keep searching... 


More About Your Shopping Site or Store

As mentioned earlier shopping stores are not passive source for income they are in practical sense full fledged businesses. You need to keep pursuing the objectives and achieve satisfactory sales.  You will need to push your store on Social Media as well and hence the platform should incorporate Seo friendly features.

For example Seo friendly features like creating user friendly URL and topic categorization may not be possible. You will need to make your online shop attractive and comprise of sound features. Buying third party add ons, templates, themes and plugin can lead to substantial investment.    

Make yourself familiar with digital marketing especially search engine optimization and develop sense of designing. You can hire professional Seo or webmaster for this and take help of a designer or developer but all this will cost money. Hence choose the most compact, user friendly platform to make your store and sell.  

There are many platforms that enable creation of online stores some of them charge minimal but please choose one on basis that suits you most. 

Updated: 03/19/2021, pateluday
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pateluday 27 days ago

Seo is comprehensive exercise to promote website on Google result pages on chosen keywords. A friendly URL is easy to remember and contains keywords to explain users the topic.
Thanks for comment I provide Seo Services and Contents hence the article.
Example: My Blog : https://learn-search-engine-optimizat...

DerdriuMarriner 27 days ago

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information and product line.
It's helpful to have all the essential information in one place here. It's much appreciated too that you particularly keep in mind helping those who seek to sell their own (or their sister's, in my case ;-D) creations and those either home- or small-scale manufactured.
One question though: It intrigues me that you recommend an SEO- and user-friendly URL. Would you be able to give me an example of such a URL?

pateluday 27 days ago

Must try Thanks. I have not used Etsy till date.

pateluday 27 days ago

Right. But you can sell your own creations or home or small scale manufactured products this way. The articles lays more stress on this..

blackspanielgallery 27 days ago

I see you recommend Amazon. Have you tried using their fulfillment center? It allows your products to possibly qualify for Amazon Prime, a tremendous advantage if it does.

Is Etay available in your area? It works for vintage items and crafts.

blackspanielgallery 27 days ago

The first thing needed is to identify a product group, then find a wholesaler who sells that type of products. But remember to register so you can purchase wholesale, you need a retail number. I found this is a necessary step even to buy for drop shipping, which can add an expense.

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