Electric Jam and Jelly Maker

by candy47

Making homemade jam seems like such a daunting task that is better left to ‘professional cooks’. Not anymore with an electric Jam and Jelly Maker.

Every once in a while, maybe twice a year, I get the urge to make jam. I like to make plain strawberry jam or mixed berry jam with blackberries and raspberries. Actually, I’d like to make jam more often but it’s so time consuming to be constantly standing at the stove stirring the fruit to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning.
Oh, if there was an easier way! Then I came across this automatic jam and jelly maker. This little gem of an appliance doesn’t take up any more room than a coffee maker and it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Sure you can buy ready made jam in a jar at the supermarket, but it pales in comparison to homemade. I’ve always envied those people who make jam and jelly at Christmastime and give it as gifts.

Homemade Jam and Jelly in 30 Minutes or Less

It Doesn't Get Any Easier!

What Do I Have to Do?

The only thing you have to do is mash up whatever fruit you’re going to use, measure the pectin and sugar. That’s it. The ingredients must be added in the order given in the recipe book that is included with the product. Then you have to push a couple of buttons and the machine does all the work. The timer will beep when it’s time to add the next ingredient. After all the ingredients are added, put the lid on the pot and walk away. The beeper will go off again to let you know when the jam is ready.

Product Info

The base is the electrical unit, that's where the heating element is. It also has and LED display showing the recipe program and timer. There are only 2 settings...jam or jelly. Less confusion that way.

The cooking pot has a non-stick interior and is dishwasher safe. The pot separates from the base for easy cleaning.

The removable, dishwasher safe stirrer automatically stirs while your jam or jelly cooks. Stirring prevents the fruit from burning and scorching. While you are free to roam! (stay in earshot to hear the beep).

The recipe booklet has complete directions for the jam made in the video.

Would you make jam or jelly more often if you had an electric jam maker?

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Updated: 08/14/2017, candy47
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/07/2017

candy47, Do your family and friends know that you're gifting machine-made, not labor-intensive, jams and jellies? Is your recipe for mixed blackberry and raspberry and for strawberry jams your own or from a cookbook?

Mira on 09/16/2015

I love strawberry jam! I would love to make it, but don't have much storage space for it. Back in Communist times, people made huge quantities of preserves. Very few people still do. Now we have farmer's markets and we get good jam there. I would love to make mine though.

blackspanielgallery on 09/15/2015

This is a new way to d an old task that has been round for centuries.

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