Little Chef Supplies and Utensils

by candy47

Real kitchen utensils for cutting and preparing food, yet safe for little fingers and hands.

One of the basic, essential and necessary skills in life is knowing how to cook. Sure we all can't be Julia Child or Bobby Flay but we should be able to prepare a simple meal. But maybe you have an aspiring chef just yearning to get in the kitchen and create a culinary masterpiece. With an early start from childhood, a lucrative career as a chef might be on the horizon.
Eating healthy foods made from fresh ingredients is probably the best reason to introduce children to cooking. There are videos, books, supplies and utensils designed specifically for children.

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Two Absolute Necessities

1. Apron

Your little chef will look and feel just like a professional chef in this 100% cotton apron.  Yellow with orange trim with adjustable waist tie and kangaroo pockets to have essential cooking tools at easy reach.  Look for it in other colors too!





2. Oven Mitts

Made by Curious Chef these oven mitts are 100% cotton and suitable for children 5 years and older.  They also meet all safety requirements. Loops are sewn on each mitt to hang on a nearby hook or magnet.





Little Chefs, Little Tasks

Start the little ones with small tasks that contribute to the meal but perfection is not required. Peeling carrots, cucumbers or potatoes with a child size vegetable peeler is a good start. Using a child's nylon knife they can cut small, soft items like cheese, celery, tomatoes or strawberries.

A Positive Experience

Learning to cook helps build self-esteem and encourages healthy eating habits. Having their very own utensils instills pride in what they do, responsibility for their belongings, respect for their co-workers (you) and the integrity of their work space.

An Alternative to Fast Food

Wouldn't it be nice if your children asked if they can stop at the farmer's market after school rather than a fast food drive-thru? Maybe they would like to pick up some fresh herbs for a new dish they want to prepare. Even better, they can grow their own fresh herbs at home!

See the TV show 'Chopped Kids', the winner gets $10,000! Wow, that's an incentive for becoming a chef.

Articles of Interest

For little chefs
Ideal for small living spaces or limited outdoor planting areas, indoor herb gardens will provide freshly picked herbs all year round.
Do you have an aspiring Iron Chef in your household? It's never too soon to start on that career.

Learning to cook will also increase vocabulary and sharpen their math skills, and of course teach them to follow directions.

7 1/2 Minute Video

It's worth watching

In this short and informative video you'll see some of the Curious Chef tools and children using them properly, with supervision.

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Updated: 03/07/2017, candy47
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/05/2017

candy47, Cooking gives the cook a sense of place and time since human prehistory and much of human history revolves around food from what the eater knows how to catch, pick or process.

Mira on 09/14/2015

These small utensils are a great idea! Encouraging children to learn to cook is wonderful.

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