Elevated Dog Food Bowls - The Benefits of Raised Dog Dishes

by twotoofs

Elevated dog food bowls come with benefits to the dog owner, as well as to the dog.

Styles of Elevated Dog Food Bowls

Raised Dog Dishes Come in Many Styles

Elevated Dog Food Bowls

There are a variety of elevated dog food bowls available, which comes in different styles to be compatible with the size of your dog.

These bowls are made from a variety of material, such as wood, plastic, iron, and wrought iron. Rubber grips are placed under the bowl stands to prevent it from sliding, especially on wood or tile surfaces.

The elevated dog food bowls also come in different styles: Single feeder; single abstract raised dog diner; double abstract raised dog diner; and double elevated feeder. The double feeders come in an S-curve style with a center leg, a double diner straight leg style, triple raised style, signature canvas placement collection, and canvas funny dog placement style.

Elevated Dog Food Bowls for Sale

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Raised Dog Dishes Provide Benefits for Owner and Pet

Keep a clean eating area and promote the health of your dog.

Because there are many types of elevated dog food bowls, it is essential to do your research. First, decide if you want a single or double stand. Sometimes having a double stand works better for medium to large dogs. Once you decide on the size, you can pick the style. It is advisable that wrought iron stands and bowls not be used for small sized dogs, as these dogs have a tendency to jump around when eating and this could injure them.

One of the top benefits to a pet owner of using elevated dog food bowls is that it deters food and water from getting all over the pet’s eating area. Dogs have a tendency to scatter food around while eating. These bowls allow for less clean up, as well as avoiding the uninvited guests of insects and rodents that could be attracted to leftover food. Dogs also splash water all over when drinking. An elevated bowl that is closer to a dog’s height prevents much of the splashing of water all over the eating area, which could be dangerous for your pet.

Another benefit of the elevated dog food bowls for the owner is that it is stationary; preventing the bowls from sliding all over the floor as a dog eats, causing spills. There is then less of a mess to clean up.

A great benefit to the dog using elevated dog food bowls is the prevention of sore necks from having to bend down low to eat or drink water. This is especially helpful to older dogs that might have a hard time bending low due to the development of arthritis, especially if it is a medium to large sized dog.

Elevated dog food bowls are a wonderful invention for both the dog owner and the dog. It provides a nice safe environment for meal time. These bowls can easily be found and purchased on the Internet at reasonable prices and free shipping options. Always look for sites that sell pendant lighting, and buy from a trusted site.

Raised Dog Bowls Available

Elevated Dog Food Bowl
Elevated Dog Food Bowl
Raised Dog Dishes
Raised Dog Dishes

Dog Bowls on Ebay

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Ed on 04/11/2012

As the previous poster mentioned, elevated food bowls increase the risk of bloat. According to the Glickman Study, a serious and accepted piece of research in the field, large dogs are at a 110% increased risk of bloat when eating from an elevated bowl. Bloat can and does kill dogs. You may want to add that warning. It may not help sales of elevated bowls, but people need to know. Here is one of many links to sources indicating the risks: http://www.vetinfo.com/elevated-dog-f...

Sam on 03/14/2012

Actually studies have shown that elevated dog feeding bowls increase the risk of bloat (a often fatal condition) in dogs! I can cope with a messed up floor if that keeps my dog alive ...

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