Cute Draft Dodgers Guards and Stoppers

by happynutritionist

There was a time when I thought draft dodgers avoided the draft so they did not get sent to Viet Nam, but they also mean warmth for the home during cold winter months.

Until recent years, the only draft dodgers that I knew were those that avoided or evaded the draft during the the Vietnam war. Among the people that I knew, that was done by leaving the Country, which usually meant a drive over the border into Canada here in the northeast.

Perhaps this is where the term for the cute or practical things you put along the base of a door to block cold air or drafts from coming in originated.

What we're really interested in on this page is providing a selection of Draft Dodgers for you to look through for your home. Now they are more often called draft stoppers, but if you search "draft dodgers" you'll see them show up. Some make cute gifts, others are practical solutions for saving money on your heat bill during the winter. And since the term draft dodger came from the Vietnam era, we'll have a bit for those interested in Viet Nam draft dodgers too.

by Claudia Meydrech aka happynutritionist
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Intro Image from Amazon, also pictured below

This Cat Draft Stopper is cute!

All ready to sit at your door 24/7 and keep the drafts away on cold windy days and nights
Hampton Direct Cat Draft Stopper

Where did the term "draft dodger" come from?

The Vietnam War Draft

I was a teen during the years when we were most involved in the Vietnam war. It had started in the mid-1950's, and we became involved because this was a time when the United States felt very threatened by the Communists, and their desire to take over territory.  I am writing this off of the top of my head from my own experiences and memory, you can verify much by searching for history of the Vietnam war online.

We sent military into the region of the war in the mid 1950's but the war and involvement by our American men escalated during the 1960's. I remember reading and hearing reports throughout high school years, and after, about the war. I remember friends going off to war. Some didn't have a choice because of the drafting system imposed by the government.

Of those who were eligible for the draft, some avoided it by leaving the Country, which made the term "draft dodger" popular, and some

rebelled by burning their draft cards. Demonstrations against the war and the draft were common. The war was during a very tumultuous time in our if it isn't today, I'm sure you are thinking.

Any folks that I knew that were punished for avoiding the draft, which was illegal, paid by doing community service, but I'm sure others who received greater depended upon the extent of their actions.

Draft Stopper Patterns

If you visit the link and search draft stopper patterns, you'll find more
Kwik Sew K3279 Snowman and Santa Draft Stopper Sewing Pattern, No Size

Make Your Own Draft Dodgers - Santa and Snowman

With the right pattern, it's not hard to make your own draft dodgers.

I have provided you a link to a pattern to the right.

The balsam draft stoppers pictured below are very similar to one that we have that we purchased in Lancaster, PA., it is a blue print and at one end there is a little tail and the other end is shaped like the face of a dog, so it looks a bit like a Dachshund because it is so long.

But before that you may enjoy looking at the videos that share how to make draft dodgers.

Make a Single or Twin Snake to Stop Drafts from coming under the door

Have You Ever Used a Draft Stopper to keep Warm Air Out or Cool Air In?

Someone questioned the idea in a comment below, and it sounds like a real possibility! They also may keep cool air conditioned air from escaping.
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I hope I've given you a few ideas

I am looking out of the windows at green trees and it's about 95 degrees as I type this today, but in only weeks we will move into fall, and then into winter, and the cold months will be here, with the need to do all we can to keep our home warm.

I hope I've given you a few ideas on how to winterize at least part of your home, and save on your energy bills.

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happynutritionist on 12/02/2015

@sheilamarie Thank you! So sorry it's taken me so long to respond...our draft dodgers are at work right now along the bottom of the doors.

sheilamarie on 09/28/2015

Because of your photo, I knew which draft dodgers you were talking about! They are cute, though opening and closing the door becomes more of a challenge. I have been in homes, though, in which a draft dodger made all the difference in keeping out the cold.

happynutritionist on 08/06/2015

@CruiseReady They might just do that, keep warm air out, and cool air from air conditioning in. I never thought of that.

happynutritionist on 08/06/2015

@WriterArtist Thank you for your visit...yes, the only way they thought they could avoid the draft was by leaving the Country, but it was illegal and there was a penalty to be paid. Glad you like the cute pictures.

CruiseReady on 07/31/2015

These draft stoppers are just fun to look at. I am wondering if they would help to keep the warm air out, too, thus saving on the air conditioning bill? (We only use our furnace a few days or weeks a year where I live.) The cat and kitten ones are my favorites!

WriterArtist on 07/30/2015

The Snowman draft dodger and the troop of cats in the photos are cute and attractive. I came here attracted by the Intro. photo. And it made quite interesting read to know the origin of draft dodgers and the fact that many people who did not want to fight had to leave the country.

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