Everyone Can Participate in Earth Day

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Everyone can participate in Earth Day. Regardless on one's physical strength, participation in Earth Day is possible. It can take some surprising forms.

It is possible that everyone can participate in Earth Day. Of course, participation can take many forms. Some are active, and those activities may require a great amount of physical activity. Other activities are passive, and those activities take little physical effort.

In 2019 Earth Day is April 22. The first step in participation is planning. In the days before Earth Day decide how you will participate. Even if you become aware after the actual date, it will not be too late to do something. The idea that Earth Day is a single day on the calendar is wrong thinking. If Earth Day is to be effective in changing the ecology, actions must persist long after Earth Day comes to a close.

Some Activities Must Be on Earth Day

Bring the Children

Many communities organize Earth Day activities.  These activities might be such events as planting trees.  Such activities require a physical effort.  These activities also require working in a coordinated manner.  While not everyone can actually dig a hole in which to plant a tree, there are lesser physical tasks that must be handled.  Someone must carry the young saplings to be planted.  Someone must water the saplings.  Someone must hand out water to keep those doing the hard work hydrated.  And someone must organize the event. 


So, a well-organized and executed Earth Day event has many tasks, and these activities require different skills.  Not all are arduous physically.


Organized activities allow parents to participate with their kids.  It is important to stress the need for action in environmental issues to children.  It is also important to keep the interest of the participating children, so make the gathering a festive one with a party atmosphere.

Get Children Ready for Earth Day

Just having a large planting party is fine, but much more meaning can be given to the event with a little prior reading.  There are numerous children’s books on Earth Day.  Prior to the day itself start reading with a child.  This will make the reason for the event much clearer.

Plant a Tree

If there is no organized event in your area you can still participate on a family or individual level.  Plant a tree or shrub.  Even pruning trees and shrubs to make them healthier is a worthwhile effort.


What if you have no place to plant?  Well, there are services that will, for a small fee, plant a tree in a preserve where the sapling can thrive.  This might be better than participating in an organized event, since the tree can be planted at an optimal planting time for your region.  If you live where trees do not thrive, a tree can be ordered for a preserve in a better location.  Saving the planet has no firm rules, alternative actions such as paying to have a tree planted are valid efforts at saving the planet.

Why Plant a Tree on Earth Day?

Plants remove carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.  They use the carbon to themselves build up.  And the oxygen is returned to the atmosphere for us to breathe.

Plant a Tree

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Advertise Earth Saving Activities

Even though it is just to spread the word of the need to react to climate change, or some other danger to the ecology of the Earth, advertising is a passive action that can be taken.  A message on a shirt is a good vehicle to use for such advertisements.  Coffee mugs also make excellent backdrops for global awareness advertisements.  Buttons are also good for this purpose. 


Going the next step are reusable grocery bags.  They can support advertisement of the current state of the Earth while replacing plastic or paper bags, thus serving as a proactive method of reducing your carbon footprint.


Passive actions such as these can be done throughout the year.  They are not restricted to planting season.

Earth Day Tote Bag

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