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by katiem2

Get everything Squinkies the hot toy that keeps getting better and more popular. A must have holiday toy, get them now and avoid the rush.

Squinkies were just introduced to me by my niece and she has lots of good things to say about this hot new toy, her words not mine! She has always loved small toys like these for their stash and go fun factor. She can easily take them with her everywhere she goes. She tells me Zinkies popular among boys as well. Boys love the new boys Zinkies - Military toys are the hot new seller this season.

As parents we know how valuable this can be while driving in the car, shopping at the grocery, meetings and on and on the list. Squinkies are a lot of fun for girls and boys of all ages. I have a video, made by kids who tell you all about Squinkies. So you don't have to take this adults word for it but hear it from the mouths of babes. It's at the bottom of this page so be sure to take a quick look at it so you too can be in the know!

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What's Great About Squinkies and Zinkies

Squinkies and Zinkies are popular equally with both boys and girls.

What I've Learned about Squinkies

  • They have a HUGE cool factor!
  • There are lots and lots of characters to choose from that are highly relatable to kids.
  • They are great conversation pieces and highly collectible
  • They are fun to trade with friends
  • They are priced right, kids can get a lot of bang from your buck!
  • There adorable, I mean really cool and in fact I love them myself and well I'm as old as dirt!
  • Girls and Boys of all ages love them
  • A big hit as any birthday gift!
  • Great incentives rewards for kids as parents or teachers can fill the Squinkies gum ball machine with Squinkies balls and allow children to get a Squinkie from the machine after having earned the reward!

Two of the hottest collections in demand with both boys and girls are the;

  1. Blip Toys Squinkies Boys Large Playset 
  2. Crazy CraneSquinkie Spongebob Squarepants

Find both to your right.

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The Squinkies and Zinkies Craze

Squinkies are just one of those great childhood toys allowing kids to let go and just be kids.

These innocent, sweet and adorable cool toys are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Get your hands on them while you can for they are flying off the shelves and the word is spreading.

Be SURE to watch the video below, it's short and sweet and packed with loads of personality just like Squinkies! So enjoy and Buy Squinkies Online securing your secret package at your door for the holidays!

Updated: 08/29/2012, katiem2
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Chat about Squinkies and Zinkies

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katiem2 on 09/20/2012

You should, just bring up Squinkies and Zinkies and see if they respond. I bet they know what you're talking about. :)

BrendaReeves on 09/20/2012

These are really cute, Katie. I'll have to think about them for my grandchildren.

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