Facebook MMORPG - 100 Years War Review & Tips

by wrylilt

At last a game has come to Facebook that allows users to interact with each other in a real time MMORPG!

Based around the century long war during the middle ages, between Britain and France, this fantasy MMORPG may seem a little below par compared to other online games - but it's the first of its kind when it comes to Facebook game applications.

Why? Simply because it's exactly the type of game that gamers have been waiting for on the social networking site. While it's easy to play games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, they do require initial investment and downloads, plus you can't easily play with friends unless they're willing to invest the time and money.

100 Years War isn't like that - it's a five second download and can be played right in your Facebook browser!

It features two sides - English and French and four classes - Mage, Paladin, Ranger and Rogue.

The game features guilds, dungeons, crafting and gathering skills, similar to other MMORPGs.

You can also visit cities, join parties and get a range of riding mounts.

100 Years War MMORPG
100 Years War MMORPG

How is this game different to other Facebook games?

Most Facebook games promise interaction with other players but it's rarely in real time - instead you visit their farms or houses and do activities but never get to interact with or talk to them in game. 

Games like Scrabble allow some chat, but they're not highly interactive and still rely heavily on one player at a time actions.

100 Years War allows players to talk, fight, play and plot in real time. Many more games are sure to follow its lead!

100 Years War on Facebook
100 Years War on Facebook

Quick Tips

  • To change your view and look around your character, hold down the right mouse button and drag.
  • You don't need to pay real money - although buying diamonds costs real money so avoid using any item that requires diamonds. Sure, they make game play a bit more fun, but you don't need them to level up or interact.
  • It costs silver to talk in the world chat.
  • You can only have one character per server.
  • Click the TAB button to see the map.

Things I love about 100 Years War

  • Simply press the spacebar to loot any nearby monster.
  • Point and click on the quest list - no endless running in circles to find the quest location.
  • Nice character graphics.
  • Extremely easy levelling and good quality equipment quest rewards till 20+

Things I don't like about 100 Years War

  • The name. Seriously. Not the easiest to remember as a new player and certainly not catchy the first dozen times you say (or type) it.
  • Even for a seasoned MMORPG player, the game is a little difficult to adapt to, and the beginner's guide is quite basic.
  • Dead monster bodies disappear fast - even if you haven't looted them yet.
Updated: 12/22/2011, wrylilt
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Wizmaster on 04/18/2012

Thanks for those tips. I did not know these games could be such a great fun.

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