Fake Glasses - Eye Glasses With Fake Lenses

by katiem2

The fake eyeglasses trend is still trendy with Lmfao wearing them. The number of people wearing fake glasses is on the rise and a fashion trend sure to stay. Check it out...

The fake glasses trend is hanging on and in fact on the rise. This makes you wonder, why is it so hard to find these glasses? I really don't know but one thing's for certain the fake glasses trend is still all the rage. I've looked high and low finding the most trendy fake glasses. Now you too can get your own fake Lmfao glasses and other trendy styles.

The Fake Eyeglasses Trend

The use of fake eyeglasses is a rising trend and the hottest fashion statement.

I found myself wondering if the twenty something clerk ringing up my purchases today was wearing them.  I must confess I like the look.  This trend first started with no lenses in them and has quickly exploded into designer glasses with fake lenses. 

Wearing this hot new trend in eye wear will have no impact on the health of your eyes.  It’s purely a fashion statement no different than any other born from demand.  This look no doubt enhances ones intellectual appeal and adds a more mature or older appearance if you will. 

The true logic behind wearing fake glasses may be to create a certain look and yet we may never really know the sheer variety of reasons for the appeal.  It’s a trend and is growing in popularity. Like most trends, the fake glasses fashion movement is moving like a run away train of fashion.

Great Clear Eyeglasses Fashions

Check out these great fake and clear glasses looking good has never been easier.

A growing number of celebrities can be seen wearing expensive brands of clear lens fake glasses.  The celebrity favorites are Versace, Gucci and Ray-Ban which run upwards of a hundred dollars or more. 

Check out the collection of fun affordable fake glasses to your right, you too can get your style on with clear fake glasses. The Lmfao glasses are insanely popular.

Kids, teens and young adults across the country are now shopping to meet their desire joining the fake glasses trend. 

Great looking frames are available which unmistakably look like the real high end brands.  The knockoff glasses can successfully fool anyone and leave them thinking their real. 

So go ahead have fun and take on the fake glasses look fulfilling your inner geek, nerd, rocket scientist, trendy rock star, movie star or librarian. 

What ever you grove the variety of fake glasses can meet your fashion needs. 

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Lmafo Glasses

Lmafo is a popular band singing I'm sexy and I know it.

The lead singer sports the already trendy fake glasses.  This is one hot trend that just keeps growing in popularity. With Lmafo leading the way the fake glasses trend is not likely to end anytime soon.  It's a really fun trend. Get yours at the top of this page.

Updated: 10/09/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Jerrico, I'm with you fashion is fun and should be ever changing and mixing it up. It's all about feeling fresh and good not regimented. IMHO :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

You got me wanting a pair of fake glasses and I'm almost 40 lol! I'll never fully grow up- life is meant to be exhuberant, so be exhuberant with it! I'll never be the one to tell my kids how silly fashions are, I'll get in on it... why not right?

katiem2 on 03/07/2012

Brenda, My glasses are real. But hey who would know right?

Cyndi, Glad to see you here and once again I really appreciate your comments, love knowing what my readers think!

BrendaReeves on 03/07/2012

Well, I wear glasses so I won't be needing these. Are those fake glasses in your picture, Katie.

Cyndi on 03/07/2012

Another sick tab bit, wicked!

katiem2 on 03/06/2012

Angel, you are so good, but no those are real glasses, I wear reading glasses, too many hours in front of a computer monitor. Both of my daughters were fake glasses and so do a lot of their friends. They are so cool. Gotta love em

Angel on 03/06/2012

Oh man.. I remember the Run DMC glasses! Mary Mary.... why you bugging.... LOL... sorry, it took me back to the days of listening to DMC. I might have to try this new look. Is that what you are wearing in your profile pic?

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