Fantastic Mermaid Gifts

by jptanabe

From elegant figurines of beautiful sea creatures to the "Little Mermaid" stories, this is a fantastic collection of gifts for mermaid lovers.

Mermaids (or Merpeople if you want to include the Mermen) are rather mysterious mythical creatures. They live in the ocean and there are many tales and legends of sailors who have sighted them, or just heard their song on the wind. And then there's the famous tale of "The Little Mermaid" who wanted to become human ...

Artists have enjoyed the freedom to portray mermaids with as much beauty, elegance, and poise as they desire. That means there are plenty of fantastic mermaid gifts available!

About Mermaids

Mermaids (or Mermen if they're male) are chimeras, hybrids with the head and upper body of a human attached to the tail of a fish. Since they are part fish, they can breathe underwater and generally live in the ocean, sometimes coming out to sit on a rock where they like to sing songs.

Mermaids are generally portrayed as beautiful sea creatures, with flowing long hair and enchanting voices. Beware, though, they have been known to use those enchanting voices to lure sailors to their death with their songs!

Mermaid Figurines

There are so many gorgeous mermaid figurines - so elegant, poised, and mysterious! This mermaid is beautifully styled, and she's holding a starfish in her hand!

Made of resin, she measures 8 1/2 x 7 3/4 x 3 inches.

Mermaid Glass Figurine

from the Prochaska Gallery
Hand Blown Glass Mermaid Figurine

Lladro Mermaid Figurines

Lladro make the most amazing porcelain figurines, and these mermaids are no exception.

"Underwater Journey"


This is a real Lladro masterpiece (and at a price that shows its value).

"Underwater Journey" is a fantastic scene with two young mermaids riding on a conch pulled by two seahorses. 

It is a beautiful porcelain creation with delicate detail - look at that coral!


Cute little Lladro mermaids

These cute little mermaids are made of white matte porcelain painted with gold luster - a very special effect. She even has golden flowers in her hair.

And they are from Lladro, so of course each is a quality piece, exquisitely designed and made.

Mermaid Jewelry

Since most of us have never seen a mermaid, artists have portrayed mermaids with beauty, elegance, and poise with freedom to use their creativity as they wish. Mermaid jewelry embodies all that grace and elegance, with elements of mystery and sometimes just plain fun!

There are silver mermaids, mermaids with colorful stone accents, pendants, necklaces and earrings, all enchanting - take your pick!

The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen wrote the original story of "The Little Mermaid" - it's a bit different from the Disney version! The original is just as memorable as the Disney one, if not more so. And there's even a Little Mermaid statue in the harbor of Copenhagen to commemorate her story.

This version is definitely worth reading, and the illustrations by Christian Birmingham in this edition are gorgeous.

Disney version

And of course we can't forget the Disney version, with all those catchy songs and enchanting characters.

For those who love that version, and which little girl doesn't love Ariel and her prince, the DVD is a must have. And there are plenty of gifts to go along with it.

Mermaid Dolls

Sparkly Mermaid Larissa is elegant and adorable. Larrisa measures 15.5” tall, which is the perfect size for toddler girls to cuddle.

The pink little mermaid is super sweet. Measuring 13" from head to fin she is soft and huggable. She is also surface washable, which is a big hit with moms and dads everywhere. 

Mermaid Mugs


I love to collect fantastic mugs - always makes my tea more fun!

Here is a mug from Zazzle, decorated with a special mermaid created by artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Isn't she such a cute little mermaid with her pink spotted tail and big eyes? 

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jptanabe on 06/28/2015

Yes indeed!

CruiseReady on 06/28/2015

Mermaids are such fun to think about! I love anything nautical. The mermaid necklace would sure make a fine gift for a lady who loves the sea.

jptanabe on 06/26/2015

Thanks! I love the mermaid figurines too!

blackspanielgallery on 06/26/2015

These are beautiful pieces.

WriterArtist on 03/15/2015

I believed in mermaids when I was a kid and often waited and watched the sea to catch some mermaid lurking behind the waves. The beautiful mermaid figurines from Lladro are awesome.

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