Fantastic Unicorn Gifts

by jptanabe

Unicorns are magical and beautiful - the perfect model for a delightful gift for any occasion!

I love unicorns, they're really one of my favorite mythical creatures. They are always mysteriously beautiful, with their gorgeous long white manes and single spiral horns. And unicorns are very special, always appearing as good creatures, posing no danger to those who are good. Such beautiful creatures are just perfect to inspire gifts of all kinds.

So anything featuring a unicorn is a perfect gift for me whatever the occasion - Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day - bring on the unicorns! And if you're searching for a gift for the unicorn-lover in your life, this is the right place to be.

Unicorns are fantastic!

Unicorns are mystical, magical, legendary creatures, the stuff of fantasy, so that means they are fantastic!

They are usually portrayed as beautiful white horses with a single spiral horn. Unicorn tales often involve the purity of this gentle creature, and the healing power of its horn. Legend has it that the innocent unicorn can only be captured by an innocent girl, a virgin. Faced with the less pure, the unicorn can be quite dangerous - wouldn't like to be threatened by that long spiral horn!

Unicorn figurines

Of course very self-respecting unicorn lover already has a collection of unicorn figurines, but they always welcome one more, especially one as unique as this!

The little fairy is sleeping quite safely with the unicorn taking care of her. How cute! 

Hand Blown Glass Unicorn Prancing Figurine
Hand Blown Glass Unicorn Prancing Figurine

This gorgeous glass figurine is hand crafted by San Diego glass artist Kevin Prochaska.

It is made from from borosilicate crystal and 24k gold. The brilliant rainbow of colors is created when pure gold is applied to the glass while it is still molten.

Measures approximately 5 inches long by 4 inches tall.

Unicorn Jewelry

Unicorns are so elegant they inspire wonderful jewelry. Like this lovely pendant necklace - really special elegance in this modern design.

Sterling Silver, made in the USA.

Measures 1.75 inches in height. Chain not included.

Unicorn music box for jewelry

If you've already got a lot of unicorn jewelry, how about a jewelry box to keep it in, decorated with unicorns of course!

This one is actually a music box - when you open it a miniature unicorn that pirouettes as the song "The Unicorn" plays.

Box measures 6"x 4" x 6" and has velvet flocked paper lining. It includes a mirror and 4 drawers.

Unicorn Puppets

I have to admit this Unicorn Plush Puppet looks to me more like a cow with a horn than the true unicorn - a horse with a horn! But I can see that it's really cute and cuddly - warm and fuzzy, and soft.

You can use this unicorn like a normal hand puppet by putting a hand inside, or just let the children hug it!

The Last Unicorn - my favorite unicorn movie!
The Last Unicorn (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Unicorn movie

The Last Unicorn

Based on the book by Peter S. Beagle "The Last Unicorn" is my favorite unicorn movie. It has simple animation but the voices from an all star cast and the haunting soundtrack make it wonderful. This is just a lovely movie with such sympathy toward the unicorn, and with a host of other mythical creatures as well as humans, even a magician!

In this animated movie a unicorn appears to be the last of her kind, and sets off on a quest to search for any others who may have survived. 

Beautifully drawn in a simple yet enchanting style, this movie is a favorite of our family.

Do you love unicorns?

Imagine meeting a unicorn!

Wouldn't it be fantastic to meet a unicorn? Any encounter would really quite special!

Of course, there don't seem to be many unicorns left, so such a meeting is rather unlikely.

If there aren't any unicorns outside your window, don't worry - this high quality stick-on mural makes it look like one is visiting!

Here's a unicorn looking in your window!

Walls of the Wild Unicorn Visitor

Intricately cut-out so it appears to be painted on your wall.

Self-adhesive, 38 x 32 inches.

Updated: 12/19/2022, jptanabe
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