Fascinating 3D Wallpapers Bring Reality to Your Computer’s Desktop

by coolwallpaper

Some interesting facts about 3D technology with the nice collection of 3D wallpapers included.

3D wallpapers have the power to make your desktop come to life. It’s surprising how nature can be represented so truthfully with the help of 3D technology, Even though we know it is all a visual illusion easily explainable through the anatomy of the human eye and the process of sight, we cannot help ourselves to want to touch the objects or animals in the image to see whether they are real or not.

Great Thing About 3D Wallpapers

What Effect 3D Images Have On Us?

glass spheres 3d

The great thing about 3D backgrounds is the fact that they induce a calming, positive mood. When you want to have a break from work and relax your eyes, admiring the 3D images will make you dream away. The reality of the images is impressive and frightening at the same time. It can give you the illusion you are going to fall into the scenery depicted, or the people and animals there will jump from the picture into your room. Don’t worry, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. 


What Is Stereoscope???

If you are also a fan of 3D like many of us are, you should know we have to thank Charles Wheatstone for the brilliant invention of the stereoscope – the device that can display 3D images. He was the first to describe stereopsis in 1838.

The word stereopsis comes from the ancient Greek words of stereo, meaning three dimensional, or solid, and opsis, meaning sight. Therefore, stereopsis is the characteristic humans have of perceiving depth when looking at a scene with both eyes. Because the images perceived by each eye are slightly different, a three dimensional image is created in the brain by combining the two perspectives. But there is more to 3D vision than only that.

How Do We See Images In 3D?

Other Interesting Facts About 3D Technology

doyle flushing 3d

Besides binocular vision (perceiving depth through the different images formed in our eyes), there are other indicators of depth we use to perceive three dimensionality. The other cues we use are:

  • The occlusion of an object by another object,
  • Linear perspective,
  • The change in size, texture and color (farther objects seem smaller than closer ones, are blurred and have a bluish color).

This type of cues is used to create the illusion of depth in 3D pictures. The objects are depicted in such a way that our eyes manage to perceive volume and movement. The spectacular show of light and darkness, the shadows that suggest volume, the shifting color nuances, they all contribute to creating a picture that perfectly mimics reality.

More Info On Three Dimensionality

What Is Optical Illusion?

old castle 3d

Sometimes, three dimensionality can be achieved by using optical illusions: shapes and lines, shadows and colors create abstract objects that seem almost touchable. The usual reaction to this kind of 3D desktop backgrounds is the question: How is this possible? Actually, it is not possible. Everything we see is an interpretation of a few visual cues that our eyes are used to perceive one way or another. Optical illusions are always fun, because we tend to be attracted to them and spend a great deal of time trying to explain their mechanisms. No matter the type of 3D wallpaper you choose, it will give you the needed moment of relaxation, calm and amusement.

What Type Of Wallpapers Are your Favourites?

3D Wallpapers:

Collection Of 3D Wallpaper Images.
3D Pier
3D Pier
Paul Sapiano
Moon Over The Plane
Moon Over The Plane
Maggie Me
Kitsch Spiral
Kitsch Spiral
Spiral Again
Spiral Again
Sphere Inversion
Sphere Inversion

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All images used in this article can be downloaded in high resolution from this website.

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humagaia on 02/21/2012

Beautiful visual images make for a great impact article. The fractal images always fascinate me. Seeing the representation of the fronds of a fern make me understand how Gaia is governed by mathematical equations that create recurring images for us to wonder upon.
Great article to start your time at Wizzley - keep them coming.

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