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by teddletonmr

Fastpitch softball is a great game many players never outgrow, from young elementary school girls, middle, and high school, college and yes, we adults enjoy that softball stuff.

As a proud father of two girls that love that softball stuff. I assure you, there is no better feelings than watching your little princess come out of her shell on the softball field. Learning to keep her eye on, hit and throw the ball like a real ball player is rewarding to say the least.
As prod parents, coaches and fans of our girls and the game, we feel the need to provide, especially young players just getting started in the game. Every advantage we can that will make them better players and most importantly, builds confidence in their abilities both on and off the softball field.
With doing all we can to help our rec league and travel team girls alike get better and have more fun our goal, here are a few suggestions on what softball stuff makes great Christmas, birthday and just because we love them gifts. Your girl will love and absolutely help your softball and yes baseball player as well get better at the game she / he loves to play.

Girls just want to have fun.

Here is a great gift idea that will keep practice fun, not boring.

Have you seen the SKLZ Fastpitch reaction ball agility trainer yet? This funny looking rubber ball has six pronounced knobs evenly spaced around it’s circumference that make the ball bounce unpredictably when thrown on the ground, a wall or gym floor. Making this a great gift idea that conditions players to keep their head on the ball, improves reactions, and keeps infield drills fun and interesting for young and older softball and baseball players alike.


This reaction ball truly lives up to its name,  better yet kids absolutely love to play with this thing, and for about $10 makes a great stocking stuffer.   

Portable hitting training system

This system is more fun and interactive than the old hitting tee

Hitting practice in the off-season, spring training, or warming up before the big game is easy with the SKLZ Hit-A-Way portable training system. This hit-a-way system is not a cheaply made piece of crap. This batting practice system actually makes batting practice more about improving hitting mechanics, than shagging balls.

The SKLZ hit-a-way trainer easily sets up in just a couple minutes. This portable training system with 5-foot pole adjusts quickly and easily to fit any size hitter. Waste no valuable hitting time picking up, setting the ball on the hitting tee after each swing of the bat. Just follow the amazon link to buy your softball hitter the gift they will absolutely love this Christmas, their birthday, or just because you love to see them become a better hitter.  

Portable Hit-A-Way System

This really works, help hitters keep their eyes on the ball, relax, follow through, and hit the ball hard
SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Training System
$150.76  $133.99

Hit-A-Way BP practice system is easy for all age and skill level batters set up and use

Fastpitch softball fielder’s glove

The Wilson A1500 YAK makes a great gift for the girl that needs a better softball glove

For the girl that loves to play softball, learning to play different positions in the infield and outfield is all part of the fun. The Wilson, A1500 FP125 YAK fielder’s glove is the perfect choice for pitchers, infielders, and outfielders alike.

Made of premium ECCO YAK Leather, which as it happens, is three times stronger than conventional cowhides used in lesser quality, less durable Fastpitch softball gloves. Allowing the Wilson A1500 YAK leather skived making the leather thinner, reducing weight while maintaining hand protection, durability, comfort, and easy break-in. The Wilson A1500 fielder’s glove is sure to make a great gift for your girl this year.

The better fastpitch softball glove

Follow this link for the best price
Wilson A1500 FP125 YAK Fielder's Throw Fastpitch Glove (12.5-Inch)

Sweet fastpitch softball bat

Softball players love a bat with pop that feels good in their hand.

Fastpitch hitters need a bat they feel good about, and comfortable swinging. Before they will ever be able to keep their focus when stepping up to the plate and driving the ball deep into the outfield.

The Demarini Vendetta C6-12 Fastpitch Softball Bat is everything your young hitter could want. Made from the Demarini C-6 fully carbon composite bat has pop. The internal rails hybrid handle consists of two unique components. Inner rails maintain stiffness, while providing stability to the much softer outer wrap, which takes the sting out of those not so perfect hits.

As for the best price, bats sold by close out bats and fulfilled by amazon make great gifts, at unbeatable prices.

Demarini fans will love the new Vendetta C6 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Demarini Vendetta C6-12 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Increase bat speed and hitting power

Total control ball and hitting jacket system

Many travel softball and baseball teams love the total control balls because they are easy to use and help improve a hitter’s bat swing. One advantage of using the total control balls, no batting cage available, no problem. All that a batter needs for some quality BP), a bit of practice field, a hitting T, or someone to soft toss the weighted balls, batter up, hitting practice is on.

The biggest advantage to using total control balls is the weight. The added wait of these durable weighted balls use as a training aid help both baseball and softball hitters improve their bat swing. By training, our hitter's to swing all the way through a ball, thereby increasing hitting power, bat-speed, and a hitter's confidence.

Hitting jacket system

Forget that old donut, use the hitting jacket system, it’s the better option.

Forget about using that old school one size fits all one trick donuts, which is to say, is only good for one thing really. Batters using to warm up hand, arm, back and leg muscles while loosening up in the on deck circle.

The better option here, right off the bat the hitting jacket system provides the hitter with 3-weight options.

At 9-ounces, the lightest blue hitting jacket is great for 8-U travel and recreation league players.

The blue hitting jacket not only works great as an on deck warm up aid, unlike the old school donuts. The hitting jacket works great on any hitter’s bat while hitting in the cage, soft toss, and hitting T workouts.

Additionally, the hitting jacket adds a new dimension to hitting in the cage and off the hitting T.

Adding weight to the handle of a bat just below the barrel of a hitter’s favorite bat is best, providing the added benefit of not adding weight to the end of the bat. Like weighted bat sleeves that create many more problems than they solve do. Messing up a batter’s hitting mechanics. Creating bad habits like a hitter cast her / his hands, adversely affecting reaction time, bat speed, and ball crushing power.

The hitting jacket system helps softball and baseball hitters develop good mechanics, keep hands inside the ball, throw the bat and  power through the ball, and promote good follow through.

Your fast-pitch softball and baseball hitters will absolutely love using the Hitting Jacket System, get yours today by following the amazon link in this article.

Check out the interview with  Dustin Pedroia why he uses the Hitting Jacket System and how it helps make him a better hitter in the video at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this article, if you like leave a comment in the chat section below. teddletonmr

The hottest fastpitch bat for 2015: Louisville Slugger LXT has more pop

Easton Mako fastpitch bat doesn’t sting hitter’s hands. However, the Louisville Slugger LXT softball bat has more pop straight out of the rapper
Louisville Slugger Fastpitch LXT

Louisville Slugger LXT - Power and contact hitters love the LXT

30-day performance guarantee, means if you do not like your new LXT for any reason, send it back.
Updated: 02/18/2015, teddletonmr
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WriterArtist on 11/24/2013

Looks interesting - I have never played softball but this looks complete fun, without worrying of hurting and hitting.

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