Final Thoughts From the Pretty Little Liars Episode "Bedlam"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 7 television episode that first aired June 28, 2016

Synopsis: Even after she rescues and returns Hanna (Ashley Benson), the PLLs continue to suspect Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) is "Uber A" and keep close tabs on her. However, when Alison (Sasha Pieterse) calls from the hospital in obvious distress, they decide to work with Mary so they can see their friend.

Did It Really Take That Long to Figure Out Dr. Rollins Was a Bad Guy?

I have suspected the notorious Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) ever since he was first introduced on the series and am completely flabbergasted the PLLs didn't at least consider him a suspect up until now. After all, he was, at minimum, a stranger to Rosewood. And, let's face it, Rosewood is the capitol of stranger danger.

Of course, the question at this point is whether or not he is Uber A. That appeared to be the case last week. But, unless he has some sort of answering service that can send out messages for him, I do think would be quite difficult for him to send the PLLs a text while they were watching.

A More Likely Scenario...

Is he is the one who REALLY killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and is taking advantage of Mary Drake's desire to get revenge on her family by framing Alison for murder and tucking her away inside the mental hospital with no access to family or friends so she has no way of defending herself.

Either that, or Lucas (Brendan Robinson) is the killer. I've never fully trusted him and he seems obsessed with Hanna to the point he might have committed murder just to get in her good graces.

Whatever Happened to Sara Harvey?

Sara (Dre Davis) was the PLLs primary suspect for most of season 6 and, while she may no longer be on their radar, it really doesn't explain why she seems to have completely dropped off the face of the Earth.

I'm still not convinced she isn't Charlotte's killer. Her hand injury could be fake and, at minimum, it didn't prevent her from (allegedly) hammering through a wall at the Radley. If she really is capable of doing that, and using a ladder, then she could have killed Charlotte.

On That Same Note...

Did the Rosewood Police Department decide to stop investigating? Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) was all over the PLLs shortly after Charlotte's murder and obviously suspected one of them, if not all of them, was the murderer. Yet, so far this season, she also has been missing.

In fact, the closest thing to the Rosewood Police Department we've seen is Toby (Keegan Allen). And, I wouldn't really classify him as a police officer. He might wear the badge but I think, if it were any other department, he'd be unemployed by now.

I Wonder What Liam Will Do With His New Information?

Aria's (Lucy Hale) breakup with Liam (Roberto Aguire) was pretty much inevitable once she returned to Rosewood and saw Ezra (Ian Harding) again. But, Liam also proved to be smarter than I first expected by figuring out the Aria/Ezra relationship and when it started.

The question is, what will he do next? I know he doesn't want to hurt Aria. But, if he really does look at Ezra as a sexual predator (an opinion I share), I also can't help but wonder if maybe he'll tip off the police.

Granted, it's been several years since Ezra started a relationship with one of his students, I don't know if there' really much the police will do at this point. However, it's something that is worth watching anyway, especially if Liam believes he can win Aria back by getting Ezra out of the picture.

Final Opinion

To tell you the truth, I actually thought this episode was kind of dull. There wasn't much in terms of action or suspense and a good chunk of the episode focused on Hanna and Aria breaking up with their boyfriends. I really hope things start to get a bit more interesting soon.

My Grade: C

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