Final Thoughts From the Pretty Little Liars Episode "Charlotte's Web"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 television episode that first aired January 19, 2016

Synopsis: Aria (Lucy Hale) decides to head back to Boston a day early and, after learning she left the hotel the night Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) was killed, her friends begin to suspect she might know more about the murder than she's letting on. Aria's suspicious behavior does not go unnoticed by Alison (Sasha Pieterse), who invites the PLLs over for dinner.

Aria is a Potential Murder Suspect? What a Surprise.

As I mentioned last week, this series seems to have reached a point where it is simply replaying the same plot with a few minor, cosmetic changes. So, it really came as no surprise to me that Aria would, at least for a short time, be a suspect in Charlotte's murder.

Oh, and let's not forget her friends, upon learning the truth, were quick to do the stupidest thing they possibly could, delete the hotel security footage. When has destroying evidence EVER proven to be a good idea? Do they really believe the police won't notice that time gap? And, I fully expect them to learn there are other security cameras, including one that shows them entering the security office.

We Can Eliminate Ezra as the Murderer

Ezra (Ian Harding), of course, is the leading suspect at this point with both the motive and opportunity to murder Charlotte. Plus, he read Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) essay, which matches the details of the murder perfectly.

This, of course, means he isn't the one who did it. And, I say that with confidence because it is NEVER the most obvious person.

Sara Harvey is Becoming More Like Jenna Every Week

I mentioned this last week and this episode only helped support my theory the writers are trying to replace Jenna (Tammin Sursok) with Sara (Dre Davis).

Jenna, at one point, should have been the primary suspect but the fact she was blind made that theory fall apart quickly. Sara, in comparison, should be the primary suspect but can't use her hands. I fully suspect the PLLs will learn Sara is lying about the inability to use her hands, much like they discovered Jenna could see.

My Favorite Suspect (So Far)

That being said, I don't think Sara is the killer either. Much like with Ezra, she's too obvious. Instead, the person I'm suspecting (and this will likely change as they start collecting clues) is Toby (Keegan Allen).

Before dismissing this theory, hear it out. Toby, much like Ezra, has motive for killing Charlotte. She hurt his friends, including Spencer (who I'm certain he still has feelings for) and he nearly lost his career and life trying to put her away. Plus, he does have a history of letting his emotions cloud his judgment and no longer has Spencer being his voice of reason.

As a police officer, he has inside knowledge that would allow him to stage a crime scene, eliminate evidence, etc. And, by conveniently being one of the first officers on scene, he is able to put himself in a position where he can hinder the investigation.

We also shouldn't forget Spencer's essay when considering him. As her former boyfriend, it's very possible he has read the essay, either because she showed it to him or because he was stalking her and found it.

In fact, I'll take this a step further. I think he's building the house for Spencer because he has fully gone off the deep end and plans on forcing her to live with him.

Of course, this is just a theory.

Caleb and Spencer Aren't a Couple After All. But....

Give it time. There's definitely some sort of connection between the two and Spencer definitely has feelings for him. I'm still not 100 percent sure if Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) feels the same way about her. But, if he doesn't, I suspect she'll convince him.

It'll be interesting to see how this affects Spencer's relationship with Hanna (Ashley Benson). But, I'm actually more intrigued by what this will do to Toby since, as I said, I'm convinced he still has feelings for Spencer and Caleb is his best friend.

Final Opinion

As I said, this series does seem to simply be re-hashing the same plot it started out with. But, to be fair, the mystery is somewhat interesting and I do like a good mystery so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

My Grade: B

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