Final Thoughts From the Pretty Little Liars Episode "Exes and OMGs"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 7 episode that first aired August 16, 2016.

Synopsis: Ezra (Ian Harding) learns Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) might still be alive and, when he learns Aria (Lucy Hale) deleted a call from Nicole's phone, it puts their relationship in jeopardy. Emily (Shay Mitchell) decides to apply for a vacancy as Rosewood High School's swim coach and learns she has competition from her ex-girlfriend, Paige (Lindsey Shaw).

Could Aria Have Competition?

I, personally, am not convinced Nicole is alive and think this is just an attempt to add some short-lived drama before Ezra learns she really is dead. But, if she is still alive, I do think this will create some relationship tension.

I'm sure, of the two, Ezra loves Aria more. However, guilt is a powerful thing and he might seriously consider getting back together with Nicole just because he feels obligated to.

Of course, the big question is, how will this affect the new book?

Paige is Back and There's Going to Be Some Trouble

Unless she has changed in the 5-year timeline gap, I think there might be some issues. Paige was always a bit of a loose cannon on the series, to the point I actually considered her as a potential bad guy. It'll be interesting to see how that jealousy, anger streak, play a role now that Emily has moved on.

One thing is for certain, I'm sure their pursuit of the same job won't be a friendly competition.

When Did Hanna Join the Mafia?

That phone call Hanna (Ashley Benson) made seemed like something out of "The Godfather," as did her decision to go rogue. I can only assume she ended up getting help from Mona (Janel Parrish) or Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

However, as I said before, I do think she's on the wrong trail. She's convinced Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) is the bad guy. But, as even her own friends pointed out, there's a lot of flaws in her theory. Yes, he's a jerk. I just don't think he's A. D.

What Was the Point of Mrs. Grunwald?

I was never a big fan of Grunwald's (Meg Foster) earlier appearance on the series but put up with it because I knew it was primarily designed to introduce the spinoff series "Ravenswood." Now, even though I do like the character, and Meg Foster in general, she just seems out of place and even a little bit silly.

Part of the reason for this is her visions are always so vague the only purpose they serve is to throw the PLLs off course. In this case, her prediction, if taken literally (as Hanna did), points to Noel. But, it also could have meant Hanna was hurt by one of her own friends. In other words, regardless of who A. D. turns out to be, her premonition is just vague enough to be correct.

What Was With the Time Gap on the File Cabinet?

The fact the files from 2012 just happened to be in plain sight in the principal's office was a little convenient to begin with, along with the really flimsy lock Alison (Sasha Pieterse) had no problem opening. But, am I the only one who noticed there were only two dates, 2017 and 2012?

What happened to all the years in between those graduating classes? Was the school closed while the PLLs were out of town? It just seems really odd not to have the class of 2016, 2015, etc.

Final Opinion

I honestly found I wasn't overly impressed with this episode, mostly because it seemed to have a whole lot of filler and didn't really offer anything in terms of actual clues (other than Grunwald's premonition and that note Alison found). In other words, it was actually a bit dull and not overly memorable.

My Grade: C

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Updated: 08/17/2016, StevenHelmer
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StevenHelmer on 08/17/2016

My wife is the one who got me watching it. She started watching it while I was at work (she was a stay-at-home mom at the time) and, since I love mysteries, I ended up watching it with her. Unfortunately, it really started to go downhill after about the third season. If there were better Tuesday-night choices, I probably wouldn't even bother with it any more.

katiem2 on 08/17/2016

My daughter watched the entire series on netflix over the past few years, she enjoyed it, I never watched, nice to get a heads up on the Pretty Little Liar drama.

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