Final Thoughts From The Walking Dead Episode "JSS"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 television episode that first aired October 18, 2015.

Synopsis: With Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and many others away dealing with the nearby herd of walkers, Alexandria comes under attack from the Wolves. Left short-handed, it's up to Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James) to keep the Wolves away from the town's armory and save as many of their neighbors as they can.

Do the Wolves Have Inside Information?

This was the first question that popped into my head as soon as they started carrying out their attack on Alexandria. Either their decision to attack while the town was left largely unguarded was pure luck or they have someone feeding them information from the inside. 

If there is someone on the inside, the primary suspect has to be Enid (Katelyn Nacon). Part of the reason for this suspicion has to be the emphasis the episode gave her (something that doesn't normally happen unless the person is going to be killed). But, we also know she does, on occasion, sneak out of Alexandria and I'm not convinced it's just to clear her head. However, she could also just be a red herring since she isn't the only potential suspect (more on that in a minute).

Carol, Once Again, Proves She Should Be the Leader

Carol, admittedly, has faults. But, since arriving in Alexandria, she has shown leadership abilities Rick has never displayed. This includes an uncanny ability to fit in with Alexandria's residents (though, admittedly, a lot of that is the result of her lying about her capabilities) and a willingness to do whatever it takes to preserve what they have. While the community's other residents were running around screaming, she was taking matters into her own hands.

The celery soup scene early on, however, is the one thing that really stood out for me. Not only did I find it bizarre that people would still be so picky about food (it is, after all, the middle of the zombie apocalypse), I loved how she was so willing to be the one to put those items to use while, at the same time, making those around her feel guilty. That's the kind of wake up call that community needs.

I'm Not Sure What to Think About Deanna's Cowardice

My first reaction to Deanna's (Tovah Feldshuh) refusal to go back inside Alexandria's walls was an obvious one. I thought she was a coward who was willing to let those who believed in her die. But, after some reflection, I also realized she had a point. She, like most others inside the walls, had no training and would just give those who were fighting back yet another person to worry about.

Of course, one other thing popped into my head too. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe she was the one helping the Wolves. Granted, that is a bit far fetched, mostly because it's not like she has any real motive to destroy everything her now-deceased husband worked for. But, there is something about her I just do not trust and honestly believe she is still hiding something.

Did the Wolves' Attack Leave Alexandria Weaker or Stronger?

There were a lot of bodies following the attack and, with the zombie hoard approaching, the logical assumption would be the town could use all the help it can get.

However, I'm not convinced that was the case this time around. Those who were killed often were dead before they even knew they were under attack, proving just how soft the town's residents were. The Wolves may actually have done Alexandria a favor through addition by subtraction, especially since the survivors surely must now realize their walls aren't enough to protect them from every threat.

Of course, it might end up being a mute point either way since I doubt those walls are going to hold very long if the approaching zombie army doesn't get turned around.

When is This Show Going to Finally Kill Eugene?

Maybe there's something about him other people like about Eugene (Josh McDermitt). But, I honestly cannot stand him. And, that scene in the hospital, when he was quick to remind us he was a coward and had to throw in his two cents whenever it was convenient, really didn't help matters all that much.

I could almost tolerate him when he was lying about having a cure and there was an actual purpose to having him (it's not like we actually see him using his much-touted intellect to make any real difference in the community). But, at this point, he just seems to be taking screen time away from other, more useful, characters.

I'm perfectly OK with the show having a Eugene-heavy episode that ends in a drawn-out, teary death for him. Please just kill him off already.

Final Opinion

It probably could have used a few more zombies. But, I thought it was an interesting episode. Alexandria obviously isn't as safe as everyone thought it was and the relative success of the Wolves' sneak attack should drastically alter the community's lax attitude, assuming it doesn't get completely destroyed by the approaching walkers.

My Grade: A

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dustytoes on 10/20/2015

I thought that Enid was a goner when so much emphasis was put on her. I think the wolves were just waiting for a chance to see everyone leave - how hard would it be to hide and watch them go? The fact that Morgan warned the Wolves, when he came across that group that he had to fight, and then let them go, was bizarre. Why would he do that when he knows they are so dangerous? I agree that Alexandria will now have to step up their game. And I love Carol.

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