Final Thoughts from The Walking Dead Episode "No Way Out"

by StevenHelmer

Thoughts from the season 6 episode that first aired February 14, 2016.

Synopsis: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group continue to make their way through the herd of walkers that have infiltrated Alexandria, which ends up being a decision that has deadly consequences. Denise (Merritt Wever) fights for her own survival as she is led by the Alpha Wolf (Benedict Samuel) out of town.

So Much for Rick's New Love Interest

I kind of figured Jessie's (Alexandra Breckenridge) youngest son, Sam (Major Dodson) wouldn't make it through this episode alive. I wasn't expecting his death to cause a pretty big chain reaction with Jessie also being killed by walkers and her oldest son, Ron (Austin Abrams), being taken down by Michonne (Danai Gurira) because he finally snapped and tried to kill Rick.

This does, in my opinion at least, once again raises some questions about Rick's decision making skills again. Heading to the armory made sense. But, it didn't make sense to take everyone with him (Jessie could have simply barricaded herself and the kids inside the house). And, his last-second decision to try to get to the vehicles rather than first try to make it to the armory only made it worse.

I Like Daryl's New Weapon

I completely forgot Daryl (Norman Reedus) had a rocket launcher at his disposal until he first used it. And, while noisy, I could see some potential with that.

Of course, while it's a pretty nice weapon, it also isn't overly practical. Unlike his crossbow, for example, it's not like it's easy to find more ammunition for it. Plus, I imagine it might be a bit too heavy to be lugged around everywhere and it isn't that great of a choice for close-range fighting.

It's Great Everyone Reclaimed Alexandria. But...

Shouldn't they be making more of an effort to re-build the wall that collapsed. It looked like the whole town was gathered around the infirmary right after.

Considering the gunfire, explosion and flames would be sure to attract more zombies, it just seems like they should have been trying to at least build a temporary barricade before hanging out and having a conversation, even if they are tired out from killing all the walkers.

Was Morgan Right About the Alpha Wolf?

Morgan (Lennie James) chose to keep the Alpha Wolf alive because he believed people can change. And, when he was with Denise, there were admittedly signs he might have, especially when he essentially sacrificed his own life to save hers on more than one occasion. 

Of course, I'm also curious if Denise was really trying to return the favor when she led him back to the infirmary or if she knew Carol (Melissa McBride) was waiting to gun him down. I really would like to believe the former. But, she didn't seem too upset when he was killed.

How Many Lives Does Glenn Have?

Either Glenn (Steven Yeun) knew his friends were there or is the luckiest guy in the world considering, if it weren't for some really good timing, he should have been walker food in this episode once again.

Based on the number of times it looked like he was going to die and he somehow managed not to, I suspect, when the writers do finally decide to kill him, it's going to be something completely unexpected, like accidentally tripping over a piece of carpeting and falling through a second-story window.

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Final Opinion

This, admittedly, was a pretty decent mid-season premiere for this series and arguably one of the better episodes I've seen from this show in a while. Of course, I'm still waiting to see if the series can build from this momentum or, as has been the case before, fizzle out quickly.

My Grade: A

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dustytoes on 02/16/2016

There were flies back at the CDC. As the group was walking up to the door, there were tons of flies buzzing around.

StevenHelmer on 02/16/2016

Did flies go extinct as part of the zombie apocalypse?

dustytoes on 02/16/2016

This WD episode was full of action, but my son (who reads the comic book storyline) tells me too much. It makes me wonder how many viewers were not all that surprised at Jessie's demise, and the fact that she wouldn't let go of Carl's arm. (BTW, why was that?) Still, it was a lot of death. Carl's injury was the biggest shock to me. It's very easy to pick this show apart. One minute the cast can barely escape from a small zombie herd, and the next they are out in the middle of hundreds and do just fine.
I also thought it was a bit silly that they all huddled on the porch of the infirmary, with bloody clothes after the big battle. I never thought about building up the wall, which is a good point. I was thinking I would have a shower to get the Zombie guts off me!

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